Thanks For Joining In With Our Moosey Pirate Contests!

Thanks For Joining In With Our Moosey Pirate Contests!

Hi Moosers! We've come to the end of the 10 days of contests on Bargainmoose which celebrated our fifth birthday. The winners have been chosen and will be contacted soon, then their names will be added to the posts once we're all set up.

I wanted to write a post to simply thank everyone for joining in on the pirate-themed fun! We got literally hundreds of people saying how much fun they had in the pirate contest, searching for the treasure each morning.

I also wanted to share some Mooser comments that either made me laugh or smile:

Tanner: I check your site daily and can always find myself a deal. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to help other people save money! Thanks!

1suprdad: I use your website several times a day.  Around noon each day, I talk to my wife at work and between our offices we figure out which bargains we can use!

Sevina: Thanks for your site, I enjoy scrolling thru it and tidbits of info you add.

Sandy: Thanks so much for a great contest and the great job you do.

Andrea: Thank you for this contest.  My 7 year old completed the challenge with me, and he LOVED every minute of the treasure hunt.  :)

Laura: This is so much fun for my kids and I to do before I go off to work. Thanks!

And Mooser Andrea linked me up to one of my favourite bands, The Last Saskatchewan Pirate by the Arrogant Worms. Give it a listen! Love it.

So, thanks again, everyone.  Help us grow by telling your friends and family about where you get all the best bargains. :) Here's to the next five years of Bargainmoosing!


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  • Nana
    Just wanted to say Congratulations again. Thanks for all your efforts throughout these five years. Thanks also for the contest. It was a lot of fun! Now I know a few more things about products and slogans.
    • skeetersden
      I loved doing this contest. Happy Birthday and thanks for all the work you do,
      • pachalt515
        I flipping love this site so much! TY for your daily deals that help us all save our precious money! Huge shoutout to the team at BargainMoose! I will forever share your website! :)
        • Allyson
          Every day starts with BargainMoose - thank you so much for the great service you provide. #1 fan. The competition was loads of fun too.
          • Johanna
            Thanks for organizing such a different, fun contest! It was a bit like easter egg hunting, but with a funner theme :)
            • Blondish
              Happy 5th birthday and congratulations on 5 fabulous years! Loved the contest, it was fun searching out the clues each day. I tell people about the site and emails all the time and I'll continue to! Thanks for the awesome deals each day!
              • Betty
                First of all, LOVE that song, LOL! Secondly, THANK YOU SO MUCH for choosing me for a $50 voucher for I am thrilled beyond belief that I won! It was a ton of fun figuring out your clues and helping you celebrate your birthday. Wishing you many more years of deals to come!
                • Violet
                  Thanks for choosing my name for the mini iPad. and THANKS FOR RESENDING THE EMAIL. What a great prize to win. I really enjoy your site and visit almost daily. This will come in extremely handy for my family. Again thanks and congrats on 5 wonderful years.
                  • lilpeej
                    Hi Have all the winners been contacted already?
                    • Anna W.
                      Yes they have, and they've all just responded so I am about to add all the names to the threads :)
                    • teachergirl
                      I had so much fun playing this contest every morning! I love BarginMoose and I tell everyone about it. I can not believe that you picked my name for a prize. I won an iPad mini.... I am so excited! I was just telling my husband that I needed an iPad and now I will be a proud owner of one. Thanks :)