Say Goodbye To Crayola's Dandelion Yellow Crayon!?

Say Goodbye To Crayola's Dandelion Yellow Crayon!?

You and your kids may have grown up with the "Dandelion" yellow crayon in your Crayola box, but future kids won't. Crayola is retiring Dandelion Yellow to make room for a new, blue colour. What do you think about that!?

This is only the third time in the entire Crayola history that they have retired a colour - and fans are currently in an uproar on the Crayola social media pages. Dandelion has been around since 1990 - so it is literally older than I am! I grew up with this crayon, and I am seriously sad to see it go.

Why couldn't get they rid of a colour that was never used, like Yellow-Green?! It is also sad that they are retiring the colour that could be most useful in the campaign to save the bees!

What do you think?!


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  • Erin B.

    It was the better yellow......

    • Tara G.

      It really was

    • Jen J.

      It's such a pretty colour and it's actually a trendy colour these days. Sad face.

      • KaylaS

        There are such an insane amount of colours now, I doubt many will even notice... Seems comical. Also, in anticipation of the upcoming Easter holiday and until April 16th, you can receive 30% off your entire order by using code: SAVEBUNNY on the Crayola website. I believe sale items are also included as it is sitewide. The Shopkins stamp creator set is half off, on sale for just under $14 instead of the regular price of $28.

        • Bellringer

          I would have thought they would have retired one of the orange colours, seems to be a lot of them.