Marble Slab Canada: Free Cones, Unlimited Sauces & More

ice cream

Marble Slab has launched some tasty daily deals. Each day means a different promotion, and today being Saturday means you'll get unlimited sauces!

Feel like a little bit of hot fudge? How about Licorice or peanut butter? You can add as many sauces as you want to your ice cream for free today!

What if you can't make it in today? Have no fear, they have deals on other days too:

  • Tuesdays are two medium cones for only $10. That makes a very cheap date. And a yummy one.
  • Wednesdays are double stamp days, so if you frequent Marble Slab quite a bit, might as well get your free cones faster on Wednesdays.
  • Next Friday you can get two pre-packaged litres for only $15. This is also a great at-home date night idea.

These deals are on until January, so go as often as you can.

(Expiry: 31st January 2014)

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