RECALL: Janes Frozen Breaded Chicken Due to Salmonella

RECALL: Janes Frozen Breaded Chicken Due to Salmonella

Uh oh! I bet this is one we all have in our freezer right at this very moment.

Today, Janes Brand has issued a Class 1 recall on the Janes Frozen Uncooked Breaded Chicken Products. This recall has been issued due to potential traces of Salmonella. If you have any of these products in your freezer, you should not consume them.

Here are the included products in the recall:

  • Janes Pub Style Chicken Burgers - Uncooked Breaded Chicken Burgers - 800 g
    Codes on product: 2018 MA 12
    UPC: 0 69299 12491 0
  • Janes Pub Style Snacks Popcorn Chicken - Uncooked Breaded Chicken Cutlettes
    800 g
    Codes on product: 2018 MA 12
    UPC: 0 69299 12542 9

If you have either of your items at home, you should throw them out or return them to the store you purchased them from.

If you have eaten either of these products, you need to get in contact with your doctor.

The thing with Salmonella is that food that has been contaminated may not smell or look spoiled. It can still make you very sick, especially young children, pregnant women, and elderly people or people with weakened immune systems.

The short-term symptoms of Salmonella poisoning are fever, headache, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

There has been an outbreak of human illness due to this issue and The Public Health Agency of Canada is currently conducting an investigation.

For more information on this recall, click here.


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  • Amoula A.

    the burgers check your freEzer!!

    • Shadman A.

      Janes is such a good brand too - used to be better but what wasnt am I right? pffft. But yeah, next best thing to breading stuff yourself and deep frying it at home. I miss my deep fryer.