12 Days of Christmas Contest: iPad 2 Giveaway & $1200+ of Prizes!

*** Contest now closed - won by Michelle! ***

As I mentioned yesterday in my little announcement, we're starting the BIGGEST ever contest on Bargainmoose tonight! Over the next couple of weeks, we've got a fabulous iPad 2 to give away, as well as 12 days of prizes from various Canadian stores. Each day, we will be starting a new contest for a prize worth $100 or more from each of the stores, as well as bonus entries into the iPad 2 contest.

First of all, to get your first entries into this contest to win the iPad 2, here's how:

And remember to come back to super sweet Bargainmoose each day for the next 12 days, to check out the daily prizes and get extra entries for the iPad 2 contest - all the posts will be tagged with the iPad giveaway!


  • Contest ends 5th December 2011
  • Canadian entrants only
  • 1 type of contest entry per household (per day iwhere appropriate)
  • Winners announced after end of contest
  • Rules are subject to change and admin's decision is final


  • Angela
    This Christmas I would really like a Tassimo coffee maker.
  • J
    I want a kitchenaid Blender!
  • Carolyn
    I would really like a Ipad for christmas!
  • Maya
    I'm hoping for some new woolly socks.
  • Crystal W.
    I would love a new stove, mine only has 3 burners that work, lol!
  • Krista
    I want a white 2012 Hyundai Veloster!
  • Dawn
    I would like a radio..yes that is right a plain old radio...
  • Crystal W.
    I already subscribe to Bargainmoose daily email updates
  • Mark
    Saints Row 3 would be sweet!
  • J
    twitter jhearts87 Just Tweeted! Enter daily for 12 days to win iPad 2 & tons of other great prizes @bargainmoose http://www.bargainmoose.ca/12-days-of-christmas-contest-ipad-2-giveaway-1200-of-prizes/comment-page-1/#comment-239040
  • Crystal W.
    I tweeted about this contest, as BabyDollMaker - link to tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/BabyDollMaker/status/139165434095210496
  • jimwalter
    What a great contest! I'm thinking I want a iPad ;)
  • Janette
    I already subscribe to Bargainmoose daily.
  • Janette
    I already subscribe.
  • LJ S.
    I'd love an iPad 2. What a sweet gift!
  • Janette
    I would really love to spend Christmas with my family in Australia, since that is not going to happen, I just want my family here in Canada to have a great Christmas.
  • Jess
    I'd like a pair of ice skates!
  • Ray
    I'd really love a new BlackBerry for Christmas! I'll Tweet this contest link to my Twitter feed: theraychan
  • Shari
    I don't want anything for Christmas
  • Joy-Ann
    I would love a warm vacation!!
  • Kate
    I would love an iPad2 for Christmas! Or a new car. Or a puppy :) Twitter: @kateumpherson
  • 123jox
    For Christmas, I want a job... been out of work for a month. Holiday shopping won't be easy this year. :-/
  • katrina
    my list is pretty short this year, but i definitely hope i get a slow cooker!
  • awa
    All I want for christmas is actually the Ipad 2 :)
  • Nicolas
    For Christmas, I want to win at least one of your giveaways !
  • Annie
    Hey, I'd love an iPad 2! But I'm hoping for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on DVD or Bluray. :)
  • Braden
    What I want for Christmas is a new MacBook.
  • awa
    I follow you via GFC but i just subscribed via email as well.
  • Annie
    My twitter name: Shutterbug04
  • Kat
    I would love an iPad 2 for Xmas!
  • abegail
    i will accept anything.......
  • Kim S.
    I'd like a blu-ray player
  • pamr.
    I would love a gift certificate for a massage
  • Melissa
    All I want for Christmas is an iPad (so I really really want to win!!)
  • tenille
    Spend Christmas with my step-son :) and my family in PEI.
  • pamr.
    I'm an email subscriber
  • Melissa
  • Kim S.
    tweeted @kstenner http://twitter.com/#!/bargainmoose/status/139161316064641024
  • AM
    That everyone be safe during travels to visit family for the holidays.
  • Melissa
    Twitter name is wannabefitchick
  • Kim S.
    already subscribed to the email and love it
  • Xing
    I want an IPad for Christmas
  • Kim
    An ipad! ;)
  • Marty
    I want an ipad 2.
  • Pat
    I would love an immersion blender for Christmas.
  • Cecilia
    I would like a Lululemon hoodie for Christmas. Already a subscriber to your email updates Twitter account @Happy_Chinadoll
  • mauiby
    all i want for christmas is an ipad 2...pleasssseeeeeeee?????
  • Diane
    A Kreuger coffee maker!
  • Kathryn
    I would love an iPad for Christmas!
  • emily
    i want topstyler, the hair curling product!
  • Trilby
    I would love to spend the day with my family, but as far as gifts go, I just really want to get my daughter a LeapFrog LeapPad. We would have so much fun learning on that together and it would be great for her to play when she's "working" with me while I work from home.
  • Sandy
    Want an ipad for christmas.
  • A B.
    I already subscribe to Bargain Moose daily. I love my daily Moose!
  • wowmistress
    I would love to get some electronics. Probably either a new laptop and/or a tablet of some sort.
  • comehome1981
    I want a house!
  • ducky
    I want gift cards for Chapters and Starbucks for Christmas
  • Jen
    I really want an ipad. More for my toddler than me, but who are we kidding, I will play with it too!
