Lunapads: Free Reusable Panty Liner (Pay Shipping)

If you have thought about trying reusable menstral products, now is a great time. For a facebook like you can get a free reusable panty liner from Lunapads, and just pay for shipping! Made of soft cotton it breathes, won't stick to your underwear and can be used for ages.

The cost of a liner is usually $11.99, but the shipping is only $5 - so you are saving $6.99! You will also receive a coupon for $5 off your next order... so in the grand scheme of things you get your $5 back.

Lunapads has quality products and great customer service. I have talked to the girls over there plenty about when mother nature comes to visit and got some great advice. The first time they had this offer on their website I took advantage of it and have been tickled pink since.

Offer available to new customers only.

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  • Sandy J.
    We certainly are going backwards. This use to be all that there was about 70 years ago. Do you really want to have to wash and dry this item? I don't know which is worse disposable pads in the landfill or using more soap, water and hydro. Its a toss up. Thanks but no thanks!

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