Wind Mobile: $100 to $150 in Free Service Credits


If your cell phone contract is coming up for renewal or you got out early because of the three-year cancellation policy, give Wind Mobile a try. They are offering $100 in service credit when you bring your own number to WIND.

Wind is also offering $150 in service credits when you bring your own WIND compatible cell phone to their network. I assume that these offers cannot be combined, but I would check with a Wind representative just to make sure.

$100 Port-in Offer:

Bring your own number to WIND mobile to receive a $10 discount for the next 10 months on your cell plan. Pair your imported number with one of WIND mobile's unlimited data, talk, and text plans starting from $35/month.

This offer is only valid with the following Pay After account plans: Smartphone 35, Smartphone 40, Smartphone 45, Smartphone 50, or Cross-Canada 49 plan.

The number you are importing must not have been on the WIND network in the last three days. For all the fine print, see the website.

(Expiry: 14th June 2015)

$150 Bring Your Own Phone Offer:

This offer is a bit different. You must bring your own unlocked AWS (1700/2100) compatible phone and activate a new Smartphone 35, Smartphone 40,
Smartphone 45, or Smartphone 50 plan. The $150 worth of credit will be applied to your account in $10 increments for 15 months.

There is a catch.

The monthly credit is applicable only for monthly add-ons and pay per use charges and is not valid toward your monthly plan fees (that is, the $35/month, $40/month, $45/month, or $50/month plan fee), the cost of devices, or accessories.

(Expiry: Unknown)

Given that catch, I think that the $100 credit offer is superior to the $150 credit offer as - it appears - that the $10 per month for 10 months (total $100) can be applied towards the monthly plan fees. There is nothing in the fine print that says it cannot be.

These are just two of the sweet little offers that Wind Mobile has on right now. You can view all their offers through the first link above. Some of them cannot be combined. Thus, it is best to read all the fine print and to talk to a WIND mobile representative if you are unsure.

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  • Angele
    As a loyal longtime Wind customer think it is about time that Wind included us in some of their promos I keep reading about.

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