Secret Swiss Chalet Promo Code For Free Starters!

15th February 2009 - I’ve just found this secret method which could enable you to get a free starter when you make an online order from!! When you choose which food items you want to order, add them to your cart. Then click the “Enter a Validation/promo code” button towards the bottom of your cart.

Here’s the deal – enter Swiss chalet promo code SC34**** and replace those 4 asterisks with any 4 numbers. You might have to try this a few times to find yourself a working voucher code. The reason you have to mess about with the 4 digits is that these are unique Swiss Chalet promo codes and can only be used once. I managed to get a test order working with the coupon code SC341976.

When you see “Enjoy your complimentary starter!” you’ve entered a correct promo code!

Swiss Chalet offered me a choice of:

  • 12oz.Cup of Chalet Chicken Soup
  • Garden Salad
  • Perogies
  • Greek Salad
  • Caesar Salad

For free!!!

Good luck, and let us know if you manage to get this Swiss Chalet deal working!

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  • Momma_mia
    Very good. I hope to make a Swiss Chalet order tonight and I will try this out when I do. They're really great to order a meal when I don't feel like cooking!
  • briz
    worked for us!!!
  • Anna
    Excelente mis amigos!! Glad to hear it works :)
  • tam
    i got it to work too!!! i orderes online since i am having company for lunch and i got the caesar side using the code ****1952... thank you so much!
  • Brad
    Worked for me.... Free perogies... Even more yummy Took about 6 shots to find one that worked.
  • Nicole
    Just worked for me! I had to try about a million codes, but eventually I got my free perogies :)
  • Anna
    You know, they taste so much better when they're free!
  • Val
    worked!!! yay! tried 23 million codes but its worth it!
  • sarah
    didn't work for me. tried six numbers, and it went back to order screen then wouldnt let me get anything or get into the promo screen again...
  • Anna
    Sarah - you have to keep trying until you find one that works. By now, I'm sure a lot of the unique codes will be taken :)
  • ladonna
    you know what you are doing by playing around with the second promo code to score a free app? you are actually screwing an honest sc customer to earned that promo code honestly out of their deserved freebie. i enjoy freebies like the rest of you but cheating a fellow canuck out of a free piece of pie is more that pathetic.
  • Anna
    Playing around with promo codes.... that's life!
  • Helen
    You're stealing by doing this. If you placed your own order, you too would EARN the right to a promo code by completing the customer satisfaction survey. Then you could use that with your next order. And so on, and so on, and so on. This way is just screwing someone over. But hey, if you're like Anna, and it tastes better when you've taken something that isn't yours, then ... well, actually, that's kind of sad.
  • Anna
    You're entitled to your opinion Helen. It just so happens that it is contrary to mine. :)
  • Craig
    I used it tonight 4/3/09 and used your tips and finally came up with a number that worked and stuff with my delivery. Thanks
  • Jon
    Stop being a baby Helen.. it isn't stealing, its being smart and sneaky! tried about 40 codes and ended up using FIVE digits after the SC34 by accident but it worked. free soup mmmmm.. How's your free soup Helen? oh.. oh thats right.. you paid for yours. and to me, THAT is sad!
  • Janet
    Jon, since when is being sneaky a good thing? I agree with Helen, it is stealing.
  • Meg
    Wow it worked! Notice too that it goes in multiples of 3... So if 3053 doesn't work, add 3, 3056, 3059, 3062, etc.
  • Richard
    Wow... Didn't think it would work but after 4 tries, I now have free Perogies with my order!!! :) Thanks Anna!
  • dick
    SC shouldn't be issuing predictable codes. It would be easy for them to generate random strings instead. Maybe they'll learn for next time. Welcome to the Internet.
  • Anna
    Exactly dick. It's bound to be easy for companies to generate unique codes. Consumers are savvy and going to figure out little loopholes like this.
  • Kevin
    It worked after like a million times woohoo!!!!!!!!!!
  • Katherine
    Well thanks to those of you who went cycling through codes, I was unable to use the one on the bottom of my receipt when I went to place my order this evening. It seems it had already been taken. Thanks a bunch
  • Heather
    what a bunch of losers - getting a few free perogies at someone else's expense makes you happy??
    • brandon
      yeah im really happy thx for asking
  • Heather
    (Just confirming - that crusty mean Heather above is NOT me, Anna. I happen to love this blog, and I would never insult strangers.) :)
  • Anna
    Oh I know that nice Heather, I can tell :)
  • Heather
