Prices Are Increasing @ Tim Hortons!

Prices Are Increasing @ Tim Hortons!

If you always have the exact change ready for your coffee every morning, you're about to have your pre-coffee zombie mind blown. Tim Hortons Canada is giving their menu items a "slight increase" as of August 2nd 2017, so the price of your daily 'double-double' might be changing.

This increase is said to be due to the rising operational costs. The price increase will affect some hot drinks as well as the breakfast menu items. Tim Hortons locations have posted the notice in their restaurants.

Do you remember the last uproar when they increased their prices? Back in 2014 they raised their coffee prices by about $0.10 per size and people were having fits about it.

I wonder how much the increases will be this time?

How do you feel about it?


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  • Brenda H.

    They just put the prices up is this coffee made of gold lol

    • Stacey R.

      The last price increase did not include coffee

      • Brenda H.


      • Rosemary S.

        as if they don't get enough out of us now

        • Amanda J.

          The raised their prices in Nanaimo BC a few months ago.. a large is now $2.10

          • Cathy M.

            Getting too pricey for their coffee!

            • Wendy R.

              Thanks for selling out a Canadian Icon to an American Company. PROFITS PROFITS PROFITS. I guess that's why after decades of happy employees, Timmies are having to Unionize.

              • Paul B.

                Its not been a Canadian owned company for decades.

                • Tom S.

                  It was a Canadian public company from 2007 to 2013 when it joined Restaurant Brands International and a new level or corporate greed. Maybe they will join Burger King in shrinking into places McD can't be bothered with.

                  • Paul B.

                    Tom Smith no it was previously owned by Wendy's and traded publicly. what greed? Prices are going up, big whoop-de-dee that's life, don't like it. It your coffee or donuts somewhere else.

                  • Mary-Ann W.

                    I'm still made I can't get honey :sob::sob::sob:

                    • Patti M.

                      I'm glad I perfer Melitta. I dropped Tim Horton except the rare occasion long ago.... their not even that good anymore since changing brands of beans.

                      • Marsha L.

                        Again? Isn't this the third time in a year?

                        • Kelly F.

                          Right?! They just went up at the end of May!

                          • Karine D.

                            No the last time it was in 2014. A work at Tim and we don't went up in May

                            • Marsha L.

                              Here in Saskatoon they went up when the pst came in. Then a month later. And last may

                              • Kim N.

                                The prices went up in Weyburn as well (Iced Capps then coffee)

                              • Neil S.

                                McDonald's is Much better coffee anyway for the " on the go kind " .

                                • Marc M.


                                  • Neil S.

                                    To each their own my friend , to each their own :sunglasses::thumbsup:

                                    • Marc M.

                                      Haha! McDonald's has screwed up my coffee a lot lately, switched back to tims until they screw up I guess.

                                      • Neil S.

                                        Lol .. I will openly admit that my coffee tastes different from location to location which is annoying but I find tims taste has changed in the last few years to something I'm not that fond of.... just me

                                        • Natasha W.

                                          Yup...much better

                                          • Meg E.

                                            McD and tims are both watery and only vaguely taste of coffee.

                                            • Neil S.

                                              i enjoy my coffee I make at home WAY more than anything I get on the road anyway :blush::thumbsup:

                                              • Meg E.

                                                That's because it's real coffee! I like my coffee dark and strong (Haha!)

                                                • Marc M.

                                                  Battery acid Starbucks? Lol

                                                  • Neil S.

                                                    VERY MUCH SO ! Lol

                                                    • Meg E.

                                                      At least it tastes like coffee. Don't make me start talking about lattés McGovern

                                                      • Neil S.

                                                        • Marc M.

                                                          Flavour is good, their coffee on the other hand....

                                                          • Steve C.

                                                            They must have snuck you a dark roast!!

                                                            • Neil S.

                                                              i drank timmies religiously for 20+ years more than 1 a day .. but the taste just isn't the same anymore . There's far better coffee to be had no doubt !

                                                              • Steve C.

                                                                Apparently it is made from coffee beans extracted from Lemur feces...look it up!!

                                                                • Neil S.

                                                                  I didn't need to know that :wink::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

                                                                • Michelle J.

                                                                  Everything goes up except incomes!

                                                                  • Sarah D.

                                                                    More expensive means better coffee, right?

                                                                    RIGHT????? :confounded:

                                                                    • Jamie D.

                                                                      Hopefully the service gets better with the increase

                                                                      • DevriesR

                                                                        Hahaha! Product prices went up, not our wages.

                                                                      • dilbert1977

                                                                        who cares, their coffee is horrible, and there are so many places to get a better cup of coffee, such as Mc Donald's for one. Or go buy a tin of their horrible coffee from the grocery store and brew it at home for a fraction of the cost to get one at one of their "restaurants"

                                                                        • Audrey G.

                                                                          Thanks,going elsewhere now :smile:

                                                                          • Heather B.

                                                                            7-11 coffee is good, customizable and cheap!

                                                                            • April C.

                                                                              Again??? Prices increased here in june

                                                                              • Christine R.

                                                                                Tim's is still cheap compared to places like Starbucks or Timothy's coffee. Maybe people should not be so lazy and make their coffee at home.

                                                                                • Jimi-Lynn R.

                                                                                  Mcdonalds coffee tastes better anyway!

                                                                                  • Deb W.

                                                                                    McDonalds Coffee is better because it was Tim Hortons old Coffee supplier- not anymore that's why Timmys taste like hell in a :coffee: cup

                                                                                    • Paul M.

                                                                                      Again??? Maybe they should focus on their service and products before raising the prices as promised.