New A&W Coupons: Free Buddy Burger, Extra Bacon & More

15 August 2016
New A&W Coupons!

Who's up for some A&W tonight?! I never want to cook on a Monday. The new A&W coupons have been released today, and until August 28th you can enjoy a new variety of discounts on your favourite fast food restaurant.

Have you tried the buddy burger yet? Normally I would order a Mama Burger combo and then get a Buddy Burger for my son. We would split the fries and drink. Now, our regular order sounds so much better because you can get a free Buddy Burger with Cheese with the purchase of any combo.

For those who prefer the Teen Burger, order up and get a free extra beef patty to upgrade to a Double Teen with your Teen Burger or Teen Burger Comb purchase. Or, you can upgrade from fries or fries in a combo to free Onion Rings if you prefer.

If you are headed there for breakfast, there is a coupon to get free extra bacon when you purchase a Bacon & Egger or Sausage & Egger. Yum! Who doesn't love bacon?!

These coupons can be printed or shown on your mobile device, and they expire August 28th, 2016. So make it happen! I know what I am having for dinner tonight.

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  • Bellringer

    You want to check what you are being charged. Today I redeemed the teen burger. A  teen burger is $5.70, with tax $6.45. I was charged  $7.00. I asked for a receipt as it sounded like a lot. Their cash register computer automatically added a second tax so I was been charged twice for tax. I pointed it out and their answer was it is the computer. I got my money back however it had to be verified by the manager.

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