Baskin Robbins Canada - 31 Flavors of Mayhem!

6 February 2009

Just fill in this survery to get your free printable coupon for Baskin Robbins ice cream shops.

You should then be able to use your free coupon in-store @ Baskin Robins to get a $1 discount on a spend of $4 or more. That’s technically 25% off!

Then you can stuff your face with the ice-creamy delights. I think we all know about their concept of 31 flavours… one for every day of the month!

I once wrote to Baskin Robbins with some unique and innovative ice-cream suggestions. I was surprised that they never even bothered to reply to my ideas. Who wouldn’t enjoy a lick of “Tabasco and Boysenberry”? And can you honestly say that “Rum and Rat” is such a bad idea? How about some refreshing “Peachy Poo?” I even patented these flavors so that some cheeky ice-cream company cannot steal my concepts. MMWWWHhhhhha hhahaaaaaaa.

But SERIOUSLY, I really enjoy their Rocky Road flavor. It’s my favorite.

Have you heard about making ice cream with dry ice… or dry ice cream? Here’s one video I came across on youtube where they made some. Looks pretty cool!

Thanks for the pic aknacer.

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