  • ducky
    My twitter name is @ihugducks
  • ducky
    I subscribe to the emails
  • Pati
    I would like a canon 50mm f1.8 for Christmas :)
  • Lsia
    I subscribe to the emails daily and I want some makeup from Sephora for Christmas.
  • mrs b.
    i'd like an ipad for christmas. or even an ipod. or any mac product.
  • sandyaugust
    I would looove a pupper for Christmas :)
  • P. C.
    I want a set of OPI nail polish from Sephora :):):):) They are so pretty!!
  • sandyaugust
    opps - puppy!!
  • Margie
    For Christmas, I would like a new phone (as in land line phone) :)
  • Pat
    All I want for Christmas is to have all my kids home to share and make some new wonderful memories!
  • Samantha
    This year for Christmas I would love to catch up with some distant family. Oh...and a Silpada necklace I have been eyeing.
  • Cee
    I would love a shiny new watch for Christmas!
  • nina
    Would love a tablet, but since I just got a smartphone that's probably asking too much. ;) Would really love some fab knitting yarn and some time to knit!
  • nina
    Subscribe already via GReader!
  • Margie
    re-tweeted you twitter message about the contest @MargaretOW
  • Monique
    I wouldn't mind a weekend away with my hubby, without the kids ;)
  • Kim O.
    I would love the new iPhone for Christmas .
  • Anna M.
    All I want for Christmas is an Ipad 2! ;)
  • Angela
    I would like an iphone! and an ipad! :D anda new camera! hehe~
  • A.W
    A nanny
  • kmizen
    I'd like a new iPhone for Christmas!!!
  • LLR
    Would love an iphone.
  • singhs22
    I would love to get a vacation to somewhere tropical
  • jodie
    I would love a holiday some place hot and relaxing! Just subscribed to emails!
  • Rebecca
    I would love the new kobo box or an ipad2!
  • Rebecca
    I retweeted! @SchnurrR
  • Shawn
    What I would like for christmas is someone else getting what they want for christmas.
  • Trisha
    I would love an Ipad 2 for Christmas!
  • Angela T.
    A smartphone would be an amazing Christmas gift. Thanks for the chance! :-)
  • Kristen
    I'd love an iPad, but also hoping for a Kitchenaid mixer!
  • Deanne S.
    I would love an iPad!!!! Second on my list is a Kerig or Tassimo coffee maker!
  • Maggie S.
    I want to sleep through the night. And an iPad. :)
  • Deborah
    All I want for Christmas...a few days of R&R with friends, family, and a good book.
  • Deanne S.
    I tweeted too, but am not a public tweeter, does it still count?
  • Anne F.
    I'd like an iPad 2 for Christmas! Also, I second Deanne's question. If the tweets are locked, does it count?
  • Mike
    My wish for a Christmas Present is actually an ipad 2... so your timing is impeccable. :) I am going to tweet about this contest ... I am @i_live_2_eat
  • oreo
    i really want a new scarf, just lost my old one,..... so sad....
  • Marryam B.
    For this christmas, i really want to get an iphone as a gift... mariam_b1984 at hotmail dot com
  • Cher
    i would SO LOVE a SLR digital camera!!
  • Marryam B.
    I already subscribe to bargainmoose daily email updates mariam_b1984 at hotmail dot com
  • Stephanie
    Twitter name is Canuckthrunthru!! And I'd love a new lens for my DSLR and some perfume, oh yeah and world peace! :)
  • Marryam B.
    Giveaway tweet link: http://twitter.com/#!/Maria_b2011/status/139194152658284544 I tweeted as @Maria_b2011 mariam_b1984 at hotmail dot com
  • B L.
    I'd love an iPad! Or Bootcamp/Parallels + the Solidworks program! Or some nice sketch/blending markers.
  • Angel
    I would love an iPad or a DSLR for christmas!
  • kathy
    I really would like to get an ipad for Christmas(hint,hint)
  • Stacey
    If Santa were to bring me anything, I would love a a new Canon SLR camera and new lenses...but an ipad would be nice too :)
  • Kelly
    For Christmas this year, I would just like time to spend with family =)!
  • Rhonda
    This Christmas I really want an iphone!
  • Nicole C.
    I would like a kitchen aid mixer for Christmas.
  • Nicole C.
    I already subscribe to BargainMoose daily emails.
  • Tristan
    Oh man, Christmas is so close! I would love a prepaid credit card to go on a shopping spree :)
  • paul
    galaxy nexus, I hope!
  • Ashley L.
    There's no particular big item I want for Christmas, but there are a few DVDs and books I have my eye on.
  • Nicole C.
    I tweeted about the contest. Twitter id:@JubleeW
  • Carrie
    I really want a DLSR camera
  • Carrie
    I subscribe
  • Ashley L.
    Tweeted the post here: http://twitter.com/#!/BookLabyrinth/status/139199371144208384
  • Ed Y.
    For Christmas this year, I want to hear from wife is "we are having a baby". But iPad would be nice.
  • kristad
    Thank you bargainmoose, I love your site! I would love an ipad2 for Christmas this year :)
  • Carrie
    tweeted (Miss_Scarlett99) https://twitter.com/#!/Miss_Scarlett99/status/139199815623000064
  • Dave
    I would just settle on a phone that would work and these lemons I always find or receive.
