Bargainmoose Christmasathon Day 1: Win an iPad Mini or a $50 Voucher Today! (Closed)

*** Contest now closed, winner was Pip ***

Today we're starting the first day of daily giveaways in our Bargainmoose Christmasathon contest - the grand prize is a super iPad Mini, and today you can also win a $50 gift voucher.

How to enter today's contest

Imagine you have $1000 to spend on anything you'd like from What would you treat yourself to?

Leave your answer in a comment below.

By entering today, you'll be entered into the contest to win a $50 gift voucher, and you will also gain a bonus entry into the grand prize of the iPad Mini. Come back each day for more $50 Amazon vouchers, plus bonus iPad Mini contest entries!

For bonus entries for the $50 Amazon voucher today:

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 Today's Rules:

  • Canadian entrants only
  • 1 type of contest entry per household
  • Ends 4th December 2012
  • Contest subject to change and admin’s decision is final


  • Rebecca
    A nursery for the new addition to my family
  • Kathy
    A really lovely swing set for our twins. :)
  • Carol H.
    I would use the $1000 to purchase furniture.
  • pam r.
    I would buy our family a Wii U and some games
  • Lyne M.
    I want to redecorate my bedroom...
  • Michael
    I would get iPads for every member of my family !
  • Melissa
    Redecorate the basement TV room to make it an awesome place for my two teens and friends to hang out.
  • Sandy W.
    Organizing things so I can finally clean my room and closet properly!
  • andrea
    Kobo Ereader, and a tablet
  • jocelyn
    I'd definitely pick up some new bedding, home and kitchen accessories. Maybe a new gaming system or tv, or other electronics.
  • Braden
    I'd spend it on Christmas presents and holiday parties.
  • allison
    Foosball table, vacuum cleaner, and lots and lots of food! Tweeted through @allisontang
  • Chris
    I would spend it on furnishing my new apartment!
  • Chris
    Definitely a laptop. I need one to do my school work.
  • Annie
    I'd want to pick up some bedroom furnishings for my oldest daughter, some tools (like a sander) and some gardening equipment to change the concrete backyard into a green space. Would be fun!
  • Maryam
    I would buy tons of kitchen appliances, and very generous christmas presents for my family!
  • Stephanie
    I'd buy a few things for myself - probably groceries but I'd also buy a few gift cards for those in need.
  • Steven M.
    Give the wife half and spend the rest on a laptop, win win!
  • Sara
    I would buy a new wii u for the family
  • Roberta
    Hmm... I love buying presents for my family. New sparkly shoes for my girls, perhaps a new t.v. for my husband, yard accesories for myself.
  • Laura
    probably use it up on groceries!
  • Claire
    New TV and a tablet :)
  • Kylie
    New smart TV it is! (But I haven't decide which brand to get tho. lol)
  • joy
    Some new small appliances for me and electronics for the kids.
  • Karen
    Bluray DVD Player, Harry Potter Complete Series on Bluray, Keurig Coffee Machine and a huge selection of K-Cups, iPad Mini for my husband, and of course - clothes!
  • Catherine
    I will definitely get grocery!!!!
  • mc_sakura
    I would treat myself to a new LCD monitor, paint for my room, new furniture for my study room and an iPad Mini :)!
    • mc_sakura
      Link to my tweet:
  • Brad K.
    I'd blow it in the electronics dept!
  • Brad K.
  • Amy
    Gift cards to spend elsewhere!
  • Christine C.
    I can use the mini pad when i go to th hospital for my transplant.
  • Mike
    My wife has the ipad..I would love a mini ipad. :)
  • Angela T.
    My husband's computer is ancient, so I think that would be the first "treat" I'd tackle.
  • Luisa
    I would buy an entertainment center. Ours is very out-dated.
  • Luisa
  • Yun
    Our family isn't well off at all so first we'll trade in our old CRT screen tv for a flatscreen. Then maybe buy a new vacuum cleaner and space heater because those are both ancient artifacts from the 80's haha! And whatever money left will be used to beautify our apartment.
  • Cyn
    Redecorating my condo - it's straight out of an 80's sitcom!
  • Chrystle G.
    Because I have been a really, really, really, really, really good mom/wife/friend/employee
  • Christy
    I would buy an e-reader, then spend the rest on groceries!
  • Deanne S.
    I would buy window coverings for my whole house...cause we don't have any!! And a new computer as we keep getting the blue screen of near death! And a laptop!
