Boston Pizza $9 Bundles

Here are some Boston Pizza bundles. Select a starter, side dish, and entree for only $9!

Choose from a select list of starters, sides, and entrees to create your own $9 Boston Pizza bundle. Usually these bundles don’t offer a great selection to choose from, but these BP options all sound delicious and seem like a great value.

You have to try the Panzerotti Rolls and Pizza Bread. Yummy!


  • Kris
    I was getting so excited about this until I read it is not available in Alberta. Why not? We like pizza too you know. What we don't like is being excluded. Now I don't like Boston Pizza either. Boo BP.
  • Paula
    We went the other night in Winnipeg and my husband got 12 french fries for his side dish on this deal. How disappointing!! And his soup was not tasty at all!!

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