Bargainmoose Christmasathon Day 10: Win a $50 Voucher Today (Plus bonus Entries to iPad Mini Contest)! (Closed)

*** Contest now closed, winner was George! ***
* Sob sob * It's the final day of the 10 day Christmasathon contest here on Bargainmoose, in which we're giving away a fantastic iPad Mini as the main prize, with daily $50 gift vouchers.

How to enter today’s contest for a $50 gift voucher

What would be your favourite gift to receive from the Body Shop Canada? Leave your choice in a comment below!

By entering today, you’ll be entered into the contest to win a $50 gift voucher, and you will also gain a bonus entry into the grand prize of the iPad Mini. Come back each day for more $50 Amazon vouchers, plus bonus iPad Mini contest entries!

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 Today’s Rules:

  • Canadian entrants only
  • 1 type of contest entry per household
  • Ends 13th December 2012
  • Contest subject to change and admin’s decision is final


  • Jodie
    I love anything White Musk from the Body Shop!
  • Yun
    If I could only choose from the gifts section, the Shea shower, scrub, and soften collection because my skin is always super dry!
  • Cathy
    I would love the body butter lollipop - what a great way to try out all the scents.
  • Christy
    My favourite gift from the body shop is their body butter. It's so dry in the winter I go through a ton of it!
  • Catherine
    I'd try their tea tree oil collection cuz I have acne prone skin!
  • Melody
    I would like to try some of their makeup products, such as eyeshadows and eyeliners!
  • Belle
    I'd probably love to receive the tea tree oil!
  • Jessica L.
    The Hemp Foot Protector! I have very dry skin on my feet during the winter!
  • Shell
    I'd pick the aloe starter kit.
  • Haley
    Peppermint foot scrub!
  • Linda P.
    the body butter is my fav in any flavor great for dry skin, thanks
  • Pat
    Body butter will get rid of any winter dry skin!!!
  • Gillian
    The Baby Body Butter does double duty - supremely gentle on my baby, and heavenly moisturizing for me! :)
  • Carole D.
    Coconut Body butter!
  • Peter N.
    Men's essentials kit for me
  • Cee
    I'm a big fan of the hemp hand protector!
  • Natalie B.
    Vanilla scented lotion. Yum!
  • Layal
    I would love Strawberry Shower, Scrub & Soften Deluxe Gift :)
  • Mel
    Love the cocoa body butter!
  • nina
    Hemp hand protector! I just bought my first tube and my hands are happy now. :-)
  • Mei L.
    Body butter!
  • Leisau
    Blueberry body butter is my favorite.
  • Dave
    A must is body butter
  • dan
    the olive body scrub hands down
  • Deborah
    Shea body butter and lip butter are the best!
  • Deanne S.
    Vanilla body mist, or anything Vanilla scented! Love it!
  • pam r.
    I would love the Satsuma Shower, Scrub & Soften Luxury Gift!
  • Nicole
    I love their shimmer cube eye shadow!
  • Brenda
    Any product with Satsuma scent!
  • suzan
    Hemp hand cream is what I want from the Body Shop
  • Ceecee
    I love the whole tea tree line, and it's great for my skin!
  • Kelly
    I like love to receive the body scrub from the Body Shop as a gift...especially the passionfruit one!
  • Mike G.
    Vanilla scented lotion.
  • Mike G.
  • Mike G.
    posted on FB
  • Vivian
    Africa Honey and Beeswax Hand and Foot Butter
  • Pat M.
    Satsuma bubble bath that works as body and hair wash! Love Satsuma!
  • kathy
    Body butter
  • oreo
    i heard their body mist is really good, i would love to try their mango mist! sounds delicious.
  • oreo
    i would love to try their mango mist! sounds delicious. i crave anything mango!
    • oreo
      sorry for the double response... can someone delete this one please.... my bad
  • Scott
    Body butter to soothe my sore skin
  • jewel
    olive soap
  • Peter
    I love the SATSUMA Body Butter. It has great moisturizing ability and smells nice.
  • Kylie
    Honey & Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask.
  • Fay. H.
    I love their anti-aging stuff! The natrulift, nutriganics, and wise woman line!
