Wind Mobile: Unlimited USA & Canada Mobile Plan only $39


Hello snowbirds and fellow border-hopping Canadians! Wind Mobile has an extraordinary offer for anyone who needs both US and Canadian cell data on a regular basis. Sign up for the Unlimited Canada & USA plan for only $39 per month.

I seriously love this deal. To even find a Canadian unlimited cell plan for under $40 these days is rare, as prices have been going up. Add on nearly unlimited use in the USA as well and I am drooling. Here is what your package includes:

  • Unlimited Canada & USA Text
  • Unlimited Canada Data (fair usage policy applies)
  • Unlimited US Roaming: Unlimited Data, Text and 2400 minutes of CA/US-wide Talk
  • Unlimited Canada-wide Talk
  • Call Control (Caller ID, Missed Call Alerts, Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting)

This is a impressive package, especially as it includes unlimited US roaming as well. Roaming fees can really add up (I have been hit with them before). All the unlimited US features are from anywhere on Wind's partner networks in the United States.

The WIND 39 plan may be activated with the WINDtab. You can put up to $150 value on your WINDtab. The WIND 39 plan is also eligible for Better Together Savings, so if your combine select mobile phone and mobile internet plans, then you can save extra money as well. However, the WIND 39 plan cannot be combined with the Bring/Buy Your Own Phone offer. That does not mean you cannot bring your own phone (you still can) you just cannot take advantage of the special offer they have for it.

Now, if you are already with Wind and want to make the switch to this plan, then you need to know a couple things.

If you are upgrading then transition is simple. Phone in or visit your online account control to migrate your account. However, if you are downgrading from a larger plan then you must pay a $25 fee along with one month of the promotional plan's cost. You can migrate your account on the phone or through your account online. Current WIND customers cannot migrate their account in store.

For all the fine print details, please see Wind Mobile. I hope these give you a sense of how good this plan is and what loops you need to jump through to get the plan. If you sign up for the WIND 39 Unlimited US & Canada plan, let us know!

(Expiry: 31st March 2015)

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