Whoop! 10k Bargainmoosers! (And want to win a Kindle?)


*** Winner is Bargainmooser Megan ***

Since Bargainmoose started out in August 2008, I've been closely watching my daily RSS readers figure, which you can see towards the top right of the page. Back in June 2009, we reached 1000 moosers, and today, we've reached 10,000! Whoop!

I'll re-iterate a sentence or two from that previous post about what the RSS figure means - it is made up of people who daily read Bargainmoose on the web reader of their choice, or are subscribed to the Bargainmoose daily email updates. For this reason, the figure fluctuates up and down sometimes, with Monday usually being the peak day when people go back to work after the weekend.

So in order to celebrate, I am putting my hand into my moose-shaped wallet, and I'm going to buy one of you a new Amazon Kindle ebook reader. I myself have the Sony ebook reader, but the Kindle seems to be the most popular e-reading device lately!

How to win the Kindle:

  • Leave a comment below to congratulate all the Moosers for being so awesome
  • If you are not already subscribed, please subscribe to the daily email updates
  • Tweet about this post on Twitter, leave Twitter username in a comment below


  • Ends 17th June 2011
  • Canadian entrants only
  • 1 type of entry per household
  • Admin's decision is final in all cases

Moose Luck!


  • Jenn
    Yeah a great milestone to 10K more :)
  • Emma B.
  • Kaitlyn
    Amazing website! Glad to be a part of the 10k! Congrats!!
  • Cynthia
    Awesome that so many people like deals.
  • Krista
    Twitter username: @cdnstnr420
  • lululime
    Fantastic milestone! This site has saved me so much money. I check it daily and now so do many of my family and friends. We even call each other to talk about the best deals!
  • Pam
    Yay! We are the first followers! Soon there will be 100,000..... I check it daily and tell everyone else about it and send them the link! This site ROCKS
  • Richard S.
    wwwoooo hhooooo! Thats the power of bargain hunting. Well done.
  • Martina I.
    Hooray!! 10 000 bargainmoosers is awesome! Everyone who loves a bargain should hang out and see the hard work that benefits us all! @TatianaSCA
  • Melissa
    I've been following for years. This is a great website, and I share it with everyone that listens. :)
  • Jana
  • Courtney
    To the Ladies at Bargain Moose: THANK YOU! Not only do you save us a pile of money, but you make us smile with every post. My husband and I both read the "Moosie" on a daily basis and enjoy every minute of it! Congratulations!
  • S
    Congrats! I use this site a lot!!
  • sheila
    wow, 10k! congrats!
  • Nancy
    Congrats! Love Bargain Moose!
  • Melissa
    Congratulations Bargainmoose! And thank you for all the hard work :)
  • wen
    congrats! thx for saving me a ton of $$$!!!
  • jinny
    Congrats! I visit this site daily.
  • Kim
    Congratulations! So glad that the Bargainmoose phenom has spread so far! You're doing an awesome job - keep up the amazing work!!!
  • Lori
    I just love Bargain Moose and congratulations all. The RSS feed is the best!
  • Jen
    Only discovered this site a few months ago. Already it has saved me so much money. Love the site and daily email. Always talking about how I found out about the deals. Checking Bargain Moose is more of a priority for me than FaceBook! Thanks.
  • Linda
    Congratulations!! Bargain Moose is my homepage of choice!!
  • Cher
    yay bargain moose (anna!!) and moosers. i count on the rss feeds daily! thx for helping me save $$ and find lots of freebies!
  • luc
    Congrats to the staff and visitors!
  • cee
    Congrats Moosers!
  • leah
    hooray! congrats! ive gotten some sweeeettt deals off your site!
  • joy
    Congrats and thanks for all the money you have helped me save!!
  • Sandra
    Awesome job Moosers - next goal is 100,000 - remember to tweet!
  • Matt
    Here's to another 10,000 posts!
  • Tracy
    Congrats and awesome job Bargainmoose!! You guys rock the sales!!!
