Adoraboots For $19 @ Old Navy Canada


Stumbled on a sweet deal on these gorgeous Adora boots from Old Navy Canada. They're only $19!!

I've pictured a few of the available styles in the image at the top of this post.

I really like the pom pom faux fur adoraboots which I have pictured at the top left. As I said, only $19! You can also check out the kids Adoraboots too, they're only $14.

I don't really know about the durability of this type of thing though. They are quite cheap, and may really only last you this season. Also, fashion-wise, they'll probably not be in style this time next year! But if you're happy to pay a few bucks for some funky footwear now, then these are ideal.

I have 4 pairs of winter boots, but I paid quite a bit more than $19! I don't really follow styles and fashions all that much either, so I don't feel silly wearing the same ones year after year.

Spend $50 for free shipping from

(Ends 25th November 2010)


  • Ladena
    Oh these look so cute! I might have to go to Old Navy this week...
    • Anna
      You can order them online Ladena :)
  • Pooki
    Sweet! Are they also just $19 at the Old Navy Stores (the ones in the malls)?
  • misksitty_79
    Am I the only one who still hates this style of boot? Not only do I think they look like weird slippers, but I can't see how they're at all practical up here in Canada.
    • Anna
      They are definitely a fashion boot kitty, definitely not practical.

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