WOW! Here is the Sears Wish Book from 1985!!

WOW! Here is the Sears Wish Book from 1985!!


You have to admit, things were way different back in the day. To give you a little idea of how different things really were, I have found this scanned copy of the entire 1985 Sears Wish Book! This wish book is from Christmas time from 30 years ago, like talk about nostalgia. Back in '85, what were some things that were on your Christmas list?

I was born in '92 and even I remember some of these toys. The Glo-worm on page 540 was definitely a super popular toy back then. This Sears 1985 Wish Book has hundreds of pages, so it may be a fun item for you and your family to look through and reminisce. Toys just aren't make like they used to be. Just look at the price differences too!

I can't believe all of the old, cool items in this Sear Wish Book. You can check out everything from old appliances, type writes, to famously popular toys. I can't wait to flip through this with my mom and see what she recalls. She would have been 14 years old when this Sears 1985 Wish Book was released. My, time flies!

Even look at the Squareview Colour TV with a 20 in diagonal measure picture. It was a whopping $369.99 back then, and that was even on sale. I got my 40 inch Element TV from Target (on clearance) last year for just $242, so I couldn't imagine paying that much money for a TV half the size. But I guess colour TVs were the big thing back then, kind of like Smart TVs are nowadays.

I love the '57 Thunderbird Battery Operated car for kids though, and it was just $99.99 back then. Now it seems like battery operated vehicles for the kids can range from $260 all the way up to $1000, depending on what you want for power and speed. I wonder how long it took the battery to charge back in '85?

Do you see any toys that stood the test of time and are still available today? Can you spot anything that you actually owned? I love looking back at things like this. Magazines and old catalogs can bring back happy memories that you wouldn't get elsewhere. I mean, who else would remind you that you owned a Peaches and Cream Barbie who was literally bald by the time you grew out of playing with her. Thankfully that has improved over the years and Barbie keeps her hair much longer nowadays.

Moosers, do you vividly remember growing up with any of these toys?


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  • Amanda
    That is the year I was born. 30 years ago :)
    • Jeremie D. an 1901 sears catalogue,it's really a masterpiece :)
      • Julie
        Wow - It is crazy looking back at the wish book. Oh, how times have changed!!
        • Shar
          Well this is a fun post.. check out the prices from my year of birth, 1952. All that lovely costume jewelry is now worth a small fortune.
          • Mei L.
            I was 7 & wanting a cabbage patch doll. My parents tried to hide this book away from me. I would cut it out and glue it to paper. I gave my son the Toys R Us catalog the other day. So funny!