  • Michael
    I'm really looking forward to seeing my family at Christmas, this year! :D
  • Katie
    I want to have a happy Christmas with family
  • Roberta
    Hmm... for Christmas I would like a new telescopic lens for my digital SLR camera
  • Katie
    Already a subscriber
  • jenny
    All I want for Christmas is peace and happiness:)
  • Jayne
    this year, i'd like a relaxing peaceful day just enjoying time with family. Plus some really fresh ju jubes (preferably red and yellow) and a good book to read.
  • Andrea
    I want a vacation! (without snow)
  • Gabbie
    I would love to have more time so I could enjoy the Christmas season to it's fullest! And an ipad 2 would really help with that!!!!
  • Leslie
    I would like an ipad, of course!
  • Leslie
    I subscribe to email updates
  • Lily
    Twitter name: lilsfrills I want an ipad for Christmas ^_^
  • Caitlyn
    I'm subscribed to email updates. I would love some new clothes for Christmas!
  • Tran
    I would love to have an iPod touch or an Iphone. Or winning an iPad would be nice too:)
  • kristen m.
    I am subscribed to updates and would really like a waffle maker!
  • Jamie
    For Christmas, I want a new laptop
  • Jamie
    Subscribed to email updates!
  • Candace
    I would love to not work on Christmas...but working in health care....
  • Lee-Ann J.
    I want seat covers for my jeep!
  • Erin
    A new winter coat!
  • Zoe
    for christmas i would love a vacation! sigh, someday
  • Liz
    I would really like a king size mattress and a good night sleep :)
  • AnnieO
    I would love my house to be professionally decluttered!
  • AnnieO
    already an email subscriber - anniepeg (at) gmail (dot) com
  • Sarah
    I would love a mac pro!!
  • Amanda
    For Christmas this year i was looking at the ipad's cheaper, yet spunky cousin, the Kobo Vox. =) Thanks for a hugely awesome contest!
  • Amanda
    Tweeted =) _amanda_star
  • Are
    Great contest! Love an ipad for x'mas!
  • Nuxmaniac
    iPad would be awesome gift! Also a nice designer handbag in subtle grey would be great too!
  • Lorilee
    For Christmas I would like an iPhone/iPod docking stereo or a shopping spree at Chapters! I subscribe to daily email updates already Thanks for the chance! :)
  • Nadia
    I would love and ipad2 for Christmas, so this contest is perfect!
  • Kristy
    I want an iPad 2 for Christmas!!!
  • Rawnda S.
    an I pad2 or a net book is what I need for scholl so would be a great xmas gift
  • Josh C.
    What i want for christmas is a car starter so my car is nice and warm when i get into it in the mornings!
  • kylie
    I'd like to get a new camera for Christmas. :)
  • IreneS
    All I want for Christmas is cleaning supplies! Too much of a domestic goddess I suppose :P
  • IreneS
    My twitter handle is @heyseto - link tweeted :)
  • samantha
    For Christmas I would like to see family :) Subscriber :)
  • Christina
    A small trip somewhere would be a great present and time to spend with family and friends! I'm also subscribed to email updates =)
  • Gypsiski
    I would love to fly home and see my family for Christmas!
  • Jodi
    I don't celebrate Christmas, but I wouldn't complain about an iPad 2 mysteriously showing up at my door...
  • Gypsiski
    I subscribe by email!
  • Gypsiski
    I tweeted about the contest!! LauraDoula
  • Chantel I.
    I'd love a PVR, but money's tight this Christmas, so I'm not likely to get it.
  • Chantel I.
    I also tweeted the contest link: @mudpunch
  • daniel
    for Christmas, I'd like for my local HMV stores to not have to close ... just found out today that both locations nearest me will be closing down by the end of this year :( !!
  • Jenn
    I already subscribe. I have been wanting an Ipad but just cannot afford one. I also follow on twitter @jfigment and retweeted
  • Phoebe
    I'd like a vacation for Christmas!!
  • surge
    I want a proffestional camera :)
  • surge
    I subscribe w timesurge(at)live.ca contact email: tsgiveaways(at)hotmail.com
  • surge
    tweet http://twitter.com/#!/timesurge/status/139240798872014848
  • jenbacca
    tweeted! @jenbacca already subscribed! and here's my comment! <3 you Bargainmoose!
  • wes
    my two front teeth. Plus an ipad twitter name lostjuan
  • Val
    Would love a Tassimo and a long family vacation in the sun :) I can always dream!
  • angie
    this xmas I would love to have a new Kindle Touch
  • lilpeej
    For Christmas this year, I want my family to be healthy. I subscribe to daily email updates.
  • Jenny
    As for the past few years, I would love to finally get my guitar!! -- already an email subbie - tweeted:https://twitter.com/#!/jennnerin/status/139279697430323200
  • deanoh
    I wish for an ipad 2
  • wilson1643
    I would love an ereader and new clothes :)
  • Leah
    I would love a Circut Machine this Christmas :-) I subscribe to daily email updates already
  • Mrs. C.
    I've really got a hankering for a bread maker this year.
  • Martin
    @mpremont for Twitter and for Christmas I would like an I-Pad!
  • Jenn
    I would love a vacation!
  • nat d.
    I already know i'm getting my wish---We're taking the kids to Disney World during the Christmas holidays!! All i want is a safe and happy trip there and back.
  • Lesley
    All I really want is enough snow to make it feel like Christmas (But not too much!) and to see my family. Anything else is just icing on the cake!
  • Wendy
    I would love a Tiffany bracelet for Christmas.
  • Megan H.
    I want a new bed set for Christmas!
  • Jennifer L.
