Spring Wardrobe Contest - Win $100 Gift Card!

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As the weather is getting hotter, perhaps you might like to update your spring wardrobe with a $100 gift card! One lucky Bargainmooser will be awarded the prize.

The Prize: $100 gift card to spend in-store. Choose from:

How to enter:

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  • For an extra contest entry, leave a comment below saying which store you would choose and why
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  1. Contest ends on the 8th May 2010
  2. Canadian entrants only
  3. One entry per household
  4. Must complete the email verification process when signing up to email updates

Note: Gift card will be sent via the Giftcardboutique.

Good luck all!


  • joy
    Wow, hard choice. I think Old Navy since they have more selection for everyone!
  • Leah
    I would choose Jacob, I love their lingerie, dresses and tops.
  • Pam H.
    I would pick Jacob...half of my wardrobe is from there so I might as well continue...plus I really like their clothes!!!
  • Jennifer
    Well the Bay would be my choice... Clothes, shoes, household items....
  • E
    I love all the stores but ultimately I would choose The Bay because of the variety of brand names they have there
  • Sarah M.
    Old Navy! I'm in maternity! :)
  • Amy
    Jacob, for work!
  • Melissa
    I would choose La Senza because I love that store!
  • Jessica
    I would have to choose Old Navy. One stop shopping for a mother with young kids and a store with the best return policy! Thanks for the entry!
  • Two K.
    I had twins last August and would love to have a gift card for Old Navy. I could outfit everyone (babies, husband and me) at one store! I used Photoshop to make a Bargain Moose sidebar clickable link on my blog announcing the contest and will leave it there until the contest is over. I thought this would generate more traffic here than one post. :) Hope this is okay! Check it out --> http://secretkayaks.blogspot.com
    • Anna
      Wow, that's great. Thanks!
  • Maria
    I would have to pick La Senza... as a new mum who spends pretty much everything on her little guy, I think I could use a little something-something for myself now and then. And what's more fun than a little post-nursing sexy bra and knickers?
  • Zara
    I would love a gift card to Old Navy because they have really cute spring dresses and sales! I love their summer line too :) Also, my sister's birthdays are coming up, and they also love to shop @ ON. :) My Twitter: http://twitter.com/dugong_lover My Blog: http://rainendoodles.blogspot.com/
  • Melody
    I would actually choose the Bay, because they have such a large variety to choose from. Thanks!
  • saad M.
    i loooove OldNavy best graphic tee's for the best price
  • Avigayil
    I would choose The Bay because my wedding registry is there.. and I am sure I could use the $100 to complete any sets missing pieces.. or even to get stuff that nobody gets us.
  • Hjkim
    I would pick the Bay. They have a good variety of items and it's always a nice shopping experience. Thanks
  • Justin
    The Bay! I need stuff for my rented place next year in college!
  • Paula
    I would choose Jacob because I love their summer dresses :)
  • Jori
    I would love the Old Navy gift card. Then I could buy clothes for everyone in the family. They have the cutest little girl dresses for summer!
  • Carly
    I would choose Jacob, because they ALWAYS have the best clothes for any occasion!!!
  • Tracy
    I'd definitely choose Old Navy, could outfit all of my family there!
  • Corrine
    Definately Old Navy
  • Candace
    I'd pick The Bay. I'm just going back to work after Mat leave and need some new clothes!
  • Kim
    I would pick The Bay because I like the wide selection of plus size clothing.
  • oct
    i'd pick old navy. they have some fun pieces for summer!
  • oct
    oops - forgot to include my twitter link: twitter.com/octaviay.
  • JenniferL
    I would choose Old Navy - I have no summer wardrobe after losing weight, so I would love to be able to replenish it. Thanks for a great contest!
  • Mimi
    I would choose old navy! I love their workout gear!
  • Irish
    jacob! love their classy style =)
  • Theresa
    I will definitely go for Jacob. They have really nice cloths and lingerie. I can get new clothings for work there.
  • Cheryl
    I would love to get the gift card to the Bay. So many things there to choose from.