  • Ceecee
    I would get a new phone and spend the rest on groceries!
  • kathy
    I would buy a new TV for my mom and a tablet
  • Diane
    A new TV and sound system for my Dad
  • Leah
    Definitely Christmas presents and some gum boots
  • alessandro
    Definitely go on a rewarding lifestyle upgrade spree of: - Oranic food and beverages, - Oral and Skin products - Vitamins and suppliments - massagers and pamper items - A nice tv (if any money remains)!
  • Aaron D.
    I would buy gift cards for gas so I wouldn't have to worry about buying gas for a while.
  • ginette4
    I would purchase a winter coat for myself
  • ginette4
    I'm an email subscriber anger_family @yahoo dot com
  • ginette4
    Stokes Canada - Exclusive holiday online & in store event!! Take an extra 20% off any purchase of $50 or more!!
  • Leisau
    Wow, $1000 to spend at Walmart! Well, I could use some new bedding linens and a new set of pots and pans. The hubby deserves a new TV to relax in front of. Maybe some toys for the little guy.
  • Kim j.
    I would buy a new dslr camera!!! And video games for my husband!
  • Gail
    I'd love a flat screen TV, but my practical side would probably buy new towels and sheets!
  • jewel
    I would use the money to buy some new furniture and appliances.
  • Shel
    Probably some electronics, bedding, clothing and groceries. Thanks!
  • Dave
    First off I would buy 4 litters of egg nog, it rocks. Then I would up date my home entertainment centre. Mostly a 50+ inch tv and some accessories.
  • Jim E.
    Prescriptions at the pharmacy
  • Alma
    It will have to be electronics... and maybe toys for the kids. Thank you for doing this, by the way. Cool idea to keep us all entertained, while very well updated on the "deals"... Happy Holidays to all!
  • Mei L.
    We would get some toys and clothes for our baby if we had $1000 from I am subscribed to daily emails.
  • heather b.
    I would buy a futon, kitchen aid mixer, a ipad, a few christmas gifts for friend and family :)
  • Mike D.
    A laptop and maybe a tablet...if I can squeeze it in.
  • Deborah
    I would love to update my kitchen.
  • Sara {.
    I think I'd surprise my husband with a snow blower - not that we need it right now :S xo Snowless in the Okanagan
  • stacey d.
    oh with that much I would get and xbox and with the rest let the kids all get whatever clothes they wanted and I would get some new boots and maybe a battery for my car , what fun that would be
  • stacey d.
    I subscribe to you by email roswello at hotmail dot com
  • Kasandra
    Kitchen accessories!
  • stacey d.
    i tweeted
  • stacey d.
    I shared on facebook oh you didnt say what time dec 4tht this was good for it is still dec 3 PST where I am so hope that is okay
  • dan
    something for my family!!
  • Ellie
    A XBOX console with Kinect and lots of games.
  • raquel
    a Wii for the family
  • oreo
    buy my dad a laptop.or ipad.. cuz i poured hot tea over his laptop....
  • sheila
    i'd buy a new computer, kitchenaid mixer and use the remaining balance for groceries
  • Pat M.
    First I would definitely get some much needed groceries! Add some baking supplies in, some new pj's, a few outfits for our little 6 week old grandson and then Christmas donation to our local hospice society!
  • Nisha
    I would buy the 3D LG tv
  • Maria
    I would use it to purchase some of the fabulous deals I see on, way better selection and price than in store, and great for those of us who live too far from the larger Walmarts. I would definitely link in through Bargainmoose when they show me the deal I can't pass up.
  • Christine C.
    Walmart, I would use it to buy food spread over the year. Merry Christmas Moosers!
  • Angela
    $1000 to spend at walmart... I would use it to buy some baking dishes for me, some weights for my husband and a big boy bedroom set for our little man.
  • Amy
    I would stock up on gardening supplies for spring. :-)
  • linda
    1000 buckaroos at Walmart thats alot of moola eh? um maybe a patio set and all the trimmimgs like BBQ and sauce.
  • Erin M.
    I would easily spend the $1K on deocrating my house for Christmas.
  • Mandy
    Probably an iPad or iPad mini or another tablet. That is if I don't win an iPad mini in the Bargainmoose contest!
  • Maria
    I would split the $1000 between all my family members. For myself, I'd probably choose a piece or two of furniture, my girls would probably choose some type of electronics &/or cosmetics/perfume.
  • UncleStuart
    Socks. Lots of socks.
