Harvey's Canada Printable Coupons


Summer is in full sweltering swing, and cooking is the last thing on many people's minds. Cut down on your eating out budget with seven printable coupons from Harvey's Canada.

There are seven coupons to choose from:

  • Two Can Dine for $9.99
  • $6.99 Chicken Meal Deal
  • Premium Two Can Dine For $11.99 (Angus Burger Combos)
  • $4.99 Meal Deal
  • Buy One, Get One Free
  • $5.99 Meal Deal (Angus Beef Combo)
  • Family Bundle for $16.99

Excluding the chicken and the Angus combos, for the rest of the combos you can order the regular burgers, veggie burgers, or hot dogs.  They all include your choice of toppings for your burger (or hot dog) except cheese or bacon, which cost extra. Either print these coupons out, or simply load the coupon you want to use onto your mobile device's screen. They can scan it for you at the till.

I do not like Harvey's burgers, but my husband is a huge fan of their veggie burger. It is a trial for him to live on Vancouver Island where there are no Harvey's locations. The closest location is Vancouver, which is an hour and 40 minute ferry ride and then another one hour bus ride away. Whenever we visit Vancouver, I make sure to take him to the Harvey's there for his favourite burger. He also likes their onion rings. We tend to use the $4.99 meal deal coupon or the buy one, get one free coupon depending upon how hungry he is that day. Either way, they are both a great price and make for an inexpensive dinner while we are traveling.

The last time we were at Harvey's, I noticed they had free Wi-Fi for all their customers. I was pretty happy with this service as I could go off my data and surf the internet while Daniel busied himself with eating. Does anyone know if you can do this at all locations?

(Expiry: 24th August 2014)

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