Day 2: Bargainmoose Birthday Bash (Win the new iPad or loads iPod Shuffles!)

*** Contest now closed, winner was lostjuan! ***

We're now on to the second day of our birthday celebrations. In this fourth birthday contest, we've got an iPad giveaway, as well as loads of iPod shuffles (worth $49 each) to give out, over the 10 days!

If you enter the contest today, you can win one of the ten iPod shuffles, as well as gain bonus entries into the main iPad contest. Here's how to enter - take a look at this question.

Over at The Source Canada, what item would you buy if you had unlimited funds? Why would you buy that particular item?

Simply leave your answer in the comments below! A winner will be chosen at random to get an iPod shuffle, and everyone else will get a bonus iPad contest entry.

For bonus entries:


  • Today’s contest ends 21st August 2012
  • Canadian entrants only
  • 1 type of bonus entry per contest per day
  • Admin’s decision is final, contest is subject to change


  • Cathy
    If I had unlimited funds I would buy the Nikon D7000 digital camera bundle with the 55-200mm zoom lens ($1179.98) - it is getting hard to find film for my old camera
  • Lesley S.
    Unlimited funds? One of everything!!! Seriously though, the colour is going in my 15 year old clunker of a TV, so I'd love to have the Samsung 64-inch 3D plasma Smart TV for $1999.99. My husband would be in heaven!
  • Danine
    unlimited funds but only one item?? that's hard... but I guess a new computer since mine is getting old.. :)
  • Jennifer
    I would buy a nwe entertainment centre -- tv; dvd(blueray); stereo; etc... our stuff is over 20 years old... ;)
  • Trisha
    I would definately go with the Samsung 64-inch 3D plasma Smart TV for our rec room if I had unlimited funds! Then I would get an xbox Kinect for some great family fun! :P
  • Corrine W.
    I would buy the Wilson inside/outside antenna for $549.00. We only get 2 channels as there is no cable here and even those are fuzzy at the best of times.
  • katama381
    I would buy a laptop so I can get rid of my very very old desktop. As a bonus I can get back my dining room which we are now using as a "computer room"
  • peepsi16
    That's an easy one for me. Our computer just broke :s. I need new headphones too!
  • S
    New computer too!!
  • Patricia
    I need a new TV ,so a smart TV would be top pick. next would be a computer. Unlimited money to buy more then one thing would be best!
  • Maria
    The Dr. Beats headphones for my teenage son. They're so expensive for headphones, but I'd love to try them.
  • Peter
    I would get the Samsung UN60ES6500 60 Inch LED TV. Looking for a good LED 3DTV but can't really afford it yet.
  • Emily
    Definitely a new laptop!!
  • Louise
    Not very expensive, but my son is asking for an Ipod- so I guess I would get the top of the line, IPOD TOUCH® 64GB – WHITE
  • Jennifer
    I'd buy an iPod and accessories and accessories for the iPad I'm hoping to win.
  • Michelle
    I think I would get the SAMSUNG 64-INCH PN64E550D 3D PLASMA SMART TV. Perfect for a in-home cinema!
  • Donalda
    Well if they had iPad's it would be an iPad for my son so I could actually use mine!!
  • Lorraine
    I'm a gadget junkie, so one of everything please!!!
  • Erica
    I'd buy the canon t3 bundle cause I love photography and you can never have to many cameras!
  • Vicki
    I would have to go with the NIKON D7000 Digital SLR bundle. It's great camera, and then it comes with a sweet telephoto zoom lens. I've recently started to travel, and I've also started a blog, so great pictures are key in both those endeavours.
  • Bernie H.
    Outdoor speakers
  • Alexandra
    I would get the TOMTOM GO LIVE GPS. I got my license and my first car earlier this summer. Trying to follow a google maps while you have both eyes on the road, and lets face it, still a bit nervous is quite an adventure.
  • Lorri-Ann
    I think i'd get an iPhone, my cell is getting old
  • Brock
    If I had unlimited funds, I'd buy the SAMSUNG 64-INCH PN64E550D 3D PLASMA SMART TV ($1999) from The Source. We'd like a new tv in our bedroom, and I might never get out of bed on the weekend if this huge tv was in there!!
  • pam r.
    I would buy the Nikon D32 digital camera, because I've always wanted a nice camera!
    Although everyone wants an iPad2 (love to have one.. but meh), i would pick the BenQ w7000 DLP projector. This thing can produce 3D without the need for glasses! I cant tell you the amount of times ive stopped watching a 3D movie because the glasses would hurt my eyes.. now, the problem is solved ;)
  • alejandroteen
    Wow! I would definitely buy the LG (60PV400) 60-INCH - 1080P PLASMA TV to be placed in my bedroom so that way I can relax after work!
