Virgin Mobile Canada: Bring Your Own Phone - Save 10%

12 August 2013

I recently learned of a really great offer from Virgin Mobile Canada that certainly has me reconsidering phone companies. If you bring your own phone to Virgin Mobile Canada, you will get 10% off your monthly plan.

I handle the cell phones in my family, for both my hubby and my parents. I recently was talking to Virgin Mobile since my parents' phones are with them, and my Father's cell phone had finally died, so he needed a new one. All we wanted was a cheap basic phone. After having The Source trying to up-sell my Mother to an HTC and telling her we would have to change his plan, I called Virgin Mobile directly and got some amazing advice from them. Buy the phone outright, which was my plan already (Dad's cost $70) and then call into Virgin Mobile to activate it and switch over the numbers.

By buying the Virgin phone outright (which works for us because he is hard on phones) and then calling into Virgin to activate it, we qualified for 10% off my Dad's cell plan! So his cell plan dropped from $50 a month down to $45 a month, which is awfully sweet. My Dad is on the Silver Plan that features unlimited Canada-Wide calling, which he needs for work. This is pretty thrilling. We owned his previous cell-phone before as well, but they didn't have this promotion. Now he will save $5 a month and in a year his savings will have nearly paid for his phone.

This offer is available for a limited time only for SIM card activations on a month-to-month agreement with select monthly plans. Check it out!

Just as a side note, my personal phone is with Fido, but I also own my own phone. I really hate getting tied into contracts and I often jump carriers for the best cell phone deals. On a month-to-month agreement I can do that. Also, when I got my iPhone, I could not have found such a good plan if I had wanted to get it through a carrier. Usually, plans for iPhones are much more expensive than for Androids when you are getting the combo to get a discount on your phone. By buying outright, I got a very good plan. I highly suggest it.

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  • Moi
    Virgin Rocks! I have been with them for over 5 years. awesome service. awesome prices! go for it! :)
    • Avigayil M.
      Thanks for the feedback! I have had a love hate relationship with Virgin Mobile... usually they are really awesome but twice they have billed me for minutes that should have been included in my package and once when I was transferring phones they lost the number I was bringing over! But usually they are pretty good and have really good plans. That is why I have my parents with them!

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