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FocalPrice is the US based gadget site which we’ve mentioned here on Bargainmoose a number of times. In their email this morning of weekend deals, this 88.1 x 52 cm Scratch World Wall Map caught my eye. It’s only an 18% discount on this item, but you can get it for only $7.99US with free Canadian shipping – that works out to be around $9.95CA. If you read on, you’ll see that a price comparison shows that this is a really sweet price for a unique and interesting item.

As this item is already discounted, no further coupons apply on top of the already low price. I tested it with a few valid coupons, but none increased the discount amount.

Also, as this is under the $20 Canadian customs limit, you won’t have to worry about paying any extra fees at checkout or at your door – the price you see is the price you pay.

As for a price comparison, there’s a very similar map here on Chapters and that’s currently selling for $29.50. Over on, you can get this one for $29.55. And on DeSerres, this map is $32.99, again, it’s a similar style. Of course, it’s possible that the map from FocalPrice may not be quite as good quality as these others I have mentioned, as it’s a lower price, but I can’t really offer an opinion on that as I don’t own it. It’s a third of the cost that you can buy it elsewhere.

When I first saw this map, I thought it was just a plain and basic wall poster. But it’s not - here’s a line from the description of this scratch map:

Scratch off the places that you have visited, you will reveal a new world featuring vibrant color and geographical details.

That sounds great! I’ve really like to give this a try myself. It actually reminds me of the Tripadvisor map which I use on my Facebook page. I use the app to mark off all the places in the world which I’ve been to. Here’s a screenshot for your interest:


Of course since I’ve had two children, the amount of places that I’ve visited has drastically reduced. The map says that I have travelled 10% of the world…. I’d like to get that significantly higher by the time I roll off this mortal coil. :) I think that the scratch map from FocalPrice would make an excellent addition to my office walls. It’d be excellent to have a visible reminder of the places I’ve been, and the places I want to go.

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