    I would love a new stove and fridge.
  • Jennifer L.
    I subscribe by email.
  • Amy
    I'm hoping for a new deep freeze.
  • Moe S.
    I would love to get an iPad 2 (of course) but I'll be happy as long as my new daughter just has a fun and happy Christmas surrounded by her family!
    • Moe S.
      And, my twitter name is @moesavoie
  • Erin
    We're going to Mexico in February, so that's my Christmas present :) I already subscribe by e-mail.
  • Erica
    I would love a shopping spree at Lululemon!
  • Karen S.
    I would love to my husband to have an ipad for Christmas. I have all I need.
  • Lisa
    I want a diamond necklace.
  • Karen S.
    My Twitter name is Auntikk
  • Linda
    All I want for Christmas is an Ipad 2...an Ipad2...an Ipad2...
  • Steven
    I would love some money to pay for my over priced car insurance!!
  • Mireille
    For Christmas I'd love a GoPro HD Hero 2 video camera with underwater housing. I'm sure Santa would approve (-;
  • Rebecca
    I would like a nice, new, red, shag carpet rug for my living room.
  • Maria
    Tickets to a warm place! I'm already a subcriber too.
  • aussie m.
    I want my mum back...she passed away Aug 9.I know she is in heaven but I miss her.
  • megan
    What I would like for Xmas this year is a day at the spa or I would be happy with a half day too!!
  • Sharon
    Peace and goodwill ;-)
  • Jen L.
    I'd love a personalized necklace from 'Dimples'!
  • Holly
    I'm already a subscriber, for Christmas I'd really love a longer break from work! lol!
  • Danielle
    I would love prescription Aviator sunglasses.
  • Matt A.
    For Christmas this year I would like great weather and clear roads as we crisscross the country to visit family and friends. Snow today in Montreal! Its beginning to look a lot like.....
  • Sherry
    I`m hoping our new baby will be here for Christmas!
  • kolagirl
    I subscribe to your Bargainmoose daily email updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kolagirl
    For xmas this year, hmmmm, I guess a better income would be really really nice, and a new minivan! That would make me happy, definitely.
  • Karen
    For Christmas I would like a new camera and a Ipad 2!
  • kolagirl
    TWITTER TWITTER TWITTER!!!! Kolagirrrl https://twitter.com/#!/kolagirrrl/status/139320852490616833
  • Emma B.
    I would love a an IPAD or even just a family night out!
  • paigeevans
    For Christmas, I'd love a Tassimo single-cup coffee maker, and, of course, an iPad 2.
  • Emma B.
    tweeted https://twitter.com/#!/Emmaleewalpole/status/139322186044407809
  • Sharon
    The ipad is at the top of my list
  • Nicole b.
    An iPad would be great!!
  • Kayla
    I would like happiness for my family and love for all. Lately people have lost the true meaning of Christmas. It's not about gifts, its about spending time with family and appreciating what you have in life. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!
  • Jen F.
    I would love to have a vacation with my family; and a nice haircut ;)
  • Barbara
    For Christmas, I would like nice time with the four children. Hope them to enjoy their gifts.
  • Jef
    Would love my kids to have a magical time on Christmas morning.
  • Patty
    I would love to receive a spa coupon.
  • Ellenberry
    I would like a stressfree, non drama christmas..... you know, something different for a change
  • Joanne
    I would love a Blackberry playbook for Christmas, but an Ipad 2 will do! And I already get your daily emails :)
  • Jeannie
    I'd have no problem receiving a couple of new lenses for my Nikon....no problem at all :)
  • Sandra
    I would love to win the lottery :-) I would like to get a netbook
  • petermoran13
    I would love for my brother in law to come home from the hospital.
  • Janet
    I would love to have both our university aged girls home for Christmas day! But an Ipad would be great too!
  • Nicole
    For Christmas I would like a new coffee maker!
  • Elizabeth
    I want the Kitchenaid Exactslice food processor (but it is REALLY expensive). -Joined email List and Tweeted (name: PhoenixWitch)
  • Denis
    For Christmas I would love a tassimo coffee maker and a new car.
  • Kevin
    I've been an email subscriber for a quite a while now.... I'd like to win anything! For Christmas.... anything 'under the tree' would be great!
  • Robyn
    Wow, and ipad is definitely on my Santa list! I Love Bargain Moose!
  • Tina
    I would love a vacation somewhere warm!
  • Julie
    I want a hippopotamus for Christmas, only a hippopotamus (or an iPad ) will do.
  • Jaime
    I would love an iPad!!!! Been dreaming about it!
  • Whitney
    Amazing...I really want a new tablet..also a Team Canada jersey!! @wkstewart
  • Kathryn
    an iPad of course!
  • sneeker
    I would love a 3DS for christmas! :) i'm just a kid at heart, i guess.
  • Lorri-Ann
    I want a family photo gift certificate for when my baby is born in February!
  • Kaila B.
    I would really like a Digital SLR camera
  • Angie
    I would love peace of mind!
  • Natatoo
    All I really want for Christmas is for someone to watch my kids for a couple of hours while I go out for a nice peaceful, quiet dinner with hubby, which we have never, ever been able to do since our first child was born in 2008.
  • Kaila B.
    Tweeted kalypso18
  • Kaila B.
    Subscribe to email updates
  • Anita
    For xmas I want my family to have great health, be safe, enjoy life and enjoy being together in a happy atmosphere. Friendship is very important in everyone's life.