  • Emma W.
    a new laptop and printer (gotta print all those coupons) and stock up on some diapers and baby items!
  • Lynda
    I would buy a new DSLR camera and a printer.
  • Jonnie
    I would buy a KitchenAid mixer for myself and a huge TV for my husband.
  • Jonnie
    email subscriber
  • Lynn
    I would purchase electronics, clothing, firniture, groceries etc and give it all to the less fortunate
  • Jen
    new tv and dvd player - if any money over then some jewelry
  • Pat
    I definitely need a new BBQ, some sheets, a new set of dishes, some toys for the kids and a lot of photo developing!!!!
  • nat d.
    i would buy the best quality big screen tv i could. everyone in my famil has been wanting one of these and I've been holding back. its a larger purchase and i think i would rather get something big we could all benefit from.
  • Ann
    Would buy a new laptop.
  • Lucie
    I'd treat myself to free groceries. That would be the best!
  • Kim D.
    I'd buy a new recliner for my hubby, some toys for the kids, an ipod for me and groceries :)
  • Maria
    I would treat myself to manicure and pedicure essentials...foot soaker, nail polishes, nail art, creams, soaks and enjoy some quality time doing nails with my daughter!!
  • Kiesh
    I would buy a cat house, a SLR camera and gadgets for my handsome husband ! :)
  • nimisha
    I would buy a big screen tv and an ipad from walmart. For our newborn...lots and lots of toys!
  • William B.
    Frozen turkeys for our local homeless shelter
  • Amy
    I would buy a fancy new camera!
  • Donnas
    I'd buy new kitchen appliances, and new bedding; I want new duvet covers and new sheets. I'm subscribed to the Bargainmoose daily email updates.
  • Bluenoser
    I think I'd update my wardrobe and buy a new point and shoot camera. Thanks!
  • Nic
    A new TV!
  • Lauren
    Lots of storage stuff... our little apartment has been piled with boxes since we moved in because of a lack of storage space. I also need some new baking pans, and the rest would go towards groceries.
  • Lorri-Ann
    Probably a fireplace to put my tv on, and a ride on toy for the kids
  • Maxine
    I would update my electronics, digital SLR and top up the video games for the kids
  • Lisa
    I would replace my broken ping pong table so the tournaments could continue..what an amazinf way to spend a saturday night with friends
  • Betty C.
    Buy a bed frame, a pvr, and a new camera
  • mongupp
    I really need a new couch....pillows and groceries!
  • Alexandra
    I would buy new towels, a set of frying pans, a kitchenaid mixer, and a blue-ray player. If there was money left I would spend it on groceries.
  • Rad
    I would be happy like a pig in doo doo because I would buy diapers and formula for my babies!!!! :)
  • janicour
    I would buy the HP pavillion laptop, as I desparately need an updated computer. I shared the link on twitter @janicour, but unsure how to post the link and I posted on my facebook wall.
  • Andrew B.
    DYSON! I want a new vacuum :-( Than, I would use the rest on frozen goods, like ice cream and pizza! hmmmmmm, pizza!
  • Debbie B.
    A big screen TV and the Harvest Mill Entertainment Home Theatre center
  • Debbie B.
  • Debbie B.
    shared on Facebook
  • Rhonda C.
    Stuff for the yard- it always get neglected - could use some new Christmas Deocrations now and summer items for when the snow goes!
  • Don H.
    I would buy an iPod touch, some Blu-ray box sets , a. Dyson vacumn
  • Georgianna
  • Michelle
    I would spend it on groceries and electronics!
  • holly
    Bedroom furniture, groceries and electronics!
  • sodarnsweet
    My wish list would include a new tv, PS3, electronics, and of course, groceries ;)
  • Ang
    We are in desparate need of a new TV. The old tube has audio problems and the IR receiver doesn't work - so the remote doesn't work. The 50" panasonic plasma would be my first choice and a blueray player would be a must-go-with.
  • Flyer200
    I would purchase electronics and groceries
  • Astrogal
    I'd buy a Dyson vacuum and the rest goes for the usual toilettries and groceries
  • Astrogal
    Email subscriber
  • Astrogal
  • Pam
    I would buy a complete home theatre system with 3d tv and blue ray!
  • John
    I'd treat myself to a shopping spree with the kids. That would be super fun. I fantisized about that when I was young. And maybe an iPad for the wife.
  • blackninjatj
    Bikes! Bikes for the whole family!
  • Mishelle