  • Cheryl
    Definitely Jacob
  • Rae-dene
    Jacob for sure - I love their clothes.
  • Cheryl
    Twitter link: http://twitter.com/loucheryl
  • Cheryl
    Blog link: http://loucheryl.blogspot.com/
  • cindy
    The Bay for me, as it offers a wide selection of items, more than just apparels.
  • Connie
    I would choose The Bay, because there is a larger variety of merchandise to choose from, other than clothing alone.
  • Joan B.
    I would pick the Bay. I shop there often and like the variety. They also have clothes that fit me.
  • Jo
    I would really appreciate a giftcard for the Bay.... they have lots of good quality items and groceries!
  • Melissa
    Jacob Clothing, they make chic clothing for affordable prices. Just love them.
  • Sindy
    La Senza- it'll get me a bra (probably one of those stick on ones) that I can wear with my braidsmaid halter dress for my friend's wedding.
  • anna
    hmmm....im stuck between old navy and la senza....but i might just go for....old navy!!
  • Shannon H.
    I think JACOB! All the stuff i have bought there has lasted the longest. :)
  • Kathy
    Jacob....Jacob.....Jacob!!! Fabulous clothes that always fit just right!!
  • Christianne
    Love this contest! I would pick Old Navy, because it's the closest store to my house!
    • Christianne
      http://twitter.com/ceeburr twittered!
  • Kitty L.
    the bay! because i am in need of some new cosmetic and skin care products now
  • Julie
    I'd pick Old Navy because they have kids clothes, and I would like to buy my daughter's BFF some clothes since her mom is in dialysis. I mentioned Bargainmoose on Canadian Living's Facebook page when they asked about online feebies. :) Hope it brought some members here! :)
  • jenny
    I'd pick La Senza....I'm in desparte need of underwear;) I absolutely LOVE free!
  • Mel
    La Senza, I could use some pretty underthings! Thanks!
  • WendyD
    Woww... that's a difficult choice. I'd have to go with either The Bay (cosmetics, and skin care for the mom) or La Senza, since its one of the only places I can find bras.
  • Gail
    I would choose La Senza, for sure! Pretty lingerie is one of my favourite things!
  • Nina
    hmm... Probably Old Navy as the kids seem to be outgrowing their clothes every week!!!
  • Anita
    With a newborn and a 2 year old, I would LOVE to take some much needed "mommy time" and shop at La Senza for something that will make me feel sexy again!! Thanks for the entry! xo
  • Lisa C.
    I would take the Bay- could get something for everyone
  • Sorcha
    The Bay, as baby girl is getting too big for her infant car seat and need to get a Britax! :)
  • emarie
    I would choose la senza cuz I need new undies!!! lol
  • emarie
  • Amanda
    Another great contest! :) I would definitely choose The Bay. I'm always surprised by the great things I find there.
  • Bronwyn
    I would chose The Bay. Their makeup and underwear selections are awesome.
  • Nicole
    La Senza, I need some sexxy new undies
  • Milena
    The Bay would be my choice - Fabulous way to kick off the Spring shopping adventures !!!
  • Lesley
    I'd choose Old Navy - they're the only place on the list that are in my city AND have stuff big enough to fit, lol!
  • TJ
    Probably Old Navy.... stuff for the kids and me :)
  • Sarah
    I would choose the Bay. I can find some great gifts for any occassion or just something for myself.
  • Qjack
    I would choose LaSenza because I am in serious need of new lingerie!
  • Louise
    I'd love to get a gift card for The Bay - they have some great stuff. Plus, I would be able to shop for the whole family!
  • Sara
    I would choose La Senza because I can always use new stuff from them, it wouldn't go to waste!
  • Debbie W.
    La Senza for sure. I would buy myself something "nice"
  • Debbie W.
    follow & tweeted http://twitter.com/mommakoala/status/12879428605
  • Michelle
    I would pick La Senza! They have cute lingerie!
  • Fran
    I would choose Jacob Canada. I love their styles. Great selections for work or the weekend.