  • janicour
    I really want an ipad 2.It would be so much easier to travel with or bring to work, than my laptop. I allready subscribe.
    • janicour
      I tweeted @janicour
  • Brinda
    I would love to have an ipad
  • Jennifer
    I'd love my whole family to be able to be together. Thanks!
  • Skiptomylou
    What I want most for Christmas I'm already getting...I'm going home to spend the holidays with my family I'm lucky if I get to see them once a year so I'm really looking forward to it!
  • Allie
    I would love a real snowy white Christmas. And a new pair of fuzzy slippers :) Thanks!
  • Stacy
    I would love gift cards for home depot etc so that I can start painting and fixing up the house I just bought :)
  • Deborah B.
    I would love an iPad2 for Christmas:) ! Merry Christmas To All Bargainmoosers.
  • UncleStuart
    A Martin D-18 Guitar
  • Phil B.
    Want for a Xmas a Laptop
  • joy
    Peace and Love
  • Jennifer R.
    I would like a tablet computer for Christmas :)
  • Adam
    What i want for Christmas is the brand new E-Reader from Chapters. It is in color.
  • Kelly S.
    This Christmas I would like a few new books and the time to enjoy them!
  • sarah m.
    I would like an Ipad for christmas. Please and thankyou!!!
  • Jan
    This Christmas I would really love to have some elves come to my house to clean and decorate my entire house so it looks like Martha Stewart lives here! LOL Except for the tree - I have to do the tree myself...but the cleaning/decorating elves can do everything else! Merry Christmas everyone!!
  • Art R.
    I really really want a ipad as my present colour tablet is lame
  • Jackie
    Chapters gift certificates!
  • Sylvia
    This Christmas I would love an Ipad... oh, and also Peace & love:)
  • Ang
    I just want my kids to listen for a change . . . but an ipad would be nice as well.
  • Veronica
    For Christmas this year I want time with my husband, children and family. My gift to share will be the cherished moments we create together.
  • Ten10
    I would love new bedding, or a tablet for christmas!!! Gotta replace my 4 year old laptop!!
  • Stephanie
    For christmas this year i would love new snowboarding pants!!
  • Ann
    For Christmas we'd like our family! They are all in the US and England :(
  • Liz
    I'd like a happy, healthy Christmas this year :) Merry Xmas to all!
  • Angela
    Ipad for Christmas sure would be nice.. coffee cards from the kids to keep me caffeinated otherwise are also good!
  • Christy
    I would love some nice warm weather as my Maternity leave ends Dec 25 and I am headed back to work and have one of those nice jobs that is outside....brrrrr
  • sandra
    For Xmas this year I am hoping for a techy intervention....a cell phone, a laptop and possibly an ipad. I am feeling out of the loop!!!!
  • bluerose
    I would like a shelf for nicknacks.
  • Laurie
    I would love to be free of any cancer for myself and all my friends
  • Gail S.
    I would *love* an ipad!
  • Mark P.
    I want Macbook pro for x-mas haha
  • 1suprdad
    I would love to give my wife a new car! (but an ipad would be nice for me!)
  • Karen M.
    I would LOVE an IPad 2 for Christmas or a TV set larger than the 19' one I have now. TWEETED: @merc1958
  • Bonni
    Ooooh, an iPad for my husband would be fantastic!
  • Tina B.
    I would love an iPad 2! Or any other type of tablet!!!!!
  • Debbie H.
    I would like to know my kiddos are happy with their presents....
  • Kate
    I would love to have an ipad for my family.
  • Aastha
    Would love an iPad2 for my mom this Christmas.. she totally deserves it! Happy Holidays to everyone at BargainMoose!!! :)
  • Sarai
    I want a Winners gift card and a Babycakes mini cupcake maker
  • monika s.
    i wish inner peace for everyone........
  • Sarai
    Email subscriber
  • BigDan
    I'd like a pearl drum kit for Christmas.
  • J V.
    I guess George Clooney would be out of the question? OK, an iPad would be great too. As would perfect health for my family. And some peace in the world for all those who struggle to survive every single day. I don't ask much, do I?
  • Sarai
    Tweeted contest link @Astrogal1979: https://twitter.com/#!/Astrogal1979/status/139354667900604417
  • Alia
    I really want and e-reader of sorts:)
  • ottawageek
    I would love an Ipad for chrismast :)
  • SA
    For Christmas I'm hoping to get lots of yummy things to eat!! :) My twitter: @InSearchOfYummy
  • Asma
    I would love a car for Christmas!!! Hey, I can dream, can't I? ;)
  • Asma
    Subscribed via email!!
  • Alia
    tweeted @awoll8
  • Nicole b.
    Retweeted!! Nicky_howe
  • Asma
    Twitted via twitter: @lemidnight2
  • Mars
    Would love a white Christmas, then I would like for it to all disappear by Boxing Day :0)
  • Brenda
    I would love a new computer for Christmas!
  • Diogo L.
    iPad2 and Galaxy Nexus!
  • Angela
    I would love a sunny, warm winter vacation ... might be asking too much?
  • Kelsey
    I would like a coffee machine, but my husband wants an iPad. Winning one would be great because I can not afford to buy one
  • Jas
    I would like the Ipad too for X'mas
  • Mike
    I would love ipad2 for christmas!!!!! :D @onceinblueemoon
  • Sandy S.
    I'd love an IPad 2 for Christmas!
  • Jody
    I would love an iPad!
