RECALL - Onbu Carriers Made by Lenny Lamb S.C. Due to Fall Hazard

RECALL - Onbu Carriers Made by Lenny Lamb S.C. Due to Fall Hazard

Health Canada has issued a recall for Onbu Carriers that were manufactured by Lenny Lamb S.C. in Poland due to a potential fall hazard because internal stitching is missing. There have been no reports of injuries in regards to this carrier.

Approximately 558 units of the recalled Onbu carriers were sold in Canada from May 2016 to July 2016 at various stores and online. These carriers were manufactured in Poland.

We like to let our readers know about these types of recalls because we know you, or your friends or family may have the item in your home. It's always a good idea to check pictures over carefully of a recalled item, in case you do have one. As always, ensure that your family and friends who you know are using carriers see this.

If you have one of these, look for the serial and date code which is on a label sewn into the carrier, as well as on the outer package and on the user manual/registration card.

The carriers involved in the recall are Buckle Onbu Carriers in various colours and patterns with:

  • Serial numbers L95119L to L107118L
  • Date codes between 05.2016 and 06.2016.

If you have this carrier stop using it and return it to place of purchase or contact Lenny Lamb S.C. via email to make arrangements for a free replacement carrier.

For more information contact Lenny Lamb S.C. via email.


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