The New York Times: 12 Week Digital Subscription Only 99¢

20 March 2015


The New York Times is an American newspaper that you have probably heard of. They are one of the foremost papers in the USA, but the content is often relevant to Canadians as well. Right now, the New York Times is offer a 12-week digital subscription for just 99¢.

You can choose from any of the three available New York Times subscription levels: + Smartphone Apps

This is the level you want to pick for unlimited access to the New York Times website and the smart phone app. If you primarily use your cell phone to read news, then choose this subscription. Regularly, the subscription retails for $3.75 per week. + Tablet Apps

Choose this level for unlimited access to the New York Times website and the tablet app. My partner primarily uses his tablet for news, as the screen is larger. I would suggest he buys this subscription level. Regularly, the subscription retails for $5 per week.

All Digital Access

Cannot decide which device you will read the news on more? Pick up the All Digital Access pass for unlimited access to the New York Times website, the tablet apps, and the smart phone apps. This package is a combination of the two packages above it. Regularly, this subscription retails for $8.75 per week.

This offer is for new subscribers only. As these are subscriptions, the subscription will automatically switch to the full price after the 12 promotional weeks are up. However, you may cancel anytime during the promotional 99¢ period - you will not be billed anything more. If you are going to cancel, I suggest waiting till your 11th or 12th week to do so. You might as well take advantage of the nearly free content for as long as possible.

I think the New York Times is a good source for information on the world. I recently read a New York Times article about Monica Lewinsky using her notoriety to fight cyber bullying. She did a TED Talk on the subject in Vancouver.

While many New York Times articles are available for the public, some areas are for members only. To access those areas you will need one of the memberships above. Even if you are uncertain if you will use all the member benefits, 99¢ is a cheap price to try them out.

All prices are in USD.

(Expiry: 31st March 2015)

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