Tim Hortons Launches All-Day Breakfast in Canada

Tim Hortons Launches All-Day Breakfast in Canada

Today's the big day! It's July 25, and that means one big thing: Tim Hortons will now offer breakfast all day long at their restaurants across Canada.

They're calling it "Breakfast Anytime, Any Tims," and it means you can walk into a Timmies after work or after dark and still pick up a Bagel BELT (and a couple of has browns).

Breakfast items used to only be available until noon, so this is a pretty big deal for all of us who crave those Grilled Breakfast Wraps.

“We know how busy our guests are and we are dedicated to always offering them convenience and quality whether it’s 6am or 6pm,” a spokesperson said in a release. “Breakfast Anytime is all about delivering our guests their favourite breakfast items at any time in communities across Canada.”

Tim Hortons started offering all-day breakfast at select Ontario locations earlier this year, and they're finally going nationwide. If you've tried a Hot Breakfast Sandwich in the middle of the night already or plan to soon, let us know what you think!


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