Consoles Cost Cash – Save Up To $145 Per Year On Electricity!

I spotted this interesting article on The Consumerist regarding people who leave their consoles on standby.

The article doesn’t really apply to the Nintendo Wii as a console, as it doesn’t use that much power overall. However, it does apply to Xbox 360 and PS3 owners. There is a bit of confusion whether “off” means that the console is on standby mode, or completely unplugged, but most seem to agree that “off” is defined as being on standby.

Check out the graph of power usage – you can save as much as $145 per year by simply putting your console onto standby mode, rather than leaving it running! Apparently 50% of people leave their consoles on all the time.

The XBOX 360 and Sony Playstation have power-saving auto-shutdown modes but it’s up to gamers to enable the mode to save energy and money.”

If you want to save a few bucks on your electricity bills, I recommend turning on those power save features. With the prices of utilities constantly increasing, cutting down on your electricity spend is a must.

If you’re concerned about power usage in your home, check out our previous thread about Google’s online tool on power management.

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