Christmas TOMS Available Now from $45

Christmas TOMS from $45

Okay, how cute are these? Festive Finds are available now at TOMS Canada, and you can pick a pair (or more) up in time for the holidays from $45 each!

There's pretty much something for everyone – whether you like glitter and sparkles or some adorable little reindeer!

My favourites for Christmas are probably the Glow in the Dark Lights Classics, since, yup, they really glow in the dark! They're available in three sizes: Women's, Youth and Tiny TOMS. I'm sensing some matching mother-daughter outfits coming up in the future!

Don't miss these other styles:

For kids

For women

While these kicks aren't on sale yet, you can use the code CLASSICSCA at checkout for $10 off a $100 TOMS Canada purchase and $25 off a $150 order!

Shipping is free on orders over $70.


  • Michelle R.


  • Cheyenne H.

    If we didn't have snow I totally would lol

  • Verna P.

    to go with our Christmas outfits ? Lol

    • Dianne I.


    • Dianne I.

      Love them!!:christmas_tree::christmas_tree::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

  • Kate A.

    to match your leggings!!!

    • Trinity H.

      Those r perfect. I actually would wear those. Haha

    • Kate A.

      me too, they're cute!

  • Angie G.

    My daughter would love these!

  • Natasha R.

    ! All the girls need xmAs toms!

    • Emily B.

      Cuuuuute!!! And they’re lined!

  • Amy C.

    U know I hate to say it but I am pretty sure I would wear those. Lmao

  • Laura D.

    Hahaha I do have an I obsession with toms...

  • David M.


  • Lynda C.

    I would love them

  • Dawn C.

    Love these!

  • Melissa M.


  • Darryl-Jean C.

    Sweeeeeeeettt!! I love these!!

  • Shelby R.


  • Meghan B.


  • Madie G.

    Those are awesome!!

  • Jennifer W.

    Love. Love love

  • Dana C.

    christmas present

  • Chantal D.

    Yep absolutely ! love them !!!

  • Ashley S.

    U buy them for me? lol I’m an 8.5

  • Jessica W.

    Love!! The Christmas lights or reindeer ones

  • Lise G.


  • Jennifer B.

    What? I would like those

  • Julie A.

    Oh man.... I may need these :slight_smile:

  • Tamsyn J.

    these look like your kind of thing??

  • Kim L.

    Those are awesome

  • Morgan P.


  • Lori M.

    I wish I didn’t have feet issues (getting old!). I would so buy these!!!

  • Amy Y.


  • Helena G.

    Hahaha I'd wear these everyday

  • Mike H.


    • Ashleigh A.

      I need these

  • Michaela W.

    - perfect to go with the leggings you want!

    • Melissa B.

      I would rock these hahaha

  • Margaret L.


  • Debbie L.

    look what I can buy! Maybe new outlet mall....

  • Michelle C.


  • Jenny K.


  • Ashlee D.

    !! Hahaha

    • Erin T.

      So ugly hahha

  • Diane H.


  • Julie S.

    je sais pas pourquoi mais j’ai pensé à toi loll

    • Dam D.

      Ben trop Noël pour moi ça!!! :wink:

  • Susan M.

    YOU!! :grinning:

    • Loria M.

      Haha...possibly :joy:

  • Tia C.

    You do know me well

  • Krista M.

    Haha! As i was scrolling down before i saw these comments i thinking i should tag julie

  • Julie A.

    I have a problem.

  • Christelle S.


  • Beth M.

    these scream you!

    • Rachel M.


  • Kelly S.

    Wellllllllll...this might be getting carried smh

  • Karen D.


  • Ann-Marie B.

    I so would girl!! M

  • Terrie J.


  • Rachel M.

    Love em!! :christmas_tree:

  • Beth O.


  • Dawn M.

    Stranger Things shoes :heart_eyes:

  • Kiera L.

    They will match your Christmas jumper lovely :christmas_tree::santa_tone2:

  • Stacey C.

    I would definitely wear these

  • Liz J.

    Yes I do, lol

  • Debbie C.

    Not to work I hope

  • Chloe C.

    I saw these and of course want them..

  • Ceilidh S.


  • Marci S.

    I bet you don't have these

    • Christine-tog P.

      Hahaa! Funny you mention it.. I was just looking at these on the Toms website

  • Bethany G.

    here are some toms you need to get!

    • Abbey V.

      I I love them!

  • Danielle R.


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