  • Fay. H.
  • Fay. H.
  • Amanda
    Aww, day 10. Thanks for the great contest! =) I would love to receive the Satsuma shower, scrub, and soften luxury gift set.
  • Amanda
    Tweeted! =)
  • stacey d.
  • stacey d.
    I shared on facebook
  • stacey d.
    I tweeted
  • Huguette E.
    I'd love to try the Brazil Nut Shower Cream
  • Huguette E.
  • John P.
    Body a gift!
  • Allie
    Ooh body butter for sure, love them all!
  • Laura M.
    I'd love to have the hemp foot protector. My feet are getting so dried out this time of year....actually let's face it...all year round lol. :(
  • Jennifer
    I really like their tea tree oil products, would like to receive any of those.
  • linda
    Satsuma Puree Body Lotion
  • Laura M.
    I posted on facebook:
  • Laurie
    Vanilla Oil. I get compliments all the time
  • Lisa C.
    I would like any of the tea tree facial products. The mask is amazing when you turn your face green
  • Cecilia
    Body Butter Lollipop
  • Cecilia
  • spamgirl
    Satsuma Body Butter!
  • Ang
    Definitely love the body butter!
  • spamgirl
  • spamgirl
  • Norma
    That's easy...definitely their ginger sparkle body's not only awesome on the skin but fun with the sparkles.
  • Lisa
    Anything satsuma :)
  • Kiesh
    Body butter!
  • Ann
    For sure the body butter!!!
  • Karen
    The body butters are the coconut scent
  • Debbie B.
  • Angela
    I have asked my hubby already for the - Shea Shower, Scrub & Soften Deluxe Gift. Fingers are crossed I will get it :)
  • Jim S.
    I feel that the best gift I received from the Body Shoppe has been the Hemp Butter Creams for my dry skin and feet.
  • Carla
    a hemp gift set!
  • Amy
    I would love the new christmas scent - gingerbread body butter/body wash.
  • lilpeej
    I would love to receive the Spa Fit Toning Concentrate. I subscribe to daily email updates.
  • Debbie B.
    My usual...Vanilla shower gel, topped off with vanilla moisturizer and finish with a spritz of vanilla perfume.
  • Sherri
    any one of the body butters - they all smell so good
  • Erica
    Hemp Hand Cream! I find it the best for dry hands
  • holly
    VITAMIN E INTENSE MOISTURIZER, for those dryer winter days.
  • Jill
    A big basket of soap! I subscribe to your daily updates
  • melanie
    Spa Wisdom Polynesian Monoi Body Butter or moisture balm. The smell reminds me of Hawaii!
  • Bruce
    Ginger sparkle body butter for my wife, she likes sparkly things (might be a hint to buy jewellery though)
  • Carrie
    The japanese cherry blossom gift set
  • Carrie
  • UncleStuart
    Body butter
  • mongupp
    i love using their bar soaps
  • Rhonda C.
    anything from the Satsuma line - love that smell!!!
  • Christine C.
    B o d y b u t t e r
  • Emily S.
    I love the Body Shop soaps--the jewel tones and bright scents are great stocking stuffers, too! I'd like a nice little pile of them in my stocking! (And like Rhonda C., Satsuma is my fave!)
  • Emily S.
    Here's what I tweeted today:
  • angie s.
    anything and everything pink grapefruit!!! :)
  • Kelly
    Ohh! The Ginger Body Butter! (And lip balm is always a welcome gift this time of year!)
  • Jennifer W.
    Ginger Sparkle Body Butter
  • Chris
    My wife loves the body butter.
  • Lucie
    They have this cream that's coconut based. I got it for a gift a while back.
  • Norine
    My favourite is the hemp hand cream. It works gret and I love the stuff.
  • Lauren
    I'd love to try their all in one concealer, I've been having trouble finding one that works for me.
  • AgentJ
  • Suzanne
    A love Your body membership. Mine just expired!
  • michelle
    I love their unscented body wash and body butter
  • Steph S.!/steph.armstrongshirley
  • Janine
    Blue Corn 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask
  • Betty
    I love their body butter~~
  • Leanne
    Mango Body butter! Love it!
  • Leanne
    Subscribe to BM email
  • cappellis
    Cocoa Butter Body Butter
  • katama381
