McDonald's has Recalled Activity Tracker Wristbands from Happy Meals due to Burns!!

Recall: McDonald's Fitness Tracker Toy

Wow! I was personally a little disappointed when my son opened up a "Step-It" Activity Wristband from his McDonald's Happy Meal - and so was he. I am even more disappointed now, as I read about this serious recall. McDonald's has pulled this wristband from their Happy Meals for good reason - kids have been complaining skin irritations and burns. Ouch!

These Step It Activity Wristbands are supposed to get kids active and moving - though my son and I just didn't see the point. The band was supposed to light up with his every movement, but it was dull enough that he couldn't tell if it was lighting up or not. Now? All 33 million of those little bands have been recalled. They can cause severe skin irritations - and even burns.

There have been more than 70 reports of irritations and burns - everything from minor skin irritations to pretty severe skin burns after wearing these bracelets. At least 8 of these reports occurred in Canada, and if you have one of these in your home then you shouldn't allow your child to wear it any longer.

Return the Step-It Activity Wristbands to your local McDonald's and exchange it for another toy as well as a yogurt tube or a bag of apple slices.

Have you had any issues with this McDonald's toy?

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  • Christie C.

    Didn't even work from the moment we opened the packsge

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