  • Steve A.
    I would get the Samsung 64-inch 3D plasma Smart TV if I had the room!
  • Carole
    I would buy the CANON EOS T3I DELUXE KIT.
  • Benita
    a new desk top computer... mine is so old and slow!
  • Mel
    With unlimited funds I'd buy the Nikon D7000 SLR camera bundle, since our camera just died, and I love taking pictures.
  • Lynette
    I'd love a DSLR camera. I haven't researched exactly which one I would get (as I do not actually have unlimited funds!), but something like this would be wonderful:
  • Nish
    I would buy the Nikon D7000 SLR camera bundle so that we can capture memories of our travels and special moments in our lives
  • Sarah
    I would buy the Kobo Touch Wireless Ereader in Silver because I just borrowed my friends and LOVE it! it is so small and convenient :)
  • Erlyn
    I'd probably get a new TV or a home theater system.. or both. :)
  • Henry
    it is a toss up between a new TV and a nice digital camera. I need a new TV and I'm a couch potato, and I want to take up photography.
  • miscellanem
    I would buy the Nikon D7000 bundle with the 55-300 mm lens. I'm going on a trip with my mother soon and would love to have a DSLR to capture the moments!
  • UncleStuart
    I'd get the XBOX 360 with Kinect. To play games with the kids and stay in shape with some fitness games.
  • AM
    I'd get a Samsung Smart TV and accessories for my Canon DSLR.
  • Cammy B.
    I would buy a Wi-Ex Zboost kit- it extends celluar signals up to 10,000 feet, it would make me feel better when travelling out in the remote areas fro work or with my toddler.
  • Annie
    I'd get several of the Instudio Fiji 900MHZ wireless indoor/outdoor speakers for $199....and put them all over my house!
  • Vivian
    I'd get a smart TV since I also want a bigger tv
  • Brandy
    I would buy a new desktop computer (because I love desktops) and also because mine has had it's day in the sun.
  • Natalie
    I'd like an iPod Touch. I'm doing the 'Couch to 5K" and would like to use the app and have music to motivate me!
  • heather
    I would buy a 3D TV; because it is a novelty and i wouldnt normally buy it but with unlimited fun what the heck why not :)
  • LegallyB
    I would buy a new entertainment center, plus an ipad. Right now, I'm still using an old tube television!
  • Lynne H.
    Well I just bought a new pc so I guess the next thing I really need (?) is a surround sound system to go with my tv,...they have some nice ones!!
  • kathy5
    Unlimited funds, hard to choose, my family needs a lot of things, it would be a new t.v. or computer, so that we could share. I like to share, but would love to win the ipad & ipad shuffle just for me. I got it right today on fb & now have this on.
  • Wayne
    I would look at getting the biggest, badest, top of the line flat screen - then search for a wall to put it on!!!
  • blackninjatj
    For me, it a Nikon D7000 Digital SLR camera with Lens bundle. Could start a new hobby!
  • Deb
    I would like a SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2 10.1 WIFI 16GB - 8003909. I have a very old computer and having the new tablet would be wonderful!
  • Dave
    An slr camera with all the trimming.
  • CalgaryCaper
    I would get the ASUS® G75VW-DS73-3D 17.3-INCH LAPTOP PC. My MacBook is getting old and I've reached the limit in RAM and upgrading my operating system. Will soon be time for a new one!
  • Pat
    Our phones aren't working well so I definitely would get the best cordless phones I could find at the Source.
  • ThatCanadiankid
    I would pick up some more lenses for my Canon Rebel T2i, or maybe since it's unlimited funds, totally upgrade my camera facebook - twitter -
  • joy
    Top of the line computer!
  • brooklynn
    A home Home Theatre System, never had one, but it would be nice.
  • jamesc
    Top of the line stereo
  • Brenda
    canon slr
  • emma w.
    I would buy an IPad, getting tired of my blackberry! of course that is assuming i don't win one :)
  • Anna
    I would love to buy a tablet, preferably an IPad because I think they are so versatile and convenient.
  • Donna C.
    would buy the best iPod with docking station.
  • George E.
    Interested in getting into photography and the equipment is expensive so I would buy Canon EOS T3i with a few lenses. :)
  • TJ
    I'd buy the Sandisk Cruzer Blade 32GB USB Flash Drive since it is on sale and my sister's dog at my last one.
  • Linda m.
    SAMSUNG EH5300 32-INCH LED SMART 1080P HDTV need a new one.
  • Mike G.
    I would buy two new iPads - one for each kid!
  • Mike G.
  • Mike G.
    commented on facebook
  • Ronni
    Definitely a new laptop - my may qualify as an antique!
