Sport Chek Canada: Free Skate Sharpening & Junior Skate Exchange

15 August 2013

Sport Chek is offering free skate sharpening in-stores, with no catch! There is a limit of three sharpenings per customer, per visit. They also have an awesome junior skate exchange program on in-stores.

Now that it is finally getting hot again, why not head down to Sport Chek with your new skates and get them sharpened, while thinking about the cold mornings at the arena you have ahead? That way, if it gets too hot, you won't complain. Or, you could wait until the day before your hockey or skating season starts, and rush out with the rest of the crowd and pay to get your skates sharpened: it's up to you. There's also the choice of skating on dull blades, but good luck on the face plants with that choice.

If you are buying new skates for your kid, consider buying them at Sport Chek, where you can bring them back next year and get 50% off your purchase price back in credits to use on new skates. Kids outgrow shoes and skates long before they wear out. This kind of a service is awesome, because skates can get so expensive when you have to replace them every year. You'll get a credit of up to a $100 maximum. Too bad they don't do this with shoes! After you buy your new skates, get them sharpened for free, too.

Photo Credit: Lars-Erik Jonsson

(Expiry for skate sharpening: 19th August 2013){affcode}/70526/1911?u={url}

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