  • Zoe
    YAY. :) Congrats awesome Moosers! And great job on the site, I love it.
  • Kelly
    Hooray! Congratulations to one of the best sites around! I check multiple times a day and often refer friends to it! Love it.
  • Shylo
    Congratulations on reaching 10,000 viewers!! I LOVE Bargain Moose! I've saved tonnes of $$$ and come to this page daily. I often forward deals to friends and family looking to save $$$. I've purchased many great deals, and collected lots of freebies- Thank you!! This site rocks!!!
  • Melisa
    Congrats Moosers!
  • Michelle
    Whoopdidooo~~ Because of this site, none of us will have to ever pay full price again! Congrats on hitting 10K!
  • kaseylove
    Big congratulations! I love love love bargainmoose. Thank you all for being a part of it.
  • Lainey
    Congratulations Moosers! Love this site!
  • Dave
    Grats on reaching 10,000 so quickly. This site is only going to get bigger and better
  • Maya
    Congratulations, Moosers!
  • feoilseantoir
    What an awesome accomplishment!! This site helps me bargain shop every day.
  • Bonnie
    Congrats Moosers! And thanks for the headsup about the free glasses, wearing them as we speak! :)
  • katherine
    Whoo! Who doesn't like to save money?
  • Rich
    Congrats to bargainmoose and all the moosers who make this site what it is.
  • Margaret
    Your site is GREAT! Thanks for all your hard work. You are appreciated!
  • Jessica
    Congratulations! I'm getting my hubby addicted to Bargainmoose too:)
  • suzie
    This is a super duper website. I visit it several times a day and I've saved a bundle!
  • Pat
    Way to go Moosers!
  • kylie
    Woohoo! Congrats! :)
  • Kissypurrr
    Holy Moose! Congratulations!!!! I absolutely go to this site before I buy anything, and my friends and family all know to come here FIRST! Bargainmoose.ca is the BEST thing to happen to me in my shopping life, can't thank you enough. You've even opened my eyes to new and exciting sites! Hurrah!!!
  • Samantha
    Congratulation! I'm on here everyday checking your deals out :) You are A-MA-ZING! Thanks :) I'll tweet about you guys but I don't have any followers :D !!! @bornadinosaur
  • Amanda
    Congrats Moosers! Proud to support such a great site! =)
  • Amanda
    Tweeted =) _amanda_star
  • Lily
    Wooooo!!! Congratulations to all the awesome Moosers!! We rock and so does this site! Thank you Anna, Avigayil, and Jodie for all the hard work you've put in daily to help us find the best bargains!
  • Debbie W.
    Congratulations on reaching 10k readers!! Since my sister introduced me to BM, I usually go on once a day to check up on the latest stuff. Keep it up!
  • Baktash
    Congratulations to all Moosers! You have helped me save a lot of money :)
  • Shelley
    Congratulations Moosers! You've opened up a whole new world of shopping "frugally" to me.
  • Matt A.
    Way to go! Love the RSS Feed! A fellow mousehead!
  • Jessica
    Pick me! Pick me!
  • L
    Grats, Here's to the next 10k.
  • LMD
    Congratulations for a very successful blog
  • Shirl
    WOW! 10,000! Congrats in saving us all ALOT of money! Thank you!
  • Tanya
    Yay Moosers!
  • Anna
    Wow! I woke up to all these beautiful comments this morning!
  • Erica
    Congratulations to Bargain Moose! I love getting the daily emails and seeing all the sales. It's great!!
  • Rene
    Congratulations on running a really great site, that obviously has hit the spot with lots of folks!
  • Carla
    congratulations to you and all Moosers!!!
  • Lesley
    Congratulations! I can't believe how much I've come to rely on this site to save me money - thank you SO MUCH!!!
  • Brigitte
    Fantastic! Best site for bargains! Keep up the great work. Congrats Moosers Tweeted by boubou_64
  • Amy
    Congrats Moosers!! I have gotten some great deals through here! :)
  • Flo
    congratulations. your hard work has made this site awesome! love what you give us.