    I would spend the whole thing on stuff for the kids - clothes mostly. I know, not a great gift for children but they grow so fast lately, every tie I turn around someone has grown out of pants and they look like Urkel from Family Matters!! I'd also purchase a better computer so my daughter could use the newer version of Word that the school uses, mine is not the same one so she has trouble going back and forth on both. M
  • Vanessa
    I would probably go the boring and predictable route and buy the diapers and groceries and all the things that I need to buy. But if I were able to buy anything.... I'd probably still buy the exact smae thing and make sure I bought extra to help someone else who really can't afford the basics either!
  • Mishelle
    I'm an e-mail subscriber.
  • Bruce D.
    Well new clothes for the whole family as well as an Ipad for myself (though I would imagine my wife would use it more).
  • tp1943
    I would buy $1000 worth of gift cards. I would then deliver them to Glen Pearson at the London Food Bank in London Ontario to use as he deemed necessary. He could purchase groceries to stock the shelves or perhaps toys/children's clothing. This would give my family and I greater satisfaction than any further material items at present. Unfortunately I don't "tweet" an know of no hot deals at this moment.
  • cassaundra
    A new camera, some awesome toys for the boys and my neice and nephew. Magic mike...or brave. I might even go a little crazy in the book section. Some new clothes...
  • Rebecca H.
    $338 - Nikon D3000 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm NIKKOR Zoom Lens $388 - Archos 100 G9 250GB $128 - BlackBerry 32GB PlayBook with Wi-Fi Add some taxes, and I'm pretty much done!
  • Rebecca H.
    I'm an email subscriber.
  • whitney
    Ahh so hard to choose!!! I would probably get a new camera and a lot of movies! Maybe some great decor stuff for around the home.
  • Rebecca
    Shared on Facebook:
  • Rebecca
    Deal shared!
  • Kelly
    A new laptop or Ipad mini :)!
  • Janine F.
    I would treat myself to a new laptop as mine died two weeks ago!
  • Paulette
    Great idea just before Christmas. Would purchase emergency kits for my grandboys cars
  • Janet
    A nursery set for new baby!
  • Michelle
    I would replace our 25 year old TV and give our bedroom an update
  • Luci
    A christmas tree and all the decorations, a big turkey and all the trimmings and new thermals for me and my husband. Our first christmas in Canada would be one to remember :)
  • John
    I would buy clothes, electronics, books :D
  • Norine
    Wow, that would be awesome. I'd buy groceries first, and then a laptop and landscaping materials to make a nice walkway in my front yard.
  • Lee
    I would buy tons of toys for our Church Toy Drive to help deserving kids at this wonderful time of year!
  • Ken
    I know you said to treat yourself but I can honestly say the best way to treat one's self is to pay it forward. I would take that $1000 and buy groceries, blankets, socks and mittens to be donated to the homeless through the Salvation Army here in my home town of Windsor, ON. This is supposed to be the season of giving yet so many of us get caught up in our materialistic wants that we lose sight of our fellow human beings and their needs to simply live.
  • Cathy
    I would buy a new watch, get a new hair style and go shopping for a new outfit!
  • Gary
    A foosball table and board games, all for family fun nights
  • Mandy
    There are so many options for this one- a camera and some crafting supplies. And I really like Ken's idea (comment above) and help fill up the food bank and warm prople with jackets for the winter.
  • dave
    Barbies, Barbie Houses, Barbie vehicles, Barbie Clothes and anything else Barbie... my little girls deserve it.
  • bridgetcop
    I would buy my own laptop as my son has been sharing his with me for over a year now and if anything was left, probably toiletries.
  • cappellis
    I would purchase a computer for the family and stock up on groceries, toiletries & household items!
  • Trisha
    I would buy a new living room set up with a 3DTV.
  • Isaac L.
    I would want a tablet (iPad or samsung galaxy tab)!!!
  • t a.
    I would buy - a few last xmas presents - Groceries/household items - A food processor - Clothes!
  • michelle t.
    I think I would buy toys, clothes etc for a needy family or two. At this time of year that is what I would feel best doing.
  • Kelly S.
    I would definitely get a lot of organizing items...rubbermaid, craft organization, bookshelves, etc. And I would treat my hubby and four kids to some camping gear!
