Whoop! 10k Bargainmoosers! (And want to win a Kindle?)

Whoop! 10k Bargainmoosers! (And want to win a Kindle?)


*** Winner is Bargainmooser Megan ***

Since Bargainmoose started out in August 2008, I've been closely watching my daily RSS readers figure, which you can see towards the top right of the page. Back in June 2009, we reached 1000 moosers, and today, we've reached 10,000! Whoop!

I'll re-iterate a sentence or two from that previous post about what the RSS figure means - it is made up of people who daily read Bargainmoose on the web reader of their choice, or are subscribed to the Bargainmoose daily email updates. For this reason, the figure fluctuates up and down sometimes, with Monday usually being the peak day when people go back to work after the weekend.

So in order to celebrate, I am putting my hand into my moose-shaped wallet, and I'm going to buy one of you a new Amazon Kindle ebook reader. I myself have the Sony ebook reader, but the Kindle seems to be the most popular e-reading device lately!

How to win the Kindle:

  • Leave a comment below to congratulate all the Moosers for being so awesome
  • If you are not already subscribed, please subscribe to the daily email updates
  • Tweet about this post on Twitter, leave Twitter username in a comment below


  • Ends 17th June 2011
  • Canadian entrants only
  • 1 type of entry per household
  • Admin's decision is final in all cases

Moose Luck!


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  • Jenn
    Yeah a great milestone to 10K more :)
    • Emma B.
      • Kaitlyn
        Amazing website! Glad to be a part of the 10k! Congrats!!
        • Cynthia
          Awesome that so many people like deals.
          • Krista
            Twitter username: @cdnstnr420
            • lululime
              Fantastic milestone! This site has saved me so much money. I check it daily and now so do many of my family and friends. We even call each other to talk about the best deals!
              • Pam
                Yay! We are the first followers! Soon there will be 100,000..... I check it daily and tell everyone else about it and send them the link! This site ROCKS
                • Richard S.
                  wwwoooo hhooooo! Thats the power of bargain hunting. Well done.
                  • Martina I.
                    Hooray!! 10 000 bargainmoosers is awesome! Everyone who loves a bargain should hang out and see the hard work that benefits us all! @TatianaSCA
                    • Melissa
                      I've been following for years. This is a great website, and I share it with everyone that listens. :)
                      • Jana
                        • Courtney
                          To the Ladies at Bargain Moose: THANK YOU! Not only do you save us a pile of money, but you make us smile with every post. My husband and I both read the "Moosie" on a daily basis and enjoy every minute of it! Congratulations!
                          • S
                            Congrats! I use this site a lot!!
                            • sheila
                              wow, 10k! congrats!
                              • Nancy
                                Congrats! Love Bargain Moose!
                                • Melissa
                                  Congratulations Bargainmoose! And thank you for all the hard work :)
                                  • wen
                                    congrats! thx for saving me a ton of $$$!!!
                                    • jinny
                                      Congrats! I visit this site daily.
                                      • Kim
                                        Congratulations! So glad that the Bargainmoose phenom has spread so far! You're doing an awesome job - keep up the amazing work!!!
                                        • Lori
                                          I just love Bargain Moose and congratulations all. The RSS feed is the best!