Montana's Cookhouse: In Store - Get a $5 Montana's Card for Every $25 Bon Appetit Gift Card You Buy

What's better than eating? Getting free food when you eat! That's what Montana's Cookhouse is doing for you.

For every $25 Bon Appetit gift card that you buy, you will receive a free $5 Montana's card. First thing to note here is that the Bon Appetit card is actually valid for all the restaurant chains currently owned by Cara Operations. Cara Operations happens to own five chain restaurants: Montana's Cookhouse, Kelsey's, Harvey's, Milestone's Bar & Grill and Swiss Chalet.

The $5 gift card is only for Montana's but you could amass a small cache of them if you eat out enough or if you get enough of these gift cards for people for Christmas. I'll tell you where these gift cards would be awesome: students. It's beyond annoying to always be broke and eat at home every single night but I fully understand parent's trepidation at just handing over cash to their kids. A $25 gift card for one of five restaurants would be a great choice. You know they are going to spend it on something  good but aren't locking them into one specific place.

(Expires: Unknown)

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