    Anna - In response to your comment-"Consumers are savvy and going to figure out little loopholes like this." You are not a consumer when you are stealing.
  • Ben B.
    Suck it up, food is marked up like 200% business is a game people find holes. these promo's are here to use just because we don’t have the flyer that has that number on it should we not be able to take advantage of such deals? The corporation would take u for all you got if given the opportunity.
  • Were z.
    Is this still working for anybody?
  • jennifer
    you people are beyond pathetic, I agree with "crusty Heather", Helen and Ladonna plus Katherine has every right to be upset since she actually paid for her meal and received the PROMO code. oh well this is what happens in a society that is built on greed and materialism...thank goodness for Karma, go ahead keep being "saavy" (perhaps you should look up the definition of that word...theft, stealing, and being sneaky aren't in there) Also to the point "promo codes are here to use" that is true but when you are stealing a unique promo code that BELONGS to a customer that paid for something as in it it printed on THEIR RECEIPT and not on a flyer or other public domain then YES IT DOES MEAN THAT YOU SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SUCH DEALS!!!!!!
  • Anna
    Folks, just so you know: Jennifer and crusty Heather are the same person. Trolling is the act of purposefully antagonizing other people on the internet, generally on message boards.
    • S.Howes
      I agree with all those who feel this is stealing. It is stealing pure and simple, you can try and justify it all you want but the promo code is meant for the people who a) pay for the their meal and b) fill out a long questionnaire.
  • Lily
    Thanks for all the great info Anna! We love you! And by the way, crabby troll jennifer/heather is a laiugh! No one takes her seriously.
  • Shane
    Call it what you want but it clearly is stealing. These are promotional codes issued to customers to encourage repeat business. they are UNIQUE codes, regardless of whether there is a pattern (BTW all codes have patterns!) and issued to people. The fact that someone hasn't used their promo code yet does not mean that someone else can steal it for their use. Personally, I hope Swiss Chalet clues in and starts to crack down on this - they could assign the code to a users account rather than a promo code. But there can be no question, this is stealing, regardless of whether you're internet savvy or not!
  • jennifer
    I agree with Shane...maybe WE are the same person! :o) Since I am a fairly new bargainmooser just wondering if it is customary to name call etc when someone doesn't share your views or lack of morals? Heather and I are not the same person just voicing our opinions like everyone else here.
  • Anna
    Jennifer / Heather / Shane - if you don't agree with the posts, then perhaps Bargainmoose isn't the place for you.
  • Shane
    Anna, I would disagree. Maybe this place isn't right for you. I am all for saving money and finding legitimate bargains... maybe you should change the name to TheftMoose!
  • Adam W.
    To all the people complaining out there, shut the F up. Its a website dedicated to helping people with deals. If you dont like the way some people are trying to help others score a deal then dont complain. I have worked in the food industry for 8 years and you know what? over that 8 years I have seen food items go from $5 a main course to $17+ a main course..... 8 years of inflation doesnt account for over a 300% mark up on items. You want to get your free item? complain to swiss chalet, or any other retailer that uses online promo codes, and tell them to use unique, randomly generated strings that are user specific. To tailor each code to the online profile used to order the item. If they dont require a sign-up process to use a code they are opening themselves up to being taken advantage of. Sorry if this offends anyone but I am sick of people complaining over useless and stupid things. These codes are meant to be used, if you didnt get your item then complain to the company with your reciept and your promo code and show them when you ordered your item and tell them to check when "your" code was redeemed. Maybe that will help them to fix their system and you get your precious free item. If your too stupid to think of your own way to still obtain your free item if "your" code got rejected then you dont deserve it. Thanks for posting the codes Anna, and to anyone else who posts codes and other freebies. Viva la internet
  • Heather
    Well Adam aren't you just a gem! Speaking of useless and stupid things. Thought for the day - just because you can steal it does not make it a deal! FYI - just to clarify I am CRUSTY OLD HEATHER and I am NOT Jennifer!!!!!
  • integrity
