Bunny, Mermaid & Unicorn Vans from $40 Shipped

Kids' Character Vans from $40

Once again, Vans is making some of the cutest kids' shoes I've ever seen! They just released a new collection of slip-on bunny sneakers, complete with floppy ears, that starts at $45 a pair!

These adorable shoes are just the tip of the iceberg for Vans. They still have the Unicorn Vans we all went crazy for last summer in stock, as well as a few other character styles you'll definitely want to check out!

Here they all are:

Kids Vans

Toddler Vans

The brand-new bunny styles remind me a lot of the TOMS Bunny Slip-Ons, but these ones come in pink and black!

Sadly, none of these shoes are available in adult sizes, but you can grab a pair of these awesome Velvet Tie-Dye Classic Slip-On Platforms if you want something with a unicorn vibe!

Shipping and returns are FREE on all orders from Vans Canada.


  • Melanie K.

    , I'm sure you can get these in your size. Then I'll get for my girls, and you can all match :blush:

  • Genevieve L.

    , our new shoes :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Barb B.

    Wonder if they make adult sizes !

  • Terry M.

    heehee I knew u wud love em

  • Sara S.

    Omg :heart_eyes: I need these for the girls ! Amazing

  • Kelly N.

    Do you think they come in my size? My feet are small. Ish. Hahahahha.

  • Karianne R.

    Faudrait pas que je les chausse, je passerais mon temps à m'enfarger:see_no_evil::joy:

  • Karine L.

    I seen these earlier. Checked but seems it only comes in toddler size. :(

  • Jolindie B.

    Wow this is sooooo cute- thank you!!

  • Deanna B.

    Charley has these! They are so cute!

  • Nicole C.

    Yes:heart_eyes: They are adorable!

  • Rémy P.

    :sob::sob::joy:j'aurais l'air de quoi...un peu blizzard!!:unicorn::unicorn:

  • Lisa D.

    Juste "different" hahaha !!

  • Sarah S.

    Laurie bought these for Lily last Christmas

  • Katie K.

    For us or the girls? :wink::heart_eyes:

  • Becky A.

    :joy::joy: this may be a little too much for me, but i'd take them in slippers! Haha

  • John H.

    They look dangerous, they could have your eye out.

  • Alex M.


    I want the light up slippers but couldn't wear the shoes

  • Brianne M.

    Really!?! I think they're adorable !

  • Monika K.

    I need these in my life! :rainbow::ok_hand_tone1::two_hearts:

  • Alex M.

    If I had kids if make them wear the. But I personally couldn't

  • Brianne M.

    I looked into the price... A tad bit expensive for Maddie at that age where she's gonna out grow them so fast!

  • Sarah K.

    I would of loved those 30 years ago

  • Stacey D.

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME....my daughter's would cry....

  • Sandra T.

    I thought so too! She however doesn't like my taste in shoes lately! :smiley:

  • Sarah H.

    Bought these for my Niece and she loves them

  • Chelsea C.

    Gunna get P & Sarah matching ones

  • Julianna C.

    A toddler? What about an adult!!

  • Dalziel W.


  • Rina D.

    I know a toddler who would love these:)

  • Kris J.

    You post it you buy it haha $60!

  • Ashley H.

    She’d love them!

  • Kris J.

    She’d wreck them in a week!

  • Julianna C.

    that’s because she is my blood and takes after me in my love for Ariel

  • Sylvia R.

    :disappointed:she’s not a toddler anymore

  • Heather A.

    Omggg and they have pink unicorn ones too!!

    • Miki B.

      Kenny needs these so bad.

  • Vivian H.

    To bad they aren’t in your sizeer

  • Robyn H.

    I know! :cry:

  • Kat L.

    they need these in adult sizes

  • Larissa S.

    you should get these for Paige.

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