Google’s Tips on How To Save Energy And Money This Halloween!

Google have come up with some tips and a little online tool to avoid fiendishly high energy bills this chilly winter. Pop in some of the facts about your household, and it calculates how much money you can save per year.

For example, if I turn off my Xbox 360, replace a few incandescent bulb demons with CFLs… I can save $118. That’s $118 I could be spending on more Harvey’s Burgers!!

Most of my globes are already CFLs, so I’m not too bad on that front.

Here are a few more ideas for energy saving regarding your computer:

  1. Upgrade your gear
  2. Dim your computer screen
  3. Consolidate and virtualize computers
  4. Turn off your peripherals
  5. Kill any unnecessary processes
  6. Get a smart power switch
  7. Enable energy saver settings
  8. Unplug those energy vampires
  9. Spin down hard drive
  10. Shut down!

Source: Lifehacker

Thanks for the image Airchinapilot.

- Anna


  • Lola21
    It says I can save $130 per year!!!! Thank you! Great idea.
  • Anna
    Oh Hi lola, didn't see your comment until now!! Glad you can save a bit and help the environment!

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