    I love their mango scented products so anything in that scent--body butter, shower gel etc
  • Jenny
    Any of their body butter products are perfect for this weather!
  • Maria
    I would love to be surprised with the Satsuma Shower Scrub & Soften Luxury Gift Set.
  • Pat A.
    Maca root shaving cream
  • Kim D.
    Banana shampoo and conditioner!!!!
  • claudia m.
    I would love to get their BB cream to try it out!
  • claudia m.
  • claudia m.
  • stacey
    Their Shea Body Butter is AMAZING! works wonders for my super dry skin
  • Lorri-Ann
    Buritit Baby Body Butter!
  • JW
    Any of their body butters!
  • henry
    body butter
  • Lisa A.
    Shimmer Rocks ~ Golden Copper & Slanted Kabuki Brush!
  • Gary
    Maca root shaving cream
  • Rose L.
    Their body butters are just divine!
  • KittyPride
    I like the Body shop lip pencil, just the right colour!
  • Adam
    I'd love them to bring back their soy wax candles and tealights. Other than that, a completely custom gift set... Drops of Youth, Satsuma/Olive Oil/Lemon body wash, Peppermint Foot Care set, Tea Tree face wash, Seaweed/Tea Tree toner, Vitamin C moisturizer, Vitamin C spritzer... am I extra? :P
  • Colin
    body butter
  • Raz H.
    The Maca Root shave cream.
  • Mike D.
    Cocoa Butter Body Butter
  • Colin
    I sub via email
  • xmd5
    Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask
  • Andrew B.
    Simple and what made them famous, the scented soap bars. They are so colorful and smell great in a stand up shower that can often be a little dark. They are still a great product!
  • Crafty501
    Cocoa Butter Bath & Shower Set for $20.00
  • Elisha
    I love the Hemp Body Butter (so awesomely moisturising!), but the Vanilla Body Butter Duo is tempting me, right now...
  • Crafty501
    I left a tweet 10 Day Christmasathon: Win an iPad Mini or Loads of Daily Prizes! -
  • Lisa A.
    I tweeted!
  • Lisa A.
    I subscribe via email.
  • Amanda V.
    any body butters! Great for the winter!
  • Adam
    Scented soap bars
  • Jen
    mango body butter
  • Lynne H.
    Olive body butter sounds pretty healthy!
  • allison
    Mango or coconut body butter. I wish they'd bring raspberry and golden apple back!
  • Anna
    Any of their yummy body butters.
  • Rita
    I've been using their skin care products for a while now, and they're great on my easily irritated skin. I'd love to try out one of their facial masks, though!
  • Josie
    Brazil Nut Body Scrub
  • Josie
  • Josie
    email subscriber
  • Josie
  • Jenny
    Spa Wisdom Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil sounds amazing!
  • Jenny
  • Lauri
    I would like to get the Almond Hand & Nail Butter. Thanks again for the giveaway.
  • Alexandra
    I'd love to try the shea soap and olive body butter.
  • Leah
    their body butters! Or their cranberry shimmer lotion
  • Jeannette
  • Amit
    Tea Tree Oil!!!
  • brenda
    any of the body butters!
  • Jessica
    Any sort of body butter works for me!
  • Brandy
    The Vanilla Eau de Toilette!
  • Michelle
    Moroccan Rose Eau de Toilette
  • Janet M.
    I love the 100% Natural Lip Roll-On in Mint.
  • Albert C.
    Body butters for my pregnant wife!
  • George
    I like the Almond Hand Natural butter cream
  • Donna L.
    Limited Edition Papaya Body Butter
  • Donna L.
    Shared on Facebook as Donna Lyn
  • Pip
    The Ginger Sparkle Body Butter sounds fab!
  • Pip
    Tweeted it.
  • Sunshine G.
    Anything from their vitamin C line.
  • Barb D.
    Limited Edition Papaya Body Butter
  • Nancy
    I love all of their White Musk products!
  • Linda Q.
    The Polynesia Monoi Moisture Balm
  • Suzanne
    I would like the coconut body butter
  • Sarai
    Any of the soothing aloe products
  • Sarai
  • adurango
    Some awesome maca root shaving cream!
  • adurango
  • Tiggrr
    Shea Shower Scrub & Soften Deluxe gift
  • Diane
    Peach body wash. The biggest bottle they have!
  • Raelene
    Cranberry joy body butter smells great!
  • Steve
    I would get the Men's Essential Kit.

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