  • Jeanine
    La Senza all the way. For a sexy outfit for myself!!
  • Heather
    old navy because I have twin 2 year old boys and they have great quality jeans which you can never have enough of. Oh and black socks too;)
  • Kathryn
    I would choose Old Navy and get some fun summer clothes
  • Robyn
    I'd probably go with Jacob, they have cute summer clothes.
  • Wendy
    I'd choose Old Navy because I like their clothes for my family and yout get a lot of bang for you buck!
  • Julie
    I would choose The Bay because they have everything...clothes, shoes and everything for the house too!
  • Janice
    I would choose the Bay. A lot more choices to spend the gift card on:)
  • kaseylove
    The Bay! 1st, because they are the only one with a store in my small town, but also because I have learned to love the Bay, they have a great selection of clothes that really work for me.
  • Steve Z.
    I would choose the The Bay (great selection)
  • Ali
    I would use La Senza, as bras are so pricey and theirs are good quality. I have also tweeted this, see my link above.
  • Ada
    I would choose the Bay. I need some new shoes for spring and summer.
  • Jivy
    I think that I will Jacob, I love their clothes and I haven't gotten something for myself in a really long time.
  • Jean A.
    I would choose The Bay. they have everything! :)
  • Lauri
    I would choose The Bay, this way I can look for everyone.
  • Tara
    Hi, I would choose The Bay. I don't usually shop there because of budget but they do have some nice jackets and dresses and if they have a sale on and I won a gift card, it would be affordable:)
  • Kelly
    Hi I would choose to shop at La Senza to update some undergarments.
  • kendra
    I would choose the Bay, because it has so many brands, I can pick almost anything! AND they have lots of shoes...and boots...and purses. My obsessions!
  • Katie M.
    I would chose Old Navy without a doubt. You get more bang for your buck and I find their clothes fit reallyh nicely. Im in transition from having a baby and getting back to my normal size so having a few clothes that fit me now would be great!
  • Elizabeth W.
    Old Navy Please :)
  • Stephanie
    I would choose La Senza. I've recently lost 38 lbs with Weight Watchers and would love to get some sexy underwear and lingerie to compliment my new body :).
  • Sherri
    I would choose Jacob. I love their clothes for both home and work and I desperately need a new summer wardrobe!
  • Christy
    I would choose Old Navy - all 3 of my kids need new clothes and I need some summer maternity clothes (expecting #4 in October). I may even get hubby something too!
  • Irene
    I would choose The Bay, they always have a great selection on fashion for Yummy Mummies!
  • Emma W.
    Too hard to choose, all gret but I would take the bay only because I am expecting my first child so lots of baby things required and for mom too! Good luck to all!
  • Ania
    Old Navy because I'm going back to work in 2 weeks after mat leave and I need new clothes!!
  • Diane K.
    To be honest, I don't know which one I would choose. Over the past year I have lost 115 lbs and am no longer able to shop in the plus size stores. To have so many more choices for myself is overwhelming! I likely would choose Old Navy so that the gift card would go that much further for me! As much as new clothes are needed when losing weight, it is usually the last thing we do since it can be very expensive!
  • Lorena
    I'd definitely choose THE BAY! Got a new house so getting all the kitchen fancies from there would be great!
  • KAREN G.
  • Anne
    I would choose Old Navy. Love their jeans
  • Denise
    I would be on the fence between Old Navy and The Bay! I love Old Navy, but The Bay has so many options!
  • Molly
    I love La Senza they have some great stuff
  • sweetpea26
    I would choose Old Navy so I could pick out some outfits for my little one too :)
  • Anne T.
    I would choose La Senza, because you can never have enough bras and panties!! Thanks
  • Anne T.
    I'm already subscribed ty
  • Anne T.
    Tweet http://twitter.com/greeeneyedwhwom/status/12891094174
  • Tina
    I would choose Old Navy. I like their selection of casual clothing and the prices aren't that bad either, especially when there is a sale!