  • Terrie
    Family all together is at the top of my list, but because it won't happen, I'd wish for a safe, joyful season for everyone that celebrates :) (an ipad or laptop would be nice too!)
  • Angela
    Time to myself, either at the spa, or home alone with a great book.
  • Jodie
    I have a blu-ray player on my Christmas list!
  • Linda I.
    Clinique skincare products
  • Mike
    An Ipad for Xmas would be nice
  • Keri
    All I want for Christmas is to have my husband home with us.
  • Jennifer
    All I want for Christmas is a real tree and seeing the joy in my son eyes on christmas morning. (an ipad would be nice)
  • Pete
    An iPad 2 or any tablet would be excellent!
  • Josh P.
    I would love an iPad for Christmas, or money, that's always nice too. Tweeted: @joshwporter
  • Lisa
    I want a laptop but an iPad 2 would be great!!
  • Kathryn F.
    I want to get an iPad so I can give it to my husband and girls for Christmas. Making them happy, makes me happy.
  • Verlyn C.
    I would Love an iPad for Christmas
  • Joan T.
    I would love a new set of luggage or a laptop.
  • Kari
    I would like a Ford Escape for Christmas! HA HA HA An iPad would be fabulous!
  • Darlene
    iPad2 would be wonderful Xmas present
  • Karen
    We just bought our first home, so would love some home decor stuff for Christmas. Or HomeSense, Rona or Home Depot gift cards!
  • abualjooj
    a new Laptop as mine just decided to die on me this morning :(
  • Kimmy
    Dear Santa Moose: This year for Christmas I'd like the complete set of 2011 OPI nail polish sets!
  • Gary
    I can never decide so a gift card always works for me
  • Abhi
    An iPAD would be a great gift for my wife :)
  • wilma
    Dear BargainMoose, I would love an iPad2 for Christmas :) Tweeted @bigbaddecker
  • Judehs
  • Norine
    Too funny. I actually do want an iPad for Christmas.
  • Darlene
    Tweeted @GivingSmall
  • RMC
    I would love an e-reader or an ipad!
  • Miranda
    I think an ipad would be great...but will be asking for yoga pants :)
  • Kimmy
    tweeted! Twitter Name: impishflair
  • carrie
    Chanel perfume is on my list. Oh, and an iphone, if anyone buying for me can afford it:)
  • Karen
    An ipad isn't on my list, but a black hoodie is. An ipad would be great though!
  • Amy
    I would love a new piece of luggage for Christmas. Mine is falling apart! :)
  • Jos
    I want a Silhouette Cameo!
  • Joy
    New winter running pants! And an Ipad2, of course!
  • StfxALum
    I want a Garmin Forerunner GPS/heart rate monitor running watch! I'm waiting for Amazon to lower the price on them first! I tweeted the contest- username @stfxalum and subscribed to the newsletter :)
  • Callista
    Gift cards to Home Depot is what's on my Christmas list!! Renovating a home is expensive! Being a grown up sucks!! ;)
  • linda
    i would love peace world wide....is that possible? and to help stop hunger.
  • kerry
    I would like to be with my family for christmas. last year we were apart and it kinda blew.
  • Sarah
    I would love an iPad2......and world peace! :)
  • Shirley
    I want an iPad!!!!
  • Maricar
    I got the greatest gift I could get early this year with my new baby so all I'd like is for everyone to have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy whatever comes!
  • Benita
    Don't have a wish list yet, because it's too early for that... right?...?
  • ksanders
    I'm hoping for a Kitchen Aid mixer!!!! :) and a perfect Christmas of course!
  • Linda
    I'm hoping for a small flatscreen TV to replace my 20-year-old tube TV. An Ipad would truly be wonderful too!!!
  • Linda P.
    I would love a new laptop! Good health and happiness for everyone.
  • Nydia
    I really need a new laptop/computer/iPad for Christmas this year... really, any type of computer will do!
  • Cheryl
    I would love warmer weather and an ipad for Christmas! :-)
  • Deborah
    I would love an IPad - would settle for a Kobo or Kindle but the Ipad would be a bonus!
  • Jeff W.
    I would like. For christmas all the troops world wide to come home to there familys
  • Leisau
    I would love to get an iPad for my hubby.
  • Kathy S.
    I would love an Ipad2 for Christmas!!!!
  • Jeff W.
    I would like for christmas is all the troops world wide to come home to ther familys @jjtown
  • Emily B.
    All I really want for Christmas this year is chocolate! Or a Starbucks card :)
  • ythorne
    I would love a Kobo Vox this Christmas. :)
  • Emily B.
    I'm an email subscriber
  • Amanda S.
    This year for Christmas all I would like is a few days of sunshine !!
  • kingy
    i want a vacation.
  • angela
    Holy cow! 355 c omments? Well, I suppose it would be redundant to say that I would like an Ipad 2 for Christmas - and world peace. I'm already an email subscriber so I'll move on to my next task!
  • MikeD
    Would love a Tim Horton's gift card! @mjmd
  • ythorne
    Tweeted as well @YvetteThorne
  • angie
    i want a toaster oven
  • angie
    i want an ipad
  • mommymar
    As a Momy with a special needs child, I would love to get him a Leapfrog Ipad to help improve his limited communication skills. An iPad2 would definately make this Mommy VERY HAPPY :) Merry Christmas!!!! and good luck to everyone! :)
  • Melynda
    I would love a holiday for Christmas!
  • Cheryl R.