  • Michelle E.
    If I won $1000 for Walmart I would spend it on electronics like an Ipod Touch and Ipad and some video games for the kids :)
  • Caterina I.
    I would stock up on crafting supplies! Thread, fabric, a cover for my sewing machine :) oh it would be glorious!
  • Brandy
    A new TV for sure, then a pair of winter boots for my husband, and the rest if there was any left in groceries.
  • Brandy
    E-mail subscriber
  • Joyce
    Baby crib, glider, camcorder, books, + clothes for the bundle of joy we expect to arrive next year! :)
  • Andy
    I was pleasantly surprised at the number of items had to offer & free shipping on most as well.. My choice would be either the Samsung SDE-5003N 16 Channel DVR Security System or the Lorex LH118511C8L19 ECO 8ch LED complete security camera system. Both being offered for $998.00
  • Andy
    I would get a TV, some video games, and food! (a student's necessities :P)
  • KittyPride
    I would buy a smart phone with all the bells and whistles!
  • KittyPride
    I am an email subscriber :D
  • henry
    new camera
  • katama381
    I would buy Christmas gifts for my family: GPS for my younger daughter, wireless headphones for my other daughter and a sound bar for our TV or maybe a videocam for my hubby. If any money left over I would spend it on stuff for our family Christmas dinner
  • LegallyB
    A new TV. I'm still using an old tube TV.
  • Jenn B.
    I would give half the money to my daughter so they could by gifts for their little ones, then go grocery shopping and the remainder i would by toys to put under the tree of hope :)
  • Scott
    $1000 bucks to spend at Walmart? That's easy - new technology for everyone! Dad needs a new desktop computer, Mom gets a new laptop and I should still have enough left over to get my son a tablet.
  • claudia m.
    Wow 1000 bucks, a PS Vita and a bunch of games, a crock pot for my sister, an espresso maker for my parents and lots of gifts for my friends!
  • claudia m.
  • Lisa A.
    Wow, I would get some photos printed and enlargements for grandparents/aunts/uncles and get my Christmas cards printed. Donate some toys to the local toy drive for Christmas. Then there would still be money left over for a few pantry items to have on hand over the holidays. If we use coupons from BargainMoose - we can make $ go a very long way at!! :)
  • Erlyn
    I would buy a new TV and some toys for the kids.
  • Alex C.
    I would purchase gifts for the children that are less fortunate, so that they will have a better christmas
  • Lisa A.
  • Vivian
    I'd buy myself a tablet and buy christmas presents for friends and family. =)
  • Megster
    With this win, I would create a home, not just a house, where friends and family gather, I would buy Electronics, a new television, new camera, new DVD player and some chairs where we could all sit and play games while watching some movies, Oh yes, I would also buy some movies and treats from Walmart Superstore Grocery dept.
  • Layal
    I would buy Christmas gifts for my family because I couldn't do it this year :(
  • adurango
    I'd get a chest freezer and maybe a new computer desk.
  • Kelly M.
    I would definitely start with a media streaming device like the Roku XS so that I can "cut the cord" with my cable company. Then I would buy all of the Skylanders and Skylanders Giants characters that we don't have because I'm addicted to collecting them for my son!
  • Lynne H.
    A new tv!!
  • Josie
    I would get an Ipad and a new TV
  • Josie
  • Josie
    email subscriber
  • Josie
  • Esther
    I would get a mini tablet for myself, my boyfriend and my sister and then get tons of toiletry items, gloves, socks and mittens for the homeless shelter and a bunch of toys for kids in developing countries thru Samaritans purse. Because walmarts prices are so cheap, even after spending on myself and my loved ones I'd still have plenty left over to share with those who might not get anything else for Christmas this year.
  • Christine
    I would buy new clothes for my family and have our portrait done!
  • cindy
    I'd definitely get a nintendo 3DS and a few games! And then I'd probably spend the rest on grocery/toys for local food/toy drives.
  • chantel C.
    I would buy a new wardrobe for my mom, she deserves it :)
  • Jennifer d.
    A new tv, mini and groceries!
  • Anna
    I'd buy as many new electronics as possible; I'm really interested in the latest iPad. It would be nice to get some cosmetics, boots, PJs, Christmas decorations, and anything that caught my eye.