  • wendigirl
    i would go with jacob..i love their tshirts...:)
  • Heather
    I would chose Old Navy because they have so much to chose from and they have some great sales too.
  • Kris
    I would choose Jacob because I just had a baby and desperatly need to update my wardrobe.
  • Vero
    I would choose The Bay, thanks :D
  • Janet
    I would choose Old Navy, since I could shop for my whole family there. Husband, son and I all need some new cloths.
  • Karen
    I'm torn...I would choose old navy because I'm having a baby and would LOVE some trendy maternity clothes but the Bay has some great stuff too :) Oh why can't we win all four???
  • Bronwyn
    I would choose Jacob. I need a new spring/summer sweater and tops. They have great style.
  • afshi
    I would chose La Senza because frankly, i need new bras. =)
  • gail
    I would go for Old Navy. Great looks for everyone in my family.
  • Alexandra
    I would totally choose Jacob! They have such adorable clothes (: I was in the other day and saw a jacket I would love
  • Sandra
    I would pick La Senza. The girls can always use a bit of a "boost"!
  • Angie
    I'd pick Jacob. I was just in there yesterday and they have some great basics and fun spring colours --all of which are calling my name =)
  • Stephanie
    I would choose either La Senza or Jacob. Love them both.
  • Amy
    I would choose Old Navy. They have some really cute spring clothes.
  • christina
    I would choose La Senza - love their vibrant styles/colors right now! :) Thank you for this contest :)
  • Leah
    I would pick La Senza- i need some more pjs :)
  • Nushin
    Le Senza! they have so many fun colours to choose from
  • Jennifer
    I would pick Old Navy and then promise to not buy anything for the kids. It would by my turn for new clothes.
  • Candice
    I would choose Old Navy because I think I would get the most for my money...and end up with some great stuff!
  • j
    I would pick Jacob, I love their shirts.
  • Karen
    I would choose the Bay as it has such a wide variety to choose from.
  • Paula S.
    I picl the Bay. I love the selection there!
  • Ruth
    I think I would have to go with Old Navy - love their jeans & kids clothes
  • Elizabeth
    I would choose Old Navy for clothing for my new baby boy. He is starting to outgrow his newborn clothing already!
  • Dini
    I would love to choose the Bay. Stuff for me, kids, and home... Twitter: dinidarling7
  • Julie
    i would choose Jacob because it is stylish and well priced
  • Daniel
    I would choose the La Senza card. Our 20th Anniversary is coming up and my wife would love some new things for our 2nd honeymoon.
  • Linda
    I chose La Senza.........I would love to have some new pretty "thingies"....for me....and my hubby!!
  • Jen
    I would choose the La Senza card - we are trying for our second little one and having nice stuff from there may help ;)
  • Caitlyn
    I would choose Old Navy, I just had a baby and desperately need some new clothes. The maternity pants are to big, and my pre=pregnancy clothes are still to small. The little guy could use some new threads too, he is growing like a weed!!
  • Jeanette R.
    Old navy, $100 can go a long way there!
  • Avery
    I would choose La Senza, I love their selection, and they always have awesome deals!
  • Andrew
  • Roch
    i would choose The Bay because of the options.
  • Carolyn
    Old navy for cute baby things!!!
  • Joe
    I would choose Old Navy because they have great, casual clothes at great prices! :)
  • Joe
    RT: http://twitter.com/Moon_Dust/status/12921157715
  • Sherry
    Old navy for sure!! something for me, my hubby and my 1 1/2 yr old daughter.......and more for me :)
  • Joe
    Blogged: http://frugalhippiebusy.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/win-100-to-redo-your-wardrobe/
  • Jessica
    I think I would choose the Bay and buy a purse! I could also give it to my brother so it seems like the best option. :D
  • B
    I would choose The Bay ...because of the selection.
  • Marilyn L.
    I would choose La Senza. I need some nicer sleepwear.
  • Karen
    I choose The Bay for their great home selection.
  • Jac
    I would choose Jacob (usually I would go for Old Navy, but) because I'm going back to work. I can use some new items in my work wordrobe.