  • PamelaC
    Hello there! yahoo to all bargain moose readers, but mostly to the team that puts together such an amazing Canada-wide bargain blog that gets people hooked on every day!
  • WEndy
    Way to Go Moosers!!!!
  • wj
    Small things make days better. Know it's lots of work for you to start my days well - thanks and don't stop!!
  • Tanja
    Congrats! BargainMoose! Love this site. Thanks so much.
  • catherine g.
    WOHOOO!! congrats on this milestone. I guess Bargainmoose is achieving big milestones just like your little one is! thanks for the tips
  • Monica
    Congratulations on reaching 10k readers!! I usually go on once a day to check up on the latest stuff. Love all the deals!!
  • Robin
    Way to go Moosers! Now on to the next 10,000 bargain hunters!
  • jen
    Yay 10k Moosers!!!! =)
  • Sam
    who wouldn't want to save money!! love this site, thanks everyone!!
  • Mary
    Bargain Moose has been a recent discovery for me but I visit daily and love exploring all of the bargains that come to my inbox daily. Keep up the good work.....
  • Julie
    Yay!!! Congrats to all moosers!
  • Mark
    Wow Congratulations to you and all Moosers!!!
  • Kate
    Yay to all the Moosers!
  • Mireille
    Congrats! It's nice to be is such good company (-;
  • Trisha
    Congratulations to Bargain Moose!
  • Shea
    Congrats !!!! Love your stuff....
  • Heather
    Congratulations Moosers-great job!
  • Gen
    Congrats Moosers!!!
  • Melissa
    Wow, 10K Moosers. Congrats!
  • Deirdre
    hurray! Moosers!
  • Steve
    Proud to be a Canadian and a great Canadian site. Way to go Moosers. Yeah
  • Deirdre
    tweeted! @freshyphotoarts
  • Pat
    Great job Bargainmoosers!!!!
  • LFM
    Congrats, it's a great site and it's saved me lots since I started. Keep up the great work!
  • Michelle
    Moosers ARE amazing!! Way to go!!!
  • Judy
    Wow, great accomplishment, love bargain shopping on Bargain Moose!
  • Sandra
    Congratulations on reaching 10,000. I've followed the site for awhile, but just yesterday signed up for the RSS feed - maybe I was lucky 10,000 :-)
  • K
    Hooray to all the Bargainmoosers!!
  • JulieA
    Congrats Bargainmoose!
  • Laureen
    This is such a great tool! Can't believe more Canadian's don't sign up. Way to go Bargainmoosers!
  • Rustykitty
    Congrats on 10K! Thanks for saving my friends and I loads of money! Would love an eReader so pick me please : )
  • Kelley P.
    This is an awesome website. It has introduced me to many new products and companies. Lovin' the deals. Congrats to everyone getting in on these deals.
  • jenny
    congrats... that's so cool... i'm definitly on here first thing in the morning everyday... i love seeing all the deals! keep up the great work
  • Alice
    Woo hoo! 10,000 folks on this awesome website! Thank you Bargainmoose for being awesome!
  • nicole c.
    WooHoo - 10,000 RSS is HUGE. You have been amazing showing me how to get great deals. Thank You - Thank You - Thank You
  • Allison
    Just found you.... where have you been all my life ??
  • MissT
    congrats on 10K
  • MissT
    Tweeted @truthful
  • Lynn
    Congrats !!! I love this site, I have had many deals on my shopping thanks to you!
  • Jocelyna
    YAY on 10k Moosers!! Love this site and checking it daily!
  • Janet
    I <3 Bargainmoose! 10K is awesome
  • Vivian
    Congrats to all you Moosers out there!!! Love, Love, Love Bargainmoose!!!
  • Sue J.
    Way to go Bargin Moose! I look forward to your cheat sheet deals everyday! Good Job!
  • Janice
    Thankyou Bargainmoosers for you awsomeness. Over 10,000 !!! Congratulations.
  • Janice
    Thankyou Bargainmoosers for you awesomeness. Over 10,000 !!! Congratulations.