    i'm sorry i didn't show up sooner, but i have had to help out politicians and celebrities. but clearly my absence has benefitted some, in the form of free perogies. if you are able to expend so much energy on "hacking" codes for unhealthy food choices, then clearly there is a need for me. why is it difficult for some to discern appropriate behaviour from selfish and greedy? i can always be at your side if you make different choices blessings, integrity
  • Lily
    Adam, Thanks for expressing what so many of us feel! Like CrustyOldHeather says, you really are a gem! Your post is much appreciated. Long live freebies!
  • jennifer
    Just when you thought it was all over! I think you should all get a life and not get so worked up over silly promo codes! It's Swiss Chalet for petes sake, it's not like anything good has ever come from Swiss Chalet! Alas, if getting someone elses free perogies (gag) makes you happy then you have serious mental issues and should look into getting a hobby or perhaps a puppy so that you experience some real joy in your life. Hope you're enjoying your vacation Anna! oh and Adam simmer down...really hun have a drink or something & loosen the (to quote you) "F" up.
  • Toocoolforschool
    Love the comments here, didn't read em all but read a few juicy ones, great entertainment! I agree there is a fine line on this kind of 'bargain' but it's more of an exploit than robbery or theft, and that's what key concept our society is built on EXPLOITATION! Yeehaw! If you don't like it stop buying and stop breathing! Karma is for people who assign reason to events; it's proven fact that when someone has an opinion on something they'll search to prove it likewise rather than search to prove it otherwise (in such case they believe this way anyhow). It's another fact that stating facts makes people believe you know what you're talking about unless they feel they know otherwise and then they go searching otherwise. We're all just sacks of emotions and most logic you apply is heavily tainted, remember that. Free starters woohoO!
  • Shei-Lynn
    YEP - Still works. - Thanks Took me but 8 or so tries. One thing I agree with... no need for name calling here (or anywhere else for that matter) no matter how strong your opinions may be. You have a right to be respected and so do others. Call me anything you like in the book... I won't lose sleep over an appetizer and righteous opinions. I do what I can to support my family. I also have a child sponsor in Africa who probably won't care if I cut costs in harmless ways as opposed to stopping the support altogether... same goes for the money I save to donate to Breast Cancer awareness and Sick Kids Hospital. I wonder if God/Karma will really care about me snatching an appetizer offered by a clueless company and PERHAPS another customer (who, if it really meant that much to them, would complain and get the appetizer for free anyhow... and if they didn't complain... then obviously it doesn't mean as much as it does to the righteous yet somewhat rude name callers here)? It's unlikely that important in the big scheme of things when it comes to God/karma over such a trivial actions. I won't return here to go back and forth with the debate. I do challenge the righteous ones here to examine their own lives in their entirety and answer a few introspective questions... am I perfect in all I say and do... have I done worse... do I do good deeds frequently... do I have the right to judge others in such a manner? Personally, I am deficient in many ways but I have to say that intentionally trying to demean others over something like this appears to be far more insulting to mankind than the POSSIBLE slight against another consumer. Jesus said "Love one another," - there is no way to debate such a concept. "Thou shall not steal," is clear... thou shall not use an online coupon code that may possibly result in some individuals being frustrated is a little more opaque. Consumers are wise and know how to get what they want whether they are entitled to it or not. I'm pretty sure when I confess my sins on my deathbed that this one won't be on my list. The idea of wasting more moments of my life, over several days at that, over something like this is ridiculous. I think I'll just go eat my perogies and enjoy life as opposed to debating over such foolishness. It's an appetizer people... nothing more, nothing less. There are many more injustices in the world that could afford even half the attention that is being given to this topic. Namaste, SL Transcend political (social) correctness and strive for human righteousness. ~ Anthony J. D'Angelo
  • freddie
    For someone who says "The idea of wasting more moments of my life, over several days at that, over something like this is ridiculous." sure did waste several precious minutes ranting. Or trying to justify to herself her theft from the company. Too many people have too much time on their hands.
  • joy
    Couldn't get it to work last night. I tried about 20 #s and it always came up invalid code or code already used.
  • Junior
    Delicious! Worked for me tonight after about 30 tries :)
  • Jason
    After about 8 tries it worked for me!!
  • no n.
    woho caeres it not realy stealing if you get the code after you pay anyway!!!!!!
  • no n.
    and i tryed it and it works i got perogies!!!
  • Crusty
    Still works - thanks to whoever did the survey that generated the code I cracked. Now go get one for yourself LOL!
  • Daizy
    Worked today for me. replaced the SC34 with an SC36 and I can't remember the 4 numbers that I followed it up with.
  • Graham
    It worked for me. I used SC35xxxx ... just kept entering random numbers until one worked. muwhahaha
  • Natalie
    It worked for me too!!! I think I put SC40xxxx.. woohoo!!!!
  • Kelly
    Awesome little thread ...I tried SC41 and then tried a bunch of combinations...1234, said already used ...tried 1111, then 1112 ..and it worked...perogies baby!
  • Jenn
    Still works! I used SC42****
  • Ryan
    used SC43**** and worked
  • Heather
    SC421126!!!! Perogies :)
  • LDD
    used SC421976 and it worked... hello perogies!
  • kt
    SC36**** and it worked! perogies as well!
  • jon
    Nov 28th 2010 it still works this is awesome thx all
  • jonny
    Nov 30, 2010 Still works! thx for the free perogies! :)
  • Ev0
    Confirm It worked with using SC42XXXX Just hit random numbers, took a bout 5 mins worth of tries. Thanks people for the perogies.
  • Cdub
    SC42XXXX Confirmed working. Took like 5 random guesses.
  • suenarita
    SC42XXXX works like a charm!
  • 123abc
    SC42XXXX works !! 3rd try
  • Kathy
    SC42XXXX works great! Perogies here I come :9
  • Awesome
    SC421256 worked and got perogies just 5 mins ago. :)
  • Joan
    Okay.... I doubt it would work but tried it anyway. Yay free perogies!!
  • BRie
    I just tried a SC421256 and it didnt work for me.
  • Vic
    Yeah.....perogies are on the way! THANKS
  • Jenn
    I just used this one, and it worked!! My salad is free! I used SC42-XXXX and it took a few tries, but I found one & it worked no problem. Thanks!!! :)
  • Anna
    Can't believe this one is still working after all this time :)
  • Victoria
    Dec 23rd... stills works!!
  • carly
    Still works Dec 28 2010 sc42XXXX
  • vispy
    dishonest to say the least
  • stfu v.
    feb 2011, sc42xxxx worked for me
  • Agree m.
    This promo code is definitely still valid. I used it successfully February 2011 "SC42xxxx" Meaning the last four digits are just randomly entered until a combination works, as the original post suggested.
  • Shelly
    worked for me today! Thanks!!
  • Nate
    Worked for me today (SC42XXXX)!
  • Jessica
    Worked tonight for me!! I've tried before and couldn't get it. Tonight I got it on my 7th try! I was amazed lol. Thanx for the code!
  • joey
    Free Soup!!! I used SC39xxxx....worked great! Thanks!
  • Sherry
    I used sc362002 . I just kept punching in years and got it on 8th time. Free Soup Yay! Thank You So Much!
  • Ali
    OOOH YEAH!!! Free Soup Baby!!! I used sc42**** not sure what combo of numbers I used because it disappeared quickly but if you keep punching random sets of 4 numbers eventually it will work.
  • cookie
    still works!! I tired sc42**** can't remember the combo but free salad for me!!! Thanks to all you for past experiences!! Keep the free starters coming!!!!
  • ribs
    sc452595 worked, free salad!!
  • Hungry
    Used sc99 and it worked...sweeeet!
  • cc33
    used SC99xxxx, still works!! Got a free soup! Thanks!!
    Hello this totally just worked for me, took a while but i got it, as long as it starts with sc3 the other numbers can be anything
  • DNGSheldon
    still works.. just got 'complimentary' Periogies... nice addition to the Ribs + *n e w* 3 D A R K mE a T CoM bo' which looks awesome, because I always order the dark 1/4 chicken dinner.
  • Jennifer
    I used SC99 today and it worked :)
  • Kyle
    I used sc99XXXX played with last 4 numbers a bit after so many tries wouldn't let me enter more so left and came back and worked
  • Theresa
    I used SC99xxxx (tried a bunch of arbitrary combo numbers) today and got a free appetizer as well. Thanks.
  • Gogu
    Used SC99 and 4 digits and it worked. Cool!!
  • Shmoo
    Thanks! sc99 and 4 digits worked for a free appetizer today. YAY!
  • Trini
    I Tried this a couple of weeks ago and will be doing it again tonight...Perogies baby!!! idea though!!!
  • John
    Tried sc990912 worked for me got a $4 discount!
  • Lisa
    Did sc99 and 4 random numbers, worked on the first chicken spring rolls, yay!
  • SAN
    SC56**** worked for me! It was caleld "tell it about us"
  • Justin
    This is bogus, does not work, all these "people" (probably the same person) are lying!!
  • Shanny
    Worked for me today - sc99**** got me a free bowl of soup! Thanks!
  • Glenn
    Greedy pigs who don't fill out the coupons and steal the discount ruined this for everyone else. Pigs.

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