KFC Printable Coupons: Discounts On Chicken, Big Boss Meals, Burgers & More!


Until a couple of days before the end of the month, you can use a variety of KFC printable coupons to save on box meals, Zinger BLTs, pieces of chicken and much more!

To get your coupons, simply scroll down to the bottom of the KFC page and choose your province from the drop down menu under "Summer Savings". The coupons are generally the same country-wide but they differ ever so slightly from west to east and as usual, Quebec's ones are completely different as well. To give you an idea of prices and menu choices, here are the coupons available for Ontario and British Columbia:

  • $5.99 Big Boss meal
  • $5.99 3-pc chicken & ind. fries
  • $6.99 4-pc chicken & ind. fries
  • $7.99 Ultimate 4-pc box meal
  • $10.99 Two Can Dine Zinger BLT or BLT Deluxe
  • $11.99 Two Can Dine Big Crunch
  • $12.99 Two Can Dine 3-piece meals
  • $16.99 9-pc Family Special
  • $16.99 12-pc bucket
  • $24.99 14-pc family special
  • $29.99 18-pc family special

Just last week, I had KFC after years of not having any and  I have to admit that just writing about their deals and staring at pictures of chicken is making me recall the meal and is making me salivate. There is just something heavenly about fried chicken and it's just so absolutely scrumptious at KFC. Even with a coupon, getting a bucket of chicken for $16.99 can certainly seem like a lot but it comes down to just $1.42 per piece, which I should add very decently-sized. Plus, I had a look at the prices of buckets on KFC online ordering service and for an Ontario address, they have a 10-piece original bucket meals for $20.99! Although it includes fries, I would still much prefer to get the 12-pc bucket for $16.99 with individual fries on the side for $1.99.

Interestingly enough, there are actually more coupons available for maritime provinces, namely one for a popcorn chicken combo for $6.99 and according to the coupon, that's $1.60 in savings.

Seeing these coupons is also making me realize that the price I paid without them just wasn't worth it and I certainly wish I would have had a coupon at the time.

All of these KFC printable coupons are one-time use but there is nothing stopping you from printing them several times and redeeming them more than once! ;)

(Expiry: 28th September 2014)


  • Avigayil M.
    damn that picture. Everytime I scroll past it I crave a bucket of cold KFC... *dies*
    • Margarita D.
      Haha! Now imagine my struggle as I was writing this post. I seriously turned to my hubby and asked if we should just get KFC instead of cooking the ground beef we had sitting in the fridge!
  • Anna W.
    I was bad. I got one yesterday!
  • joy
    Popeyes is a million times better than KFC!!

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