  • Caryn
    I'd get this tv: SAMSUNG EH5300 40-INCH LED 1080P HDTV 8002365 Because the one I have belongs to my daughter and she is going to want it back!
  • Amanda
    If I had unlimited funds I would probably want to buy a Samsung LED tv, because the old one i have in my room is a monster that weighs a million pounds, or I would go for a new Canon camera because mine current canon is fading fast.
  • Amanda
    Tweeted! =)
  • lostjuan
    largest stinkin tv possible 100" if I could get one. 80 will do in a pinch. Bigger is always better.
  • Robyn
    A Canon EOS Digital SLR camera. I love taking photos and would love to have a SLR camera to play with!
  • Shannon
    I would love the IPOD® TOUCH 32GB 4TH GENERATION – WHITE so that I could have music to get inspired while running. It woul also help keep me from getting bored on the morning bus rides.
  • Nikki
    An awesome flatscreen tv to replace my big old tube tv. It's AT LEAST 10 years old now =S
  • Jena
    I'd buy a new top of the line desktop computer for my parents. The one they use now is going very slow and I wish I could change it for them!
  • Gene A future-proof laptop... well, future-resistant.
  • Sandeep S.
    the next thing i would want is the HIP STREET PS3™ 500GB HARD DRIVE UPGRADE KIT, because gaming is awesome
  • Ling
    I would buy a $99 SENNHEISER HD 205-II DJ HEADPHONES. Need a good set of comforable headphones, my earphones are starting to hurt my ears.
  • Marie
    Nikon DSLR camera. It's convenient to take pictures with my iPhone, but I'd like to have a quality camera to capture memories of our growing family.
  • Cappellis
    Upgrade to best flatscreen TV the source offers, our current TV is probably 15 years old and so heavy & bulky!
  • Mandy
    A brand new laptop. The one we have now doesn't hold a charge, takes forever to start up and runs pretty slowly. I would have said an iPad, but I didn't see any on the Source's website :)
  • Stacy
    I woul dlove a new desktop computer! mine is ancient and super slow.. new mac would be nice:)
  • J9
    A tablet computer to give to my Mom.
  • Lyn
    I would love a top of the line Canon camera with a zoom lens.....really interested in photography.
  • jeva
    The biggest HD TV and 5.1 home theater system!
  • Anastasia
    i would buy new computer as mine is almost dead :(
  • KylieC
    I would definitely get myself a SAMSUNG 64-INCH 3D PLASMA SMART TV! I have tried it so many times with my daughter at the store and I just can't stop looking at her giggles. :)
  • Cynthia L.
    I would buy my brother-in-law an entire set of the SEMPI designer glassware. I know he would be able to savour his single scotch malts with that added element of Swedish design from an Italian idea for a Scottish tradition!
  • Cynthia L.
    I would buy my brother-in-law an entire set of the SEMPLI designer glassware. I know he would be able to savour his single scotch malts that much more with the added element of Swedish design from an Italian idea for a Scottish tradition!
  • Deanna
    Something Apple - ipod, iphone or ipad or maybe all three if I had unlimited funds! LOL
  • Nicolas
    A lot of iTunes Cards to put music, apps and videos on my new iPad that I will win from BargainMoose !
  • Stephanie
    The kids' birthday (twins) is coming up and I'd love to give them Nintendo DSI's and the travel kits that go with or iPod Touch's. These systems would keep them busy on our road trips to & from Saskatchewan.
  • Lisa
    50" Plasma HD TV-we just finished the basement and all that is left to get is a TV.
  • Elisha
    I'd get a new tv; ours is really old, and GIGANTIC, I'd love to get a flat screen!
  • Diana
    I would buy an iPad for my husband. He had wanted one for ages, so that he can watch all his favorite movies on the go.
  • Paula
    I would get the SAMSUNG EH5300 40-INCH LED 1080P HDTV so that I can finally get rid of my 27' tube tv and see what this new-fangled hi-definition thing is all about.
  • oreo
    can i get a ipad??? would be perfect for school!!!
  • Suzanne L.
    A smokin iPod!
  • Deborah B.
    A Home Theatre System!!! Turn up the volume and get into a great movie!!!!!!
  • janicour
    If I had unlimited funds I would buy TOSHIBA L6200 55-INCH LED 3D SMART HDTV from The Source
  • nadmar333
    I would spend my unlimited funds on Mac products and accessories. My laptop just died on me, and my ipod is slowly giving up on me after 5 years.
  • Donna
    10% off if you sign up for email
  • Penni Graphic tablet! Nothing like doing some photoshop (or maybe even MS painting) with a tablet and stylus instead of a mouse.
  • Johanne H.

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