  • Adrienne
    Congrats Moosers! I check this site every day, sometimes twice a day to keep up with all the great deals you share with us. Keep up the GREAT work!
  • Anita
    Congratulations to Bargain Moose! I love getting the daily emails and seeing all the sales. It’s great!!
  • Dee
    YIPEEE!! I'm so rich now because of bargainmoose.ca!!! I save tons of cash and learn about new products everyday! Congratulations everyone for enjoying this site, too!
  • Lisa
    Congratulations Bargainmoosers - you're awesome - over 10 000!!! - way to go - and thanks for all the extra cash in my pocket!!!
  • Jean
    Congrats Moosers! Thankyou to Anna and her team!
  • Sherri D.
    Congrats Bargainmoose - over 10 000 is awesome!!! I love this site and have gotten some amazing deals since I discovered it.
  • Holly S.
    Congrats on 10,000, great number!
  • Gregson
    A mighty "MOOSE!" to all the BargainMoosers for hitting the 10 000 mark! May the world hear our mighty roar! (or whatever you call the noise that a moose makes!)
  • Skate
    Congrats from a daily visitor to your site since almost the first time it appeared onthe net
  • emily
    congratulations bargainmoose! i check this site daily for some great deals! i always look for promo codes for clothing and airline websites as i shop and travel a lot. you've really helped me to find some great deals!!
  • Rhoda
    Way to go! Love the Bargain Moose!!
  • Donna S.
    Congrats Bargainmoosers! 10 000 and growing.
  • samantha
    congrats moosers!! 10,000 is outstanding! i get so many great deals from here, it's my favorite! plus its canadian so bonus!!
  • Karen
    Congratulations Moosers on recognizing a great website when you see it!! And a special thank you to Anna for helping us with the tremendous deals she posts. Remember, "it's not what you spend, it's what you save!"
  • Crystal W.
    Wow, way to go BargainMoose! What an awesome achievement for you!
  • Penelope
    Congratulations to my fellow Bargainmoosers. Reaching 10K followers is phenomenal. Woo hoo!
  • Crystal W.
    Awesome news for BargainMoose, Congratulations!!! tweeted @BabyDollMaker
  • Crystal W.
    10 000 Followers - what an amazing Achievement! Way to Go BargainMoose!!!!! Following your email updates!
  • Julie
    WTG Moosers!!! Gotta love all the deals we get on here! Thanks for finding them for all of us!!!
  • Adam
    WTG everyone.. This site is so great.. I have go so many free samples, keep it going..
  • Jacqui
    Thanks Bargainmoose for all the great postings! Wow 10k followers, way to go!!
  • Lin
    GOOOO MOOSERS! High five to everyone out there. Keep the deals coming!
  • Erin
    Congrats - what a great number! Love this site and so happy that I have found it!
  • Sheri
    Bravo! Imagine all the money we have all saved and we helped the economy too!
  • Tina
    Congrats Moosers! Love this site!
  • Laurie
    WOW- 10K, and a lot of great bargains and freebies! Moosers rock! Congrats to Anna and her team at Bargainmoose! Thank you!
  • Linda
    We Moosers sure love those Canadian bargains :)
  • april
    Awesomenesssss! Great job Bargainmoose and all the Moosers!
  • Joanne
    Woohoo!! Congratulations on 10k Moosers!!
  • Carrie
    Way to go! Some smart Bargainmoosers here :)
  • Deborah B.
    Bargain Moosers LOVE a bargain. Congrats:)
  • Carrie
    I subscribe by email!
  • Carrie
    tweeted it http://twitter.com/#!/Miss_Scarlett99/statuses/78449386761359360
  • Lisa
    Congratulations! And what an awesome giveaway!
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    Congrats 10K..Thanks for saving me money and receiving sample products.
  • natalie
    WOOOOOOHOOOOOO! way to go smart moosers! thanks everyone for posting these awesome deals!
  • Chris M.
    Thanks for saving my family a lot of money!! I get the daily email and look forward to it every day :)
  • Mike G.