  • Nicole H.
    I would choose Jacob, because they are the only retailer whose pants actually fit me in the waist/bum/hips. Granted their pants are also 8" too long for me, but that's an easy fix!
  • Michelle K.
    My choice would be La Senza because I could use something special just for me. (I used wrong email in my previos entry).
  • karen g.
    The bay you can get anything make up..shoes...clothes...jewls... and my 12 year old says something for her!!!
  • Jakesmom
    I would choose LaSenza. Mother's Day is a day to pamper yourself and what better way than shopping for new lingerie!
  • Jewlsi
    Definitely need this. Wardrobe needs a major overhaul.
  • Kelly
    Hi Bargainmooser.... thank you for always telling us about Canadian deals... i love to save money !$!$!$ If I won a card gift, it would have to be Old Navy... I love it there, everything fits, great selection and best of all.... great deals!
  • Brittney
    hi I would choose the bay because i need a lot of stuff make-up, clothes, sweets jewllery purses wallets my favorite store is the bay
  • Anita
    I would choose The Bay. It just has the most to choose from. I know I could find something to make me happy ... for me, the kids, my husband or my house and maybe even all of them.
  • Ghita
    Jacob would be great! I need some fabulous items to complete my work wardrobe. :)
  • Kristy
    I would choose a card from Old Navy as I think they have really great clothes for my girls.....and for mom. Makes everyone happy.
  • Gwen
    I would choose Jacob because I really need to update my summer wardrobe :)
  • Jenn
    I think I would choose Old Navy because it's great for the whole family (although I don't know if I will share!)
  • Colleen
    Jocob, have never bought anything there , but sure would love to,
  • Tannis
    I have no preference. Any of the stores would be a bonus to update my current uniform of tshirt/yoga pants while home on maternity leave.
  • Andrea H.
    I would choose La Senza Canada because I can't remember the last time I bought a pretty bra for ME after having kids.
  • Sarah
    OMG! Jacob, I'm a new mom and I definately need some "non sweatpant" additions to my wardrobe!
  • angela
    I would probably choose the Bay - maybe a little bling for mummy!
  • Susan K.
    I would choose La Senza to get my daughter something nice
  • Susan K.
    Forgot to say I just subscribed to the emails
  • cynthia L.
    Excellent Service all the time.
  • Susan K.
    tweeted here http://twitter.com/fcffollower/status/12955941245
  • cynthia L.
    The Bay Excellent service all the time.
  • Wen
    I would choose Jacob - I need something spiffier than my "mommy-wear".
  • Shirley
    I would choose Old Navy - I can't help but go in there any buy something every time I'm at the mall!
  • barbamama
    old navy for me as i could buy runaroundattheplaygroundandbeach clothes to fit my newly post baby body. ON is good value and easy to wear.
  • Wen
    I'm not sure how to leave a twitter link (still a newbie) but I did just retweet. Here's my twitter account: http://twitter.com/thewenstar
  • Bonnie
    I would choose the Bay because they have beautiful things there.
  • Kris
    I would choose The Bay for better selection of things :)
  • Kris
    Just tweeted :) http://twitter.com/nightfae
  • Jen
    I like Old Navy for basic staples like t-shirts and sweaters, and definitely for summer stuff like shorts and tank tops, so I would pick them.
  • Lise
    I lwould pick Old Navy for all their clothes and the value they provide with the discounts and coupons. Love the bargains!
  • rosa
    I would choose La Senza, my wardrobe tends to be neglected in that department. I'm sure my husband would enjoy to see me in nice pajamas for a change.
  • Elizabeth
    Sounds great - Awesome Bargains!
  • Kim
    I would definitely go with the Bay, I have 3 weddings this Summer so it would help with gift purchasing :)
  • Wynne J.
    I would choose Old Navy, that gift card would be used to cloth my whole family
  • Fay. H.
    I would choose Jacob because I'm in need of a more sophisticated wardrobe!
  • Fay. H.
