Delissio Brand Frozen Pizzas Recalled Due to Potential Pieces of Glass

Recall: Delissio Brand Frozen Pizzas

If Friday night is pizza night at your house, and frozen pizzas are on the menu, you may want to pay attention to this recall on certain Delissio brand frozen pizzas due to the possible presence of pieces of glass. A trip to emerge is not how you want pizza night to end up!

Thankfully there have not been any recorded injuries and the two affected styles of pizza are being removed from marketplace shelves:

  • Delissio Pizzeria Vintage Tuscan Style Chicken
  • Delissio Thin Crispy Crust Grilled Chicken Tomato & Spinach

If you find any of these pizzas in your freezer with the affected batch codes, you should contact Nestlé Canada Consumer Services for reimbursement at 1-855-395-1238 and then dispose of the product.

You can find the batch code information and Nestle's hours of operation on the Healthy Canadians recall page, where this alert has been posted.

We're in the clear at my house, we always order in! Now tell me we're not the only lazy ones... Is it pizza night at your house, Moosers?

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  • Ashley C.

    Haha I ate the thin crust with Sarah lol

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