Birkenstocks for $69.99 @ Sporting Life

Birkenstocks for $69.99

This sale is now over, but you can find more Birkenstocks deals here!

If you've wanted to get yourself into a new pair of Birkenstocks, now's your chance! Sporting Life has select Birkenstocks on sale for $69.99!

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This is a uniform price for men's, women's and juniors' Birkenstocks, so you might as well pick some up for the whole family while you're at it!

Plus, unlike a lot of Birkenstocks sales I see, these deals are on the classic Birkenstocks – not the jelly plastic ones. They still come in all kinds of cool colours and patterns though, like these Juniors' Gizeh Sandals for your little mermaids!

Take a look at these ones, all for $69.99 each:

Shipping is free on orders over $99.

Special thanks to Kim, who let us know about this deal on our Facebook page!


  • Laura C.

    Pretty much sold out. :disappointed: nothing for me.

  • Nicole F.

    I tried these on a few weeks ago! They are super cute!

  • Kristi O.

    I feel like you need these ... haha

    • Jacey S.

      Haha. They're pretty cool

  • Ashlee N.

    surprised neither of you own these

    • Rebecca M.

      OMG! I need these!

  • Heather M.

    ... I think you should still buy these

  • Judy H.

    I would love be these and my precious daughter

  • Lindsay D.

    ! For your collection :slight_smile:

  • Pravina P.

    :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: now those are ugly :ok_hand:

  • Rhonda G.

    Funny .., as soon as I saw these I thought of her too!

  • Taylor K.

    Omg buy me some, mom?!

  • Linda B.

    Love them

  • Karen Z.

    Jenna would love these too

  • Michelle J.

    I bought that exact pair in Munich :heart_eyes:

    • Hayley R.

      I have but the two strap ones lol! Now all of us can match hahaha

  • Allie K.


  • Juss N.

    Very cool

  • Julie C.

    I know you like mermaid colours!!

  • Tanya C.


  • Jody Z.

    I would totally wear that!

  • Kelly C.


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