Starbucks To Close Canadian Online Store

Starbucks To Close Canadian Online Store

If you rely on the Starbucks Store online for your coffee fix - then we have some bad news. Recently they have added a lot of items to their sale items, and here is why. As of October 1st, Starbucks Canada will no longer sell items via their online store.

So if I were you, I would take the opportunity now to stock up on anything you would regularly buy a Starbucks is restructuring a lot right now, including closing all of their Teavana stores in Canada and the USA. What restructuring do you think will happen next?

Starbucks Canada says that their products will still remain available through grocery stores and other retail stores. I wonder if they will have more selection available that way? I know my local grocery stores don't carry the Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee that I have grown to love.

Whatever it may be, I hope I can still get my hands on my VIA Instant Blonde Roast. I am not sure I could live without that!


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  • KaylaS

    The website was actually closed down and gone days before today (October 1st) and I get my Starbucks VIA fix from London drugs or Wal-Mart that sells all of those Starbucks or Tim Hortons products, often on sale as well ☺