    Great job... congratulations on the big 10k!
  • Sarah
    Very impressive.
  • L P.
    Love your emails - I've learned about some great products from your site and saved some money too.
  • Stephanie
    Whoo-hoooo!!!! I love the daily emails, and all the great deals!!! Keep 'em coming!!! And Congrats on the big 10K!
  • Raelene
    Thanks for the daily dose of savings! Keep on finding all of us these great deals!
  • Janine
    10,000! Way to go!
  • Jenni
    Congratulations and thanks for finding and letting us know about so many great bargains!
  • LJ S.
    Congratulations to all Moosers! You are awesome. Love reading about the deals here.
  • Vic G.
    Moose Up, Moosers!...great to be Canadian EH?! Thanks for all the bargoons...keep up the awesome work. Moose out...
  • Julie
    Great job! Congratulations on the big 10k and keep up the great work!
  • Jen L.
    Congratulations to all the Moosers... what an awesome community. And thanks for all the deals - I have saved a lot of money!
  • Amandeep d.
    Congrats on hitting 10 000! Aman
  • Heather
    Moosers are the BEST!!! Congratulations on the awesome work!
  • jo
    start my day with bargain moose, congrats on 10K
  • J. D.
    Congratulations Moosers. Every day I look forward to reading about all the great bargins to be had.
  • Kristy
    Congratulations and thanks for finding out about so many great bargains!
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    Congrats on the big 10K!
  • Julie
    Congratulations to all Bargainmoosers for being the best shoppers around! Thanks to you and all of your great posts I have saved tons of money. Reading the newsletter is one of my favourite things to do each day.
  • Adam
    I'd love a new Kindle since my wife stole mine... thanks for all the great bargain posts! Keep up the good work.
  • Janette
    Of course you are fantastic and you do a great job every day.
  • Deanna
    Thanks you Bargain Moose, I am a die hard Mooser and love saving money with all your great bargains.......I have recommended you to all my friends!
  • Sara K.
    Way to go Moosers!!!
  • Joan J.
    First message that I look at every morning! Please keep up the great work! Joan
  • harpoon
    congrats! Awesome stuff all
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    Wow, that's awesome!! I love Bargainmoose deals!! Thanks for all the hard work finding us deals :)
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    More power to MOOSERS!!!! Keep up the good job.
  • Andrea W.
    Congratulations Bargainmoosers on reaching 10,000! Hope you can get 10,000 more really soon. Love your site!
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    BARGAINMOOSE is awesome!
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    Yahooooooo!!!!! 10K and growing...
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    Wow! Congratulations! I always look forward to your emails!
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    Congrats!!! I love this site. It has saved me lots and I love the offers that come on a daily bases.
  • Sandra
    Moooooosetastic !!!!! I am a single mom of three with no help from my "X" and I can honestly say that getting these Bargain Moose Emails every morning has saved me alot of money. I dont always have the time to look thru flyers. Its really great to have someone else do the work !!!!!
  • Suzanne
    Awesome show Moosers--it is first thing I check every morning looking for a deal.
  • jenn
    way to go moosers, LOVE LOVE LOVE the deals...keep up the good work :)
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving me $$$. Congrats on hitting 10K!! You are all mooseriffic!
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    My name is Moose Fan and I'm a BargainMooseAholic!
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    Moosers Rock!!! :) Congrats!!!
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    Bargain Moose kicks a$$ and so do all the smart folks who subscribe to it! Thanks!
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    Whohoo!! Congrats everyone!! I get such a thrill every time a new fun deal is posted! :)
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    Congrats to all the Moosers out there! And thanks for posting these links for all of us to enjoy!
  • Kathleen
    Congrats! 10K + Moosers great sight - more please!
  • melanie
    Congrats. It's so nice to have a Canadian page to check. I belong to some US-based sites and many of the deals don't apply to Canadians. I've saved at my favorite stores I usually shop at and been introduced to new ones (especially the small specialty shops).
  • Eleana
    Congrats Moosers!!! Here's to many more bargains to come :o)
  • Chester
    Congratulations to us all fellow moosers! We are now 10,000 strong! (and counting!) I would like to thank our admin for keeping us all updated by posting the new deals and to all moosers who diligently shared info about new deals. We are all one in deal hunting! More power!
  • swagess
    Yay moosers! I Love this site and tell all my friends about it and they all call me for my great tips!
  • Mary W.
    Wow--10,000. Congratulations, Anna. I want to thank you, Jodie and Avigayil for all your hard work. On behalf of all my fellow moosers and myself thank you for all the great deals, savings and freebies. And to you, fellow moosers, I want to say I am definitely in good company.
  • afshi
    congratulations on the 10K! good stuff!
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    Congrats on reaching 10K members!
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    Congratulations on hitting 10k! Thanks for the fabulous tips - this is my favourite site for this stuff!
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    Congratulations on achieving the new milestone. You have personally saved me a lot of money and I thank you many, many times over.
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    WOO HOO Congratulations! That is awesome. Way to go moosers!
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    Yipee! Thank you for all your money saving posts! I 'm sure one million is just around the corner!
    • Anna
      MMwwhhha haaa haaaa A MILLION MOOSERS!!
  • Josie
    email subscriber
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    Congratulations! I am one of the 10k via email updates, and I love Bargainmoose!
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    I follow on twitter and tweeted @josiefiorda http://twitter.com/#!/josiefiorda/status/78483457445072896
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    fantastic! i love bargainmoose. i tell all my friends about it and my fellow workers, i'm always telling them of all the fun things you can get. here's to the next 10k.
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    Congratulations Bargainmoose!
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    Congratulations! I love this site!
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    CONGRATULATIONS Anna & Jodie!!! BargainMoosers totally RULE!!!
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    new to bargainmoose and love getting updates every day
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    10K! CONGRATS! Bargain Moose is the best!!!! I tell all of my friends about it, and have taken advantage of so many great deals that I would never have a clue about if it weren't for Bargain Moose. Keep up the great work!
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    Congratulations on 10K. That's wonderful.
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    Way to go Moosers! Great deals... Keep them coming! Soon we'll be a million strong!
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    Woo Hoo indeed! I love the RSS feed and the vast range of bargains you put forth for all of us. Thank you and a hearty Congratulations!!!
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    Look forward to your email every morning with my hot cup of coffee.. 10K .. that's quite a feat! Congratulations and let's get that number to 100K!
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    Congrats! Thanks to you, I've discovered great new places to shop online. Love the deals :)
  • Darlene
    10,000! Great goal for Bargain Moose. My hubby never believed in discounts, coupons, etc. Now after I have been a member for over a year, he is "eating his words!" All those who are proud to be "Moosers" know, the sky is the limit with this great site! Thanks for putting $$$ into my pocket.
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    10K!!! WOW!! next year we might reach 100K!!! Online City of Bargainmoosers! Thank you for doing a great job! Many sales cought and money saved thanks to you!
  • robin
    amazing!!! what did i ever do without my moose in the morning,afternoon and evening :)
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    Congrats on reaching 10k strong! I love getting my daily updates and it's amazing how often I find myself taking advantage of the money-saving info you provide. A little too often maybe.... ;)
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    Congrats at hitting 10000!
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    Congratulations Moosers you rule! I am one of the 10K subscribing by email. I only wish I had kept track of the money I saved.
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    Congrats on 10K Bargainmoose!
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    Yay Moosers - amazing! I've been catching deals on here for awhile now, thanks for all the great postings!
  • Cynthia A.
    I tweeted this posting too! @chinders
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    Moosers are awesome - bunch of rock stars!!!
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    Just found the site and LOVE IT. Added to my RSS Feeds and passed it on to my friends, let's make it 20K!
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    Congrats BargainMoosers! This a great feat and accomplishment!
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    That's great - I love Bargain Moose!
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    Congratulations to all the MOOSERS! What an accomplishment! KUDOS!
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