The Children's Place - Canadian Website Coming March 2011

The Children's Place - Canadian Website Coming March 2011


This is a heads up to all you parents out there, start saving your pennies! The Children's Place has announced that they will be releasing a Canadian Website (not just shipping to Canada from their US website) in March 2011.

If you go on the website right now you can register for updates and news, so you know when the website opens!

I thought a heads up was in order as I know a lot of parents are big fans of that store, and it has been a long time disappointment that they do not ship to Canada. With this news I have hopes of duty free shipping across Canada, and it sounds like it just might  happen!

So a quick poll:

  1. Are you excited?
  2. Will this change your clothing buying habits for your children?

Woohoo! Looking forward to March 2011!


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  • tanyaewa
    LOVE TCP!!! So sad my boys are almost out of it - at 6 and 8 they are much more into Quicksliver & DC Shoes now :( Wish they'd been about 8 years earlier!
    • Caitlyn
      Looking forward to this! I have checked out the site a couple times to see if there is anything I want to get my little guy before going to the shop, and I always find the things I really want are available in the U.S. only! Hopefully I won't have that happen once the Canadian site launches :)
      • Gen
        Does anyone know what day in March they are planning on launching the site??
        • veronica
          It's coming up pretty quick to MAY already..and it's still not open?!
          • urooj
            I'm shoppin on it right now ladies!!!!!!!!