RRRoll Up the Rim to Win is Back @ Tim Hortons!

RRRoll Up the Rim to Win is Back @ Tim Hortons!

Canada's favourite contest is back. It's Roll Up the Rim to Win season at Tim Hortons!

It officially starts today, and there are some seriously incredible prizes hiding out under the rim this year – like a Jeep Compass!

Odds are, if you buy a coffee every day or so before work, you'll probably score a winner. There's a one-in-six chance you'll find a coffee or food prize under your rim – so get rolling!

In addition to the big car prizes, there are pre-paid cards, bicycles and (of course) millions of free coffees and doughnuts up for grabs.

Now, to answer the question I know is on all your minds: When does Roll Up the Rim end?

This year, Roll Up the Rim starts today (Feb. 6) and ends on April 17, 2019 or whenever Tim Hortons runs out of contest cups. You have until May 3, 2019 to claim any prizes. Since a purchase isn't technically required, you can also send a self-addressed envelope to Tims for an entry.


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  • RitaM

    Sigh..on the flipside, please think twice before buying a single-use disposable cup that most likely will end up in the landfill. Tim Hortons sells 2 billion cups of coffee a year! They need to think of greener options. How about bring your own cup and get a scratch ticket? Or an online version of Roll up the Rim?

    • KaylaS

      Couldn't agree more! Very wasteful and a huge pain to roll up with teeth/hand combo lol

    • Keera

      They need to use biodegradable cups.  Too often I’ve seen these places reuse spoons when stirring coffee in reusable cups.  That’s seriously a health concern! 

      Better yet, make your coffee at home! Cheaper and tastes better!