  • Vicky
    I would like to buy a mini ipad and a laptop with it. Our laptop is going to break soon because of my daughter's constant banging. LOL.
  • Brenda
    I would buy myself a good camera! Any leftover $$ would go towards goodies for my granddaughter!
  • Christina
    ..xmas is pretty thin this year as I am on a very strict budget, so Christmas would definitely be the theme to check off items from my daughters' wish lists - Just Dance 4, (maybe an up-to-date TV to play the games on rather than the 200lb sears model I currently have :) ) a birthstone ring for the one who's bday just happens to be in april (diamond - really?!?) and decorations to replace the ones that had to be left in my seperation... definitely to bring a great xmas to my family!!
  • Marylene
    What would I buy with a $1000 from Walmart? Clothes for my son. Food for us and our dog. Clothes for me. Probably a new TV.
  • sandra
    I would buy myself something...selfish as it seems as Moms we put ourselves last. The money I earn goes towards the necessary items and what my boys need.
  • Strider
    I would buy a new lens for my DSLR. Failing that I'd replace some of my failing appliances.
  • Kelly J.
    I would split it up with my husband and 2 kids and let the kids go crazy in the toy section..I would get a new phone and TV. Thanks
  • ginette4
  • coymill
    A new television as ours has decided to give up the ghost, Christmas decorations for the small person, and craft supplies for me.
  • Crafty501
    I would take my grandsons shopping so they could buy their mom some nice gifts for Christmas. I would get them to pick out something for themselves as well and if there was anything left, I would get my husband and myself some really nice comfy slippers. Great contest - thanks.
  • Hope
    Laptop and various things for the family
  • Calgary C.
    I would splurge on a really good bike for my rides to work!
  • Amanda
    If I had $1000 to spend at for myself, definitely the first thing I would think about buying is a new mattress! I would also buy one for my mom, because it would be impossible to enjoy it without sharing with her.
  • Shopper21
    I would splurge on a new cell phone
  • Amanda
    Tweeted! =)
  • tenille c.
    hmm......TV for the kitchen, I pad for moi, and donate the rest to the school I work at for there breakfast program. And a big Thank You card.
  • Linda
    I'd buy some electronics, toys, and groceries for the kids.
  • Wendy
    I'd buy a new laptop since mine is 8 years old and verrrryyyyy slow.
  • Carrie
    I'd buy myself a whole new wardrobe! And a new netbook
  • Carrie
  • Carrie
    shared on FB
  • Nick!
    I would buy a TV for my parents, a tool box for me and some cds/electronic stuffs for my girlfriend !
  • stacey
    I would buy some cookbooks and fancy cookeware- pots/pans/mixer/slowcooker/blender......I love to cook!
  • Linda P.
    I would take my hubby on a well deserved vacation, thanks for the great contest
  • Roxane
    I would buy my husband a new phone and furniture for my daughter's bedroom!
  • Theresa D.
    I would buy my children few toys for Christmas, pay back my parents for helping me financially in this past year, put some money in a bank account for kids to save for future education and for once in my life get my nails done.
  • Deanna
    Perhaps an LCD TV since we still have an old analog TV and maybe a trampoline for the children.
  • Tiggrr
    A big screen tv, and with the left over probably groceries
  • Lisa
    I would treat myself to a new television and laptop.
  • juile
    I would load up on bedding, watches and small kitchen appliances, and towels get the idea. Walmart has so much to offer.
  • Milena
    A new big screen tv so my son & I can watch movies !!!
  • Nancy
    I would use $200 of it to buy toys to donate to a Christmas toy drive in my city. With the remainder, I would probably buy some Christmas gifts for family members, groceries, and maybe a couple dvds for me and my hubby. Oh, and new windshield wipers for the car =) Thanks for the opportunity!!
  • Alexandra
    A new camera lens, a two-wheeler bike for my child, and some home organization stuff for our closets.
  • AgentJ
    I would buy a new TV
  • Michelle M.
    I think it would be fun to go on a family shopping spree where everyone could choose something they wanted but to make it more fun we could put a time limit on it. I would probably get a ipod for myself though.
  • Leanne
    Lots of groceries!

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