2 For $5 McFlurries @ McDonald's

2 For McFlurries @ McDonald's

The warm weather is finally here! I am so happy even though I am already sporting a sunburn. McDonald's has an awesome new coupon available via their mobile app. When you head into Walmart next, stop at the McDonald's location inside and get two regular size McFlurry treats for just $5 - that's just $2.50 each! They've also added the new M&M's McFlurry which is to die for. I tried it today!

McFlurries are rather hard to eat while driving, so I suggest you dine in for this offer. Either way, paying just $2.50 for each regular size McFlurry is a very decent price and I can't recall the last time that McDonald's had a promotion like this.

This offer is valid at McDonald's locations but you will need to use the mobile app coupon to redeem the offer. You are limited to one coupon per person. There are a few different flavours to choose from, but not as many options as Dairy Queen would have. Here are the different types of McFlurry desserts available at McDonald's Canada:

  • Rolo
  • M&M's
  • Oreo
  • and more!

The flavours may vary a bit depending on location. I know my local McDonald's within a Walmart store doesn't offer their new Drumstick McFlurry but I usually prefer the Smarties McFlurry anyway. There is no telling when this offer will end, so I suggest you get in and enjoy it soon before it is too late.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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