    I retweeted! http://twitter.com/FayFey
  • Deanna
    I would choose Old Navy as I was in there last week and really wanted to buy one of their Hello Kitty t-shirts for my girls. Very cute.
  • Candace
    I would choose the Bay given there is a good variety of stuff and I could use both clothes and shoes : )
  • Lily
    I would choose Old Navy because you can buy something for the whole family with $100...especially with all those deals they have!
  • Hajira s.
    I would prefer Old Navy, you can buy a lot of stuff for the whole family with other deals.We get quality clothes in cheap prices.
  • Ginette
    I would chose Old Navy I really like their clothes for my baby!!
  • Rae
    tough choice--they all would be nice. i'd have to go with The Bay, since they're carrying nicer brands these days.
  • rajni
    I would like to choose old navy because i love to shop there.
  • Fiona
    I would choose any of them!
  • Mandy
    I would choose The Bay because we are in need of a new microwave, cutting boards, pans.... lots of home stuff!
  • Dhool
    I would choose old navy cause it has the most comfortable wear anywhere type clothes!
  • Wendy
    I would choose Jacob because they're a bit more expensive and I might not otherwise treat myself there.
  • naira
    i will choose la senza or the bay.....thanks!
  • Melissa
    I would pick Jacob, because as a new mom I find all I have to wear are boring t-shirts and sweats. It would be nice to treat myself to something a little fancier!! Don't know where I will be able to wear it, but it would be nice knowing I have something fun to wear!! :)
  • Tanya
    Pick me please my wardrobe is non existent, but of course my children look lovely!!! Old Navy always has a great selection but the Bay has wonderful quality, basically anything would be awesome.
  • Nicole
    I would choose La Senza to treat myself to an expensive bra (or two)!
  • Caro
    I would chose the Bay and finally get a spring coat!
  • Dalila
    I would pick The Bay because there is more to choose from.
  • Tara
    I would chose the Bay or Jacob because of the variety available at both stores. I would also love to get out of my daily Mum uniform of jeans and a t-shirt.
  • Tara
    I would choose Jacob to get some new work clothes:)
  • Sharon
    I would pick the Bay because there is a much larger variety to pick from and you can get points towards HBC Rewards.
  • Erin
    i'd pick old navy! lots of stuff there
  • Mel
    I would pick Old Navy as my children love to shop here.
  • Barbara
    I would choose The Bay because I would really like to treat myself to some beautiful-smelling perfume.
  • Sandra
    The Bay - best selection.
  • Jane M.
    I subscribed to the Bargainmoose hot deal emails.
  • Jane M.
    I would choose The Bay so that I can shower my mom with a special Mother's Day Gift this year :) !!! (She loves the Estee Lauder Counter)
  • Jane M.
    http://twitter.com/mysweetloving I tweeted and linked back to this contest :)
  • Nadine
    I'd pick Old Navy. They often have good sales so combine a good sale with a gift card and your $$ will go a little further.....which always helps!
  • anna
    the bay because of the selection! :D tweeted: http://twitter.com/A_Kira_13
  • Louise
    I would choose The Bay because the choice of clothing and household items is very good. I can also use me HBC Rewards card.
  • veronica
    i would choose either Jacob or Old Navy love the clothes.
  • Patricia
    I love La Senza Canada!!! I buy a lot of my underclothing there and find they have great prices and lovely clothes!
  • Julia
    Jacob for me as I'd love something special which I wouldn't normal buy for myself. My daughter has all the best clothes these days!
  • Pat
    I would definitely choose the Bay; lots of variety and any style you can imagine. Thanks for the great contest Anna!!!
  • Meagan
    I would choose Jacob because as a new mom, I would like to bring my spring warddrobe back up to date :)
  • Sherry
    I LOVE La Senza and require some new undergarmets for a new season!
  • Tabitha
    I would choose La Senza!
  • Charlene
    I would choose the Old Navy as the prices are more affordable and so I get more for my money.
  • Dena S.
    I would choose the bay!! I love it there, they have everything!
