Skippy Peanut Butter Discontinued In Canada

Skippy Peanut Butter Discontinued In Canada

I have so many childhood memories of toast with Skippy peanut butter. Well it is time to say goodbye to my personal favorite brand of peanut butter.

You may have noticed that Skippy peanut butter has been disappearing off the shelves at your local grocery store.

Hormel Foods, the company that owns the Skippy brand, announced that it has discontinued selling the sale of Skippy peanut butter in Canada in late 2016. Hormel blamed the removal of Skippy products from Canadian shelves on poor market conditions. Skippy's Facebook page read: "We understand that this is difficult news for our loyal fans. However, market conditions at this time do not make it viable for us to continue to offer this product in Canada."

But don't panic. If you are desperate, you can grab up some Skippy peanut butter from third party sellers on Amazon starting at $10.24 plus shipping.

What about you? Are you team Kraft, Jiffy or Skippy?


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  • HeatherR

    Team Planters

    • RYP

      We eat natural peanut butter in this house. I don't like all the sugar in those brands.  But if I had to choose, it would Kraft.

      • RitaM

        Too many junky additives in most mainstream brands of peanut butter (sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oils, fillers, and preservatives).  We only buy 100% natural peanut butter - one ingredient..peanuts!!

        • KaylaS

          I rarely even see this as a product option in the stores here in BC. They seem to mainly stock their store brands, Kraft, or the new Planters brand etc... I've heard that people are panicking and stocking up on it to hoard a huge stash away due to the discontinuation, but won't some of it go bad? Yuck! You would think it's Armageddon out there lol