Valentine's Day Tips For The Financially Challenged

Valentine's Day Tips For The Financially Challenged


So your broke. But you want to give her something special for Valentine's Day. Here are my tips to make this still a wonderful night to remember without spending a cent.

  • Make Dinner
    If you can cook (as in not burn down the kitchen in your attempt) make a nice romantic dinner that includes foods that your partner likes. Set the table all romantic like. If you are stuck for a centerpeice try taking out a really nice glass or vase that you guys have and filling it with bath salts that might be laying around.. you can put some food colouring through them if you want to spice it up. Try red or pink. You could die 1/2 red, leave the other half white (or pink) and layer them in the vase/fancy glass.
  • Bake
    Try making some cookies, cupcakes, or a cake. You can easily turn these goodies into "I love you" goodies not only with your time and effort, but with a little icing. If you don't have the ingredients for icing, try what I do: arranging a decoration (say raisins, chocolate chips, sprinkles) in the shape of a heart or your partner's first initial. On pies I will fork in the first initial to the top of the pie crust.
  • Run a Romantic Bath
    Grab some bubble bath from the cupboard, some bath salts and a few candles... you have a recipe for love. I would also suggest moving a music player (like iPod dock or something) closer to the bathroom (make sure to test loudness). Then create a custom play list of songs that have meaning to both of you. Make sure to have some sort of beverage on hand incase it gets a bit steamy and either of you get parched.
  • Do Something You Never Do
    Do you never make the bed? Clean the bathroom? Empty the cat litter? Vacuum? Choose a task you never do, and do it... and do it right! It is a simple way to say I love you, and one your mate might really appreciate.
  • Romance in the Bedroom
    So you don't have time to do the above list, but you still want to do something... for nothing. Try making the bed, lighting some candles and putting on your sexy lingerie (girls) or underwear (guys). You know.. the leopard print ones! To make it extra special you could burn candles that are scented, and you could borrow some of your kid's pink or red construction paper and cut out a whole bunch of hearts to scatter on the bed.

If you have any further suggestions or comments, drop us a line!


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  • Melissa
    I love the chores idea...doing a chore you never do goes a LOOOOONG way! Great idea!! :) (especially the "doing it right" part)