  • Nat
    I really like all 4 but there's an Old Navy nearby so that's probably the one I would choose. A good shopper can really get a lot for their money.
  • rachel
    i would choose jacob canada because i love their clothes!
  • Crystal
    I would choose any of the above! I could use new items from any of those stores!
  • Ce
    I would choose Jacob. They have great, comfortable outfits for work.
  • Susan
    I would most likely choose the one from La Senza, to buy sexy things to show off to my boyfriend! :)
  • Patricia
    They're all so good though! We can only choose one? I'd probably pick either the Bay or La Senza because I go there most often. Twitter link: http://twitter.com/ThePhantm
  • Cara
    I would definitely choose OLD NAVY because their clothes are the most affordable. And as I am an avid "couponer", I love to get as much for my money as I possibly can! Thanks, BargainMoose!
  • Susan
    I would choose La Senza, and treat my self to some nice lingerie!!
  • Andrea
    Definitely La Senza because as a mother of twins.... I just don't get time to shop and especially shop for those lovely lingerie items that can perk you up!
  • Paula
    I would choose the Bay because I really used to enjoy shopping there and I haven't done so for a long time.
  • Meg
    I would choose the Bay because there is so much variety!
  • Manda
    I would choose the Bay because it is my favourite store!
  • Kristina
    I love The Bay & Jacob. There's lots to choose from in both stores.
  • Steven
    I would prefer Old Navy, but they do not have a store in my area. So, The Bay it is, as that would be the only other store on offer that would cater to men. Thanks for these contests Anna! :)
  • Hyena
    I would choose La Senza or Jacob.
  • Carrie
    I would choose Old Navy because of the selection, something for everyone in the family.
  • Megan
    I would choose La Senza because I'm getting married and I'll need something sexy for the honeymoon = )
  • Teresa
    I would choose Old Navy because I can always find something that I love there!
  • Kathy
    I'd choose Jacob....loves their clothes!
  • KL
    Old Navy would be my pick since we could get stuff for the whole family!
  • Melody
    I would choose Jacob to update my spring wardrobe post baby.
  • Carolyn
    Old Navy please!!!
  • Susan
    I would most likely pick the La Senza one.
  • Dawn
    love Old Navy! great family value and superburb products
  • James
    I would have to say Old Navy for me. Their prices are so affordable and you really gets your money's worth with their clothing.
  • shel
    I'd probably go with The Bay, lots of choice. +1 http://twitter.com/jays7/status/13204367623
  • Boo's M.
    Tough choice! I'd go with Old Navy as I haven't shopped there in awhile.....$100 will buy something for the whole family :)
  • Art
    I'd go with the Bay I just picked up a dehydrator at Home Outfitters this weekend
  • Ang
    Old Navy please, they have great kids clothes!
  • Joanne
    Great site - nice to see a site for Canadian deals! I would choose Old Navy! Thanks
  • karenc
    i would love a la senza coupon b/c i can find real cotton items that are really soft and calm on my very sensitive skin. their products are lady like and not trashy.
  • Cheryl
    I choose Old Navy - has something for everyone in the family! Including the dog :)
  • steve
    I’d go with the senza one. they got really great stuff my girlfreind just loved it ... and i must say me too =-) so thanks for the contest!!
  • natalie d.
    I'd have to go with old navy--$100 there gets alot of stuff for the whole family. thanks.
  • jody
    Thats hard, either Old Navy or La Senza. Oh that would be so much fun to win!
  • Susan
    La Senza or Jacob! Because I like shopping there the most!
  • Jessa
    I'm all for Old Navy.
  • Leona
    Toss up between Old Navy and The Bay!
  • Susan
    The Bay because you can buy all these great cosmetics there!
  • Lisa
    Old Navy and The Bay ... They are the best !!!!
  • Susan
    I would definitely pick La Senza to buy some new underwear!
  • Sock Y.
    I would choose The Bay because they have a really wide variety of things there to choose from! You could buy clothing, cookware or even appliances!
  • Stacey
    Jacob for me! It would be awesome to get a nice dress for summer.