    I would love a decent popcorn popper but my husband needs his own iPad so he doesn't keep stealing mine.
  • Amy
    I would like a pair of Crocs to wear when I'm kayaking!
  • Colleen S.
    All I really want for Christmas is my family all home together.
  • Lauri
    I am already a email subscriber.
  • Lauri
    I would love a new iPad2
  • Alli
    I would love a juicer for Christmas :o)
  • Ginger
    number one gift is gotta be an iPad2!
  • Carris
    I would love a new Kobo Vox for Christmas!
  • Dawn
    All I really want for Christmas is for my family and loved ones to be safe.
  • Jas
    I would like an IPAD
  • gvader
    For Christmas, material things, well, an Ipad would be cool, also a Kindle Fire, although it's not available in Canada yet; on the non-material side of things, for Christmas I'd like to have my family and friends healthy and happy, and to have a worry free holiday season. Merry Christmas everyone!
  • Lisa H.
    Sure I would love an iPad but I'd also like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. I like the android system and I like Flash which iPad doesn't support. On the other hand, there are reasons why I like both of them. But what I really want for Christmas is to lose 50lbs.
  • Terri
    A pair of manolo blahniks!!!
  • wendigirl
    i to would love the ipad..but practical me could use a new pair of boots
  • manelgm
    I want accessories for my Canon T2i!
  • Jamie S.
    I would love a trip to mexico!
  • Kim
    I would love love love an Ipad 2!!
  • Nina
    I'd love a new purse but an Ipad 2 would be great as well.
  • Usky
    An iPad, world peace, mistletoe and Mila Kunis.
  • Adam
    New 3D TV
  • Sandra
    With everything that has happened over the past year in my family, I just want my 3 kids to have a Happy Christmas.
  • Janet B.
    I would like an electric piano for Christmas - but an iPad 2 would also be nice! :)
  • Michelle E.
    Would love to finally get a flat screen tv since no one I know has tube tvs anymore! A day at the spa would be very nice too!
  • Katrina
    I just gave birth to my first child last week so all I want for Christmas this year is for everyone to be happy and healthy - oh and more sleep.
  • Gabriela
    This Christmas I would love a sewing machine :)
  • Nicole
    Want: Le Creuset 6.4L oval oven Will get: 20$ for notions at the fabric store.
  • manelgm
    Twitter: Manguamon
  • Lynne
    I'd really like an iPad2 and a healthy family,...my fingers are crossed,...:)!
  • Lynne
    I have tweeted the link,...cdn_honey
  • Kat
    i would love a iPad2, sweet!
  • Gen
    I would love a nice pyjama set :)
  • bobby8
    I would really really love iPad2 and a portable Hard disk. Cheers :-)
  • Trun
    I got my husband's visa approved and finalized for christmas, I can't ask for anything more... but I think he'd like the ipad! ;)
  • bobby8
    I would really really love iPad and a portable Hard disk. Cheers :-)
  • Jena
    I want a Conair you curl :) ... or just passing my uni courses for the semester! @ohjenalynne
  • Marta
    I would like a new laptop and happiness! :)
  • Reham e.
    For Christmas this year, i would like to have a website up and running for my handmade jewelry. Am already subscribed. my twitter is @rehamelghousen shared bath and body works deal.
  • jjessica
    I would love an iPad!!!!
  • Kate
    I would like the new ipad!
  • hazel f.
    i only want an ipad!
  • Elizabeth
    An ipad would be the perfect gift!
  • Kathryn
    An ipad would be great, and then I would teach my dad how to use it so he can play the games =)
  • Alana
    I want pink kitchen appliances!
  • Amy
    I would love a tablet for Christmas :)
  • Courtney
    I would love love love a ipad even thought nobody would get me that except bargainmoose
  • Lisa
    I want some new measuring spoons for Christmas
  • Jennifer
    To complete my son's fundraiser for his ipad (for his autism) and to have my broken car fixed.
  • Ben
    I would really like to win that ipad2 for Christmas!
    I would love an ipad to share with my grandsons!!
  • Cecily
    I would like to win that ipad2 for Christmas.
  • Lisa
    An IPad2 sounds great for me for Christmas. lol
  • Michelle
    I would love to win an Ipad 2 for Christmas!!!
  • donna l.
    I really really want an iPad2 !!
  • Daniel
    An Ipad :)
  • Daniel
    @danni is my twitter handle (forgot to add before)
  • Sarah C.
    An IPAD is on my xmas. Wow how we'd save if I won one!!!
  • Tanya
    I would like to have all my family with me this Christmas. That is the ultimate gift.
  • Shemaine
    An ipad
  • Elonda L.
    I would love a laptop or Ipad and would love to win this contest! lol
  • Michelle
    For Christmas this year I want Taylor Swift's new perfume!!!
  • J9
    Health and happiness for myself and family and to be able to help those less fortunate.
  • Anna
    I'm wishing for good health for myself and all my loved ones.
  • Cheryl M.
    What I want for Christmas this year is a "bling" iPhone 3G cover!
  • Cheryl M.
    I subscribe to the Bargainmoose daily email updates (andrews_cheryl at hotmail dot com)
  • Cheryl M.
    I tweeted about this contest: http://twitter.com/#!/loucheryl/status/139429358564683776 @loucheryl
  • Cali
    A Kobo e-reader!
  • Cali
    I just tweeted! @calihoffman
  • KittyPride
    I would like a new car for Christmas ♥
  • Nicola
    I want time for crafting!
