Say Goodbye To Disney on Netflix!

Say Goodbye To Disney on Netflix!

Can you believe it? I can't. News hit today that Disney is withdrawing all of their content from Netflix. That includes their movies, series and everything in between. Now what will the kids and I watch on Sunday mornings?!

While this is very sad news, nothing is set in stone to happen until the end of 2019 so you have lots of time to binge watch all things Disney.

I find myself asking why something like this has to happen. It appears that Disney is set to launch their very own streaming service in the future, and they want to be the only ones to offer Disney content of course. Okay - that I am excited for.

How do you feel about Netflix content being removed from Netflix? Will you continue your Netflix subscription or switch to the new Disney streaming service instead?


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  • Minnie C.

    goodbye Moana :disappointed_relieved:

    • Alicia R.


    • Maegan M.

      NO THEY JUST GOT HERE :sob::sob::sob::sob:

      • Trevor H.

        This is going to fail miserably... They can't compete with Netflix

        • Candace P.

          Kids will not watch anymore no more renewing my account

          • Raynee P.

            Your mom will be mad :rage:

            • Candace P.


            • Victoria S.

              Meh...don't think I've seen anything from them.

              • Kimberly S.

                What! I don't like this

                • Kaye

                  I thought they were only removing the Disney content for Netflix US

                  • Bat

                    You're right - this doesn't affect Netflix Canada (or the Marvel/Netflix productions)

                  • Bat

                    Netflix specifically said this was only in the US - the Disney service will only launch in the states and Disney content will remain on Netflix Canada. That is until they decide to launch their own service  in Canada but considering the US Disney service doesn't even launch until 2019, there's no reason to worry for a while.