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$20 Refurb. Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard!

If you're out and about, using your phone or tablet keyboard works well enough on it's own. When you're home though, wouldn't it be great to set your phone or tablet into a keyboard that you can type on? Or what about to take notes in business meetings, etc. wouldn't a keyboard be great!?

I've used bluetooth keyboards in the past, but this refurbished Logitech K480 Black Bluetooth Wireless Mini Multi-Device Keyboard really takes the cake! First of all, it's heavy enough to allow tablets and phones to stand in the groove that it's designed for. (It can hold most phones and tablets up to 10.5mm thick and 258mm wide.) Secondly, there is an 'easy switch bluetooth dial' on the keyboard that lets you easily change back and forth between phone and tablet. This Logitech keyboard is compatible with a Windows or Mac computer, as well as Android or iOS tablet & smartphone.

This keyboard is selling for only $20, down from a $60 regular retail price of a brand new one. In comparison, Best Buy's regular price on a new one is $70, and Amazon's price is around $59. Shipping is $7 on this item at Newegg.ca.

Note that this product is refurbished. Any refurbished keyboard I have purchased from Newegg.ca (2 so far) has been in super condition. There is a 90 day limited warranty, and a 30 day return policy. For an additional $7 you may choose to purchase a one year extended replacement plan if you wish.

Shipping is $7 or free if you are a Newegg Premier Member.

(Deal expiry: May 21, while stock lasts.)

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