  • Cheryl M.
    I shared this deal on your website: http://community.bargainmoose.ca/deals/entertainment-books-30-off-with-free-shipping-thanksgiving-weekend-us-canada/1197#post976
  • KB
    Wow. Neat contest. What I'd love to give myself for Xmas this yr would be a more patient, loving, gentle attitude towards myself and others. And a new iPad wouldn't hurt, either!
  • Monita
    I would love a getaway in the mountains with my husband!
    I am hoping for a wonderful Christmas spent with my Mom this year!
    I subscribe to the Daily update emails from BargainMoose Canada!
  • Josie
    I want diamond earrings for Christmas!
  • Deb
    I would like a happy Christmas for my cousin and her fiancé visiting from Australia for a white Christmas!
    just tweeted! atthehip https://twitter.com/#!/atthehip/status/139441899684634624
  • Josie
    email subscriber
  • Josie
    I follow on twitter https://twitter.com/#!/lattesplease/status/139442563143827456
  • michelle
    What I want for Christmas is a job. It's scary coming out as a new grad and unemployed. I'm also an email subscriber.
  • Kenny
    I want a 27" desktop monitor!
  • Sarah
    For Christmas, I want to get all the boxes of stuff from my basement to get organized. Can you send some magical fairies? Or perhaps and iPad2...
  • camy
    Love,love love,,,that's all i need +)
  • flo
    I want an IPad and time with my family and friends.
  • John
    I would like ever issue of Dc Comics new 52 that I don't have
  • John
    and my twitter name is mynamejohn
  • Strider
    For the family, a 50" TV. For the wife, a new 13" Laptop. For me, a lens for my SLR. :) Twitter ID: StriderNL
  • Jay
    I would like some time off for Christmas!!
  • Heather
    I would love time to relax ans spend time with family :) And maybe some new clothes!
  • Stephanie
    thanks for sharing! Love your website :)
  • Shawna
    I want a new kindle fire for Xmas!
  • Bryna
    For Christmas I would like a new pair of sneakers by New Balance. ooo and an engagement ring.
  • A B.
    tweeted @maple_65 fingers crossed
  • tmo
    i want happiness and good health this yr , yr after, 3 yrs, 4yrs.....
  • Andrea W.
    Would love an Ipad or a Keurig coffeemaker!
  • Andrea W.
    Subscribe by email
  • Karla M.
    For Christmas, I would love jewellery from my husband!
  • zayna
  • Karen
    I would like my daughter to have good health this year.
  • Melanie
    I of course would like an iPad, but I am asking for a hand vac because we just bought a home with lots of stairs and I need an easier way to clean them.
  • Alicia
    I want a flight home to Newfoundland for Christmas!
  • Heather
    I would love a new camera body... Canon 7D would be great unless the Canon 5D Mark111 comes out!
  • Michelle
    For Christmas this year I would love: an iPad and time with my family and wonderful friends! I love the holidays!!!!!
  • Denise L.
    I love bargain moose and have been an avid fan for about two years now. For Christmas this year I want a roomba and avid media composer 6.
  • Tania
    For Christmas this year, I'm getting exactly what I want - two weeks off with family and friends! ...But an iPad would be nice too :)
  • Mike
    World peace. And also an iPad2.
  • S
    a new laptop
  • Alexandra
    For Christmas I would love an IPad, but I'm asking for cooking ustensils and small applicances.
  • Linda P.
    I want to see my grandchildren and a new camera, thanks
  • Mickey P.
    I would love an Ipad 2!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nathan
    I would love not getting any presents, because I rather give than receive. Merry Christmas to all!
  • Natalie
    I would like a small camera that I can take around with me easily. :) Thanks for the contest!!!
  • Tracy
    I want my boyfriend to spend Christmas with me and my family (and mom Mom's battered potatoes). ^_^
  • Sarah
    I would like a counter top compost container and maybe some cheese-making supplies.
  • Sarah
    I subscribe to the email updates.
  • RYP
    I want to have our house sold before Christmas!
  • RYP
    Twitter name:Newmomtoo
  • Joanne
    I would like the new mario kart game for the 3ds. @avalonjojo
  • Robyn
    I'd love an iPad for Christmas! Twitter @JewelledRabbit Also, I already subscribe to the emails. Does that count?
  • sunshine
    i would like to win the ipad. i have already subscribed to the emails
  • Dini
    I would like to go visit family and friends for Christmas. I miss everyone!
  • jessica
    I would like an e-mail saying I won the I pad!! ;)
  • jessica
    and my twitter name is socialworkjess
  • Buzzo
    I would LOVE the gift of snow removal for Christmas!
  • TW B.
    Great website - nice that its actually for Canucks! @ldtrampas
  • Josee
    This year I want a peaceful Christmas with my family, nothing more. Except for the iPad! :-P
  • Blaire H.
    What I would like for Christmas is to be able to make enough money to make it through each month. As a newlywed with one income it is very difficult and I hate having to rely on my parents to pick up the remains of what we can't afford. It is through the grace of God and the love of my parents that my husband and I have made it through this year (it has been a doozy). I figure our luck has to change at sometime. Maybe it will start with a contest.
  • Melisa
    I would like a new smartphone (ie BB / Android) for Christmas!
  • Melisa
    Twitter name: mell_mell_mell
  • Donnah
    I'd like to have a safe and peaceful Xmas with family and friends
  • Laura
    A vacation somewhere warm...we just got dumped with snow today.

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