Sears Wish Book 1985

Sears Wish Book 1985


In my idle wanderings of the interwebs, I stumbled on something quite amazing. Someone has scanned in the whole of the 1985 Sears Wish Book, the Christmas edition from 25 years ago! Nostalgia!

It's funny to browse through the toys section and see toys that I vividly recall playing with for hours on end. I spotted the Glo-worm on page 540, it was a favourite of mine. But looking at it now, it's a pretty creepy toy. I think I vaguely recall that I owned a Brite-Box, you can see it on page 539, along with the classic etch-a-sketch.

And I found the only Barbie doll I ever owned! She's Peaches and Cream Barbie and she's on page 477. She really brings back some memories. Plus she had a lot less hair when I finished with her.

And it is also interesting to see toys that have stood the test of time which are still in production today.

What about you? Can you spot anything you actually owned? Leave a comment below :)


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  • robin z.
    baby firefly on page 504!!!! my 3 year old daughter has now plays with her along with the rest of my collection, shes such an 80/s kid :)
    • Laura
      thanks for sharing! the electronics section is funny! check out the VHS video recorder! its HUGE! lol
      • Nikki
        I had the stroller on page 490. It was awesome. I also had She-Ra's swan Enchanta on page 496 (although I don't remember having any other She-Ra stuff). 1985 may have been the year we got the Commodore 64 computer on page 598. Keyboard and disk drive combined weighed 22lbs! Thanks for posting this - it was a fun stroll down memory lane!
        • Holly
          I had the swingset on 418, and like the glow worm/friends and fisher price stuff. I was barely two years old that Christmas. My mom had the ol' carpet cleaner on 349. lmao @ the night rider sleeping bag!!!!
          • Salima
            This was so fun to skim through!! I totally had the peaches & cream barbie...I remember wuzzles, my little pony, glow worm...and best of all, speak & spell!!!
            • Amanda
              I loved just looking through that! I was 1 in 1985 so to see so many toys that I had or my brothers had before me was so fun =) My favourite for sure is the Little People Schoolhouse, I absolutely loved playing with that, and I actually still have it and the playground equipment that came with it! Thanks for posting this! =)