Backyard Safari Adventures Lazer Light Bug Vac $23.99 @ Mastermind

18 May 2017
Lazer Light Bug Vac $23.99 @ Mastermind

As much as I loathe bugs, my little nephews live for catching them. I'm going to secure my Auntie of the Year award, when they see I bought them this Lazer Bug Vac on sale at Mastermind for $23.99 from $29.99!

So what exactly does this thing do?

With your handy field guide in hand to identify your creatures, there's a red LED light will attract the bug long enough to suck them up into the jar, without hurting them. Once caught, observe and then release. Outside. You hear that boys? Outside and far away from any doors or windows. Auntie does not want your finds, in her house!!

What does it come with? There's 1 Lazer Light Bug Vac, 2 bug pods, 2 magnifying glass lids, 1 adventure guide, and 1 collectible patch.

The only thing it doesn't come with the calamine lotion I need, just thinking about it!

Lot's of fun to be had all summer long!

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