  • Leigh C.
    I would pick the Old Navy one, Love their clothes for my 2 kids!! :)
  • Cindy
    I would pick Old Navy -- I am currently laid off my job so there aren't a lot of funds available for any new spring/summer clothes!
  • Angela
    I would also pick Old Navy. Great quality clothes for the whole family!
  • jenn
    love the Bay
    • jenn
      It is one of the best department stores we have in Canada. Go Canada Go
  • Huguette E.
    I'm an email subscriber (when Feedburner decides to send me emails) otherwise I follow via google feed reader.
    • Anna
      Hi Huguette, I don't think it is a problem on feedburner's end... I am also subscribed and they are sent and arrive with me daily. Could it be a problem with your email provider?
  • Marny
    Old Navy so the whole family could enjoy!
  • Janey
    La senza please :) There's so many cute flirty clothes there. I need to stock up :)
  • Nicole W.
    I would love the Bay GC, we have a couple of weddings to go to this summer & it would be useful to buy gifts on the wedding registries.
  • Ezra
    Oh this would help us out alot ~ Old Navy
  • Emily
    I could definitely use the la senza card...would choose that one for sure.
  • kaila
    la senza please!, just had a baby and would love to go shopping for myself!
  • Crystal
    I would choose Jacob because I have to go back to work soon after maternity leave and need a new work wardrobe that fits! And I LOVE Jacob!!!
  • Anita
    I would pick the Bay. They have a great variety of clothes to choose from for the whole family.
  • Mike_905
    Old Navy, It is good for the whole family.
  • Amanda G.
    I would definately like the old navy card! I dont have much spending money right now trying to save save save! So it would be nice to have some wardrobe money and i could get alot at old navy : )
  • Meghan
    Old Navy!
  • Sarah
    Most definately Old Navy, I need some summer clothes as last year I was 7 months pregnant!
  • Janine
    The Bay please! There's a huge selection there. And I'm a proud supporter of it's Canadian roots :D
  • Janine
    + subscribed to email :D
  • Erin w.
    Please wish me luck in wining the Old Navy Gift card.. PLease.. I would love to spoil the kiddies without using my own money for once..lol Erin :)
  • Huguette E.
    I would choose LaSenza because I'm losing weight and in need of new underwear :)
  • Kim P.
    It is a hard decision to make because I love Old Navy and LaSenza but I guess I will choose Old Navy because then I can share it with my husband. He has lost about 20 lbs and needs to get new clothes. Thank you for this opportunity.
  • Cara
    Hi would choose Old Navy as I have a baby due in July who will need some clothes
  • fai
    I would love to win the Bay card!!!
  • Anna M.
    I would love to win the Bay Card. I really need to buy new spring/sumer clothing. All the clothes I have are either worn out or does not fit me :( I will start eating more healthy and new clothing will sure happy me feel good.
  • Shelley
    I would definitely go to the Bay! It's right across the street from where I work. Fingers crossed, and thanks for putting on this contest!
  • Cady
    My choise would be La Senza. They always have the cutest choices for good prices.
  • Huguette E.
    Tweet: http://twitter.com/henglish/status/13602887016
  • Elaine
    The Bay card would be for me. Some stores sell everything from soup to nuts along with the clothing.
  • Disney G.
    I would take the Old Navy gift card. I think at Old Navy the money would go the furthest. Also you can buy stuff for the whole family there.
  • Melissa
    Jacob would be the one I'd choose... so many cute clothes!
  • Carmela
    I would choose Jacob because everytime I walk by their store, I see the mannequins in the window and I always want something they're wearing!
  • Brtty
    I would choose THE BAY because it has the type of clothing that I, as a senior, prefer.
  • krissy
    i like the old navy one, i agree it would go the furthest.
  • nina
    I would probably choose LaSenza for a switch from my usual stores!
  • Jillian
    Old Navy hands down! LOVE that store! My kids are head to toe ON, and most days, so am I! :)
  • Anna
    *** Contest now closed *** Will be letting the winner know shortly!!

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