We’ve Reached 1000 Bargainmoosers! Woop!

We’ve Reached 1000 Bargainmoosers! Woop!

Just a quick announcement to say thank you to the Bargainmoosers! We’ve hit the one thousand Bargainmoosers mark for the first time! You can see the figure to the top right of the Bargainmoose blog, in the orange box with the “RSS feed” link.

Just so you know what that figure means – the RSS readers figure is made up of people who are subscribed to the daily email updates, plus people who read Bargainmose in an RSS reader (such as Google reader) every day.

For that reason, the figure can fluctuate – it might be 9 hundred and something tomorrow, or 2 million and something that day after that (I wish!)

I’m glad that I can share great Canadian coupons, hot deals and super freebies with so many of you!

So thanks to everyone for participating in the blog, and if you haven’t yet subscribed, find out how you can win a $25 Lush gift card, just for doing so!


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  • anna
    whoo 1000! awesome site, keep up the great work! :D
    • Anna
      Thanks other anna!!