Winners...Vacations... Etc!

Just want to let you guys know about a few different things, so I will do a quick post.

1. Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days. I am actually in Las Vegas for a family wedding!! I was planning on being able to do some deal posts for you every day, but things have been so busy here! (It wasn't convenient to be deal hunting when I was in the Grand Canyon in a helicopter!)

2. Last month, we had the Pink Cherry contest.I wanted to wait until the winner received their prize until I announced it, so congratulations to Bargainmooser Doug.

3. And finally, last week, we had the Smoofer contest. We had 7 winners who can spend a $25 Smoofer gift card - Stacey, Precilla, Leanne, Anna, Jean, Steven and Cheryl. I'm arranging these gift cards now, so if you are a winner, you'll get an email soon with the details.

Thanks guys!


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  • Doreen
    Congrats winners....MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.
    • Stacey
      Hey! Got my free shirt, 'I love nerds', in the mail a little while ago. It is super cute and everyone loves the colour. Thanks so much for the awesome contest!