Red Lobster Canada: Endless Shrimp Only $19.99

Planning on going out for dinner? How does all-you-can-eat shrimp sound? Red Lobster has their endless shrimp deal on right now with endless shrimp, and by endless they mean until you can't stuff it in anymore, for only $19.99.

I remember going for dinners with my best friend as a child to Red Lobster. My parents didn't go there as my mom doesn't like seafood (the horror!). My friend's parents would take me and I remember the buttery seafood, the cheesy rolls and my favourite was always the shrimp. I still adore shrimp, especially ones covered, or should I say immersed, in butter and garlic. I could eat a ship-load, and so can you, and only pay $19.99 for the pleasure.

You have choice of how you want your shrimp prepared, from the simple garlic shrimp to the new spicy soy wasabi grilled shrimp. You'll also get salad (you might need a little green with all that shrimp) and unlimited signature biscuits (for all that butter sopping).

(Expiry: Unknown)

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