Sears Canada Going Out of Business

Sears Canada Going Out of Business

If Sears is your go-to department store, you might need to find another place to shop.

Online shopping is now closed at Sears. Liquidation sales are on now at selection stores, and you can view the complete list of participating locations here.

Sears Canada just announced that they're throwing in the towel and closing up shop after struggling to find a buyer since June 22, the Toronto Star reports.

The closure means about 12,000 people will be out of jobs. The first 800 will be from the head office near Dundas Square. This will start happening next week, and the liquidation sales will begin Oct. 19.

In total, they expect the closing transition to take between 10-14 weeks.

Sears has announced that they are saddened by the resulting outcome of the closures. They have already closed 59 stores and were hoping they wouldn't have to close more.


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  • Kathy J.

    Winnipeg Garden City, MB is surprise

    • Krystal S.

      The one in Huntsville already closed.

      • Meghan B.

        Are they continuing online?

      • Hiede P.

        Sears as a whole is closing.

        • Debbie G.

          :rage: pretty soon we will have no where to shop!!!!!!

          • David M.

            On line

            • Debbie G.

              David Mackie can't try stuff on or really get a good look and I like to see what I'm buying thank you.

              • Michael M.

                Ah. There will be Wal-Mart. LOL.

                • Laurie M.

                  Wont shop at Walmart yuck

                • Tina M.


                  • Debbie B.

                    Better hurry and spend my gift card!!!?

                    • Kaleah Y.

                      so much for keeping a few open :/

                      • Doreen F.

                        it sucks! :(

                      • Nathalie R.

                        ridiculous...great products and great sale prices..

                        • Jennifer M.

                          This sucks!

                          • Diane G.

                            Very sad

                            • Daniella M.

                              Yes very sad :disappointed:

                              • Monique B.


                                • Marilyn B.

                                  Wow that is shocking.

                                • Carol T.

                                  The next generation will never experience the joys of The Christmas Wish Book!

                                  • Lindsay D.

                                    This makes me sad :disappointed:. Although I didn't shop too much in store, recently I was purchasing a lot on line. The sale prices last Christmas were fantastic!

                                    • Lori-Anne P.

                                      Probably why they didn't honour the warranty on my washing machine that caught fire :fire: and didn't damage enough of my home to warrant a replacement after 6 months of fighting with them they offered me a 15% discount to purchase a new one

                                      • Laurie M.

                                        Yup they went downhill fast

                                      • Christine C.


                                        • Sherry M.

                                          And how does the Bay survive.....shopped at Sears...haven't bought anything from the Bay in 2 decades

                                          • lennypuz

                                            The Bay has superior product, prices, policy etc

                                          • Heidi P.

                                            :sob: Sad I am going to miss